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Adi88 chapter 1 . 2/10/2008
I hear a polka and my troubles are through. Seriously, YYH plus Grace equals good. La. Okay, you know I love this, but allow me to go through as I am wont to do and make much with the quotage. GOD. This thing - the theme and all. So beautifully done, the entire “long happinesses plus short sadnesses equal better than nonstop monotony”. So wonderful. Yukina pwns all.

“I had to search so very hard to find you, if this message even arrives before you move on… My address is just as it’s always been, and I no more lock the windows now than ever.”

- And we have the contrasts, right off the bat. And I adore her… well. You know. It’s not guilt-tripping, because it’s her and it’s Hiei and it just wouldn’t work. More a sort of, “here is what you’ve done. You owe me now. Pay up.” Only nice and unpresuming. And very matter-of-fact. Practical. I don’t know.

Plus, that she said he didn’t have to be there for the funeral. It’s just so sad that… well.

The bio-engineered lilies, though. The beautiful irony… Kuwabara dead, and they can keep the lilies alive.

Plus, Yukina - who was always alone, with her mom gone and having left the glacier and looking for her brother and never finding him - she just fits so well as a matriarch. She just has the STUFF, you know? “Strength enough to build a home/ Time enough to hold a child/ Love enough to break a heart”.

“She’d seen the moon rise tens of thousands of times, but never so pale and empty.”

- Just pretty. And… of course the moon’s no different. She’s never lost a husband before. Syla fing.

“… in a black suit that was currently in fashion but aesthetically horrid.”

- Snorfle.

But that he had to look through the records to even know he was dead… ah. And video-game man, he would have been good at that stuff.

“He did with most weapons.”

- And they’re weapons, of course, to Hiei. I mean, yeah, metaphorically. Just, that would be his metaphor.

“She blinked, and then beamed, suddenly reminded of the brief flurry of life-and-death struggles that had brought them together in the first place.”

- I love that… SO MUCH. There is no telling of it. The entire show, all of what we know of the characters, and she has to be reminded of it. Even more than the “It’s been so long. So much happened…”, that makes that same point.

“I could never have done it.”

- Strength and time and love. No. He couldn’t have. I just adore the ambiguity of that, after the disdain for her “path” just a sentence ago.

“…and stepped closer, bridging the gap with no effort.”

- M~m yes.

“I saw.”

- And Yukina’s response is so perfect. It would have meant so much of the world to Kuwabara. Well, and Yukina and Yuusuke being there too, and Kurama. And… god. His kids. Man. But yes. Only, was Yuusuke? I kind of get the impression he was the “first soldier down.” But yes. I can just see Kuwabara’s ghost dancing with joy that he suckered the shrimp into showing for his ceremony.

“Hiei breathed loudly through his teeth and his chest bowed out far enough for his arm to come in contact with her.”

- Perfect. Like neither of them actually touched the other on purpose - it just happened - only of course they both did it, in the end.

“Better than you have.”

- And more perfection. No, not really, Hiei. I mean, maybe at the moment, but…

“I was surprised that you stayed in the human world, after Yusuke was gone and Koenma forced you to make a permanent choice between them.”

- THERE. That, up there with the her-being-reminded thing. I would kill so many people to know what happened that could possibly make Hiei, of all people, go for the human world permanently. I mean, I still need to see the end of the Sensui arc. But the decision he’ll have to make there won’t be for keeps. And Mukoro… well. I just want so much to know, and love that it’s all left unsaid at the same time.

“He glowered at her table, made of sturdy, real wood.”

- Several virgins on an altar for making so plain without saying so that this is unusual by now.

“There’s nothing wrong with staying the same.”

- Love. Lovelovelove. Because she is the more adaptable… she just does it by knowing when not to bend.

“I don’t care. He’s old, I imagine. And soft.”

- Yes. Yes indeed. And I love the use of the word “soft.” Just… all the possible meanings. Physical and mental and emotional. PERFECT.

“None of them are. It’s no one’s fault.”

- “It’s nobody’s fault. Sometimes you’ve just gotta have faith in people.” So very perfect. I mean, not the same thing at all - situation or meaning. Just, the similarity there struck me, and it the Heart talking to the Bitter Captain both times. Only Kaylee meant mostly for him not to blame himself, and to let Simon be, and Yukina is more, “You can’t get mad at Kurama for AGING, for Pete’s sake. And Kuwabara for dying and yourself for not stopping either.”

“ ‘Stay in touch.’… They both knew that he wouldn’t.”

- And thus begins their tradition. Ah yes. So very grand.

Now, I am going to review all of the chapters, my-own. Just be patient with me. I plead Test Tuesday and whatnot. Ugh, and community service starts this Tuesday. I mean, yay, but… time. It diminishes. I’ll review a chapter at least every other day though, okay?
Stephan Cardin chapter 5 . 2/8/2008
Very lovely. You are a splendid writer!
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