Reviews for The Time Meddlers
The Teen That Reads chapter 32 . 1/14
This was a great fic I actually cried when it was over
Rainbow Prime chapter 3 . 1/6
I think that you might have forgot how Time Turners work. That, or I'm mixing up my time travel rules...
InsomniaWaffle chapter 1 . 1/3
This story reminds me of “Harry Potter and the Quantum Leap” by Seel'vor
Simianpower chapter 17 . 12/25/2021
Why the fuck would the Flamels walk out of Hogwarts rather than use the Floo in Dumbledore's office?! Especially if they're that out of shape! That forced plot point was exceedingly stupid and tough to believe.
Ant chapter 11 . 12/20/2021
I’m just confused on why Harry would get mad at an imperiused woman who was about to get sexually assaulted? As he’s probably done before to her and had her take out the card.
KingTitanX5 chapter 17 . 12/13/2021
Dang, a sudden twist
KingTitanX5 chapter 1 . 12/13/2021
Chapter started with a bang...nice
PotterHermione chapter 13 . 11/29/2021
Weird that wizard won't have healing charms for teeth
Jason R Shelton chapter 9 . 11/17/2021
if anyone is offended by a song parody, then they must HATE "Wierd" Al Yankovic.
LoveSpock chapter 32 . 11/16/2021
Wow. What a story. Thank you.
BNC-3K chapter 9 . 10/27/2021
As I was reading the lyrics, strangely, the melody of the Beatles classic Yesterday played in my mind. Not a bad combination in my opinion.
Yuna Nightshade chapter 2 . 10/27/2021
I hope you are aware, that 500 galleons are equivalent to 3675 dollar. That would make Harry's entire purchase a total of 8236,14 dollars plus whatever Hedwig and all the other things he bought in Diagon Alley will cost. I believe that is a bit unrealistic. Especially, because a trunk like that is just slightly OP and probably highly illegal (and yes, I am quite aware that Harry is buying it in Knockturn Alley). Also, what did Ollivander ever do to you? Or Harry's phoenix feather wand for that matter? I just can't see how the wand he procured through this ritual thingy is any better than his previous one either.
yochan123 chapter 17 . 10/9/2021
Why on earth should hey have trusted dumbledore who couldn’t even take down death eaters?! Of course they should put the damn stone under fidelius. Omg Harry’s problem solving has so many holes

Everyone should just solve problems a la Reunion style. This is utter trash
yochan123 chapter 6 . 10/9/2021
This is why you do not give leniency to bad ppl Harry! Oh my fucking god
yochan123 chapter 5 . 10/9/2021
Nobody should suffer Snape! God Harry should have just killed Snape and dumnledore too these fucks
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