Reviews for The Time Meddlers
Dave Cochrane chapter 9 . 6/19
Yes you did! what made you do such a thing? I guess it wasa cheap shot.
Ashley chapter 32 . 6/11
I loved this story! Thanks for writing :) it was refreshing to read a time travel fic where they actually changed a lot... Which is much more realistic I feel! Overall a great story.
Lord Sia chapter 23 . 6/4
... That was unexpected. But brilliant, and obvious in hindsight.
Writer's-Block-1989 chapter 32 . 5/21
I love this story! One of the greatest stories I've ever read on this site! Good job!
Guest chapter 16 . 5/20
regarding bellatrix's death and the fact that she was a black before she married lestrange, wouldnt serious have control over her vault (and thus the horcrux of hufflepuff's cup) since she's childless?
Guest chapter 9 . 5/11
no offence taking
Dave Cochrane chapter 19 . 5/10
Cochrane you spell the name with an E at the you don't have to...
Blazeb79 chapter 32 . 4/30
Good story.
Isa Lumitus chapter 32 . 4/30
Clearly, Umbridge has offscreen mind-control powers. How else was she able to get administrators to fight to the death when they had an excuse to let themselves get stunned? For that matter, how did the dwarves stay functional after how much time they must have spent around the dementors?

Umbridge... Was not a credible threat to the world. Even if she avoided being enough of a bad boss to lose all her minions. Even if every other country waited while she invaded them one by one. She's too dumb. The logistics would make it impossible.
Isa Lumitus chapter 30 . 4/28
Point of order: Why couldn't Harry and Hermione attacked the camp by themselves? There's two of them. Use a time turner so there's four. Have each kill a guard, and replace him with polyjuice, then imperio another guard. Now they have eight, while the enemy has lost eight. Then have everyone use a confundus on the remaining guards that they will use portkeys to move the prisoners to another location (not saying that they go to Hogwarts). If there are less than sixteen guards on site, this should be easy. If there are more, things get harder, but they could instead confound the guards into thinking that the other guards are imposters that need to be put down.

Then you can sit back and let your enemies kill each other. This is why mind control can be such a force-multiplier.

Also, I have to ask: Why does Umbridge have concentration camps? Aside from you wanting to make it clear to the audience that she's evil, I mean. Does she gain anything at all for keeping the camps? Wouldn't it be easier to just kill the muggleborns on capture? If she really wants to study them, does she need more than half a dozen that could be kept within the Department of Mysteries?
Isa Lumitus chapter 29 . 4/28
Good to see that Umbridge is still not very smart. "Hey guys, I have a great idea! Now that we have infinite gold, let's hire purebloods to fight for us."

"Uh ma'am, if we abuse the philosopher's stone, that gold will become worthless. It seems like bad form for purebloods to risk their lives and not earn anything worthwhile for it. Couldn't we instead hire mudbloods? That way we win no matter which side kills more of the others?"

"Who said that?! No one in my organization is allowed to be smarter than me!"

"I'm a ghost. Voldemort killed me ten years ago, for pointing out that he has ended more pureblood lines than all the muggleborns put together, forever."
Isa Lumitus chapter 27 . 4/28
A mandrake is NOT a weapon of mass destruction. That attack, sent to an optimal place, was about as effective as a bomb. The original muggle WMD killed five digits worth of people instantly. The mandrake didn't manage three.

I'm still not going to see Umbridge as a threat to the world unless she either destroys all of London, or finds a way to mind control thousands of people at once. Until then, she's just a wannabe.
Isa Lumitus chapter 23 . 4/28
Prediction: The "shadow" is Umbridge. I still can't see an idiot as a viable threat to the world, though.
Isa Lumitus chapter 21 . 4/28
My willing suspension of disbelief is broken. Most "evil" is shortsighted, and thus stupid in the long term. Voldemort winning was hard to believe, and only explainable by him having a horde of inhumanly loyal minions.

The idea of someone who is even more cruel, and "foul" managing to be a threat to the world is ludicrous. Voldie managed terrorist leader, barely. I just can't see someone worse managing to be more than a serial murderer and torturer. Yes, he's awful. But he isn't a threat to the world.

If you want a credible threat to the world, go with someone less evil. Prof. Dumb is the cliche option, but it works.

Alternatively, you could go with whoever is pulling the strings of Fate. Punishing the entire world for the actions of two people? Yeah, Fate itself is more cruel than Voldie, and twice as foul. At least Voldie limited himself to punishing the families and friends of people who angered him.
Isa Lumitus chapter 17 . 4/28
Question: Why did they need to use a memory sphere to enter the Chamber of Secrets? Harry might not be a parzelmouth anymore, but Tox should be able to speak that language fine.
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