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Ghost in the Machine chapter 87 . 5/11
Power Pacyderms... I don't think I bought that one, but I do remember it. Elephant versions of Cyclops, Colossus, Wolverine and (oddly enough) Elektra. Even for a Marvel buff, that's a deep cut. 8)
WDCain Man chapter 87 . 4/28
Glad you remember that Thunderball is really smart. That's pretty rare for a villain whose power-set was super strength. Those are usually either average intelligence or pretty stupid. Thunderball avoided all that. It annoys me so much that every writer at Marvel has forgotten that Mac Gargon, the Scorpion, was a really good private detective before getting his powers. He even figured out that Peter was Spider-Man before Parker tricked him. Nowadays he's written has just dumb muscle when Scorpion really come off as the stronger and meaner super-arachnid.
lordkalel chapter 87 . 4/26
I must admit that for a minute I thought that Leaping Llama was a real Marvel Character like Power Pachyderm since nothing surprise me from a company that thought that a guy called Armless Tygerman was a good villain name. Anyway great chapter as always, looks like everything is coming closer and closer for a big battle for the Avengers.

On a sidenote, i was almosty sure that you were going to use Saint Seiya for the Zodiac but it looks like you are not going to. but...have you thought in using the character from Juni Taisen as a chinese Zodiac group? Although probably that group end up killing themselves anyway, but I think they are an interesting group with interesting abilities tp test the Avengers
lordkalel chapter 86 . 4/10
Wow, what a revelation, although i was already quite sure to know who was the new leader of Hydra. Although I'm suprised that no mention was made by the Avebgers about the Shield tragedy since that could mean more work for them.
Sagitario V chapter 85 . 3/25
Es un deleite cada vez que veo que actualizas. Una pena que Nbaiki haya abandonado la carrera, pero bueno, tiene sentido por cómo le has caracterizado.
lordkalel chapter 85 . 2/11
Looks like things have ended for the Nabiki/Ranma shipping, a shame but I guess somethings are not meant to be, although I was hoping she became the Iron Fist in the future.

Wow, amphibian villian really don't have any luck in this universe, a shame since Froggy is one of my favorite characters in 'My Hero Academy' and I was kinda hoping she shows up eventually like in a 'future Avenger' kind of story.

the Hydra storyline is going to be interesting and knowing you, it is going to affect the Avengers deeply.
Ghost in the Machine chapter 85 . 2/7
Why do I think Ono Kin is more worried about becoming a grandmother than ruling the world?

Slightly more seriously, I thought that -was- Cobra Commander from the description. Looking forward to seeing just who it turns out to be. Carry on.
Guest chapter 84 . 1/28
I Like to see a TV Tropes page for this story.
lordkalel chapter 84 . 11/25/2023
Another great episode, I was kinda expecting for Ranma or one of the group to somehow get the Nanban Mirror but then I remember that it should be still in Happossai's possesion(where is that little fellow anyway?) although I likes the Reliquary Mistery, I really not wait another 10 years to know what is in it.

Also I think you need a new handbooks, I was a little lost with so many characters so far, honestly I didn't knew who was the Phantom Group until the way how they did the heist, since I only watch the original epìsodes where the subs only use the name Genei Ryodan for the group.
Littica Marek chapter 1 . 9/29/2022
Hmm, merging the two worlds is fine and can lead to some rather interestings zaniness... hell cross the Ranma 1/2 universe with just about anything will do that.

Replacing one sides characters with the others on the other hand... that I have no interest in sorry
Knightowl 4183 chapter 67 . 9/23/2022
Reading some of the older chapters, somehow didn't know you had this many chapters or that this story was still updating... Maybe I am dumb or my email wasn't getting it til today?

Technically the Pym Particles can be reverse engineered, Bill Foster can probably do it since he has working samples from Tofu. Could be interesting if the waves from Japan lead to the Americans developing their own Avengers Analog due to Tofu's interference, cause there are a lot of people still alive that became great heroes with the right inspiration...

I wonder what Nodoka's reaction would be if someone caught Captain Japan and he unequivocally turned into Bucky in clear view of the world/camera?

Maybe a mistake with control of water or water themed, maybe based off someone from Fate/Stay Night who breaks down it is a curse and mocks them on tv. Maybe divining that its based on their flaws, a karmic curse, even how Ranma used to have a low opinion of women being able to defend themselves...

It would be an interesting way to resolve the Nodoka's storyline, with her confronting Captain Japan/Bucky and determining that they need to be guided onto a more moral path... AKA the way you behave as Bucky and the way you dress...
lordkalel chapter 81 . 9/30/2021
You know, for a second I thought you were going to make Nabiki take the mantle of 'The Iron Fist', since she is the only one left to joing The Avengers.
ThyDevoutBeliever chapter 81 . 9/30/2021
Holy shit I was a mere foetus when this was first published! How has this story been going on for 20 years!?

This story literally spans my whole lifetime and I'm not sure how I feel about that.
Ghost in the Machine chapter 80 . 6/12/2021
He should have sent twins.
Knightowl 4183 chapter 66 . 6/11/2021
Okay, so now that question was answered. I really need to sit down and plow through this story. For some reason I never got all these updates, though that might be because my Tablet had been damaged for a few years...

So yeah, it's not like in Marvel 616 in that Odin demanded Thor's return and so on.

So no Thunderstrike unless some other situation crops up with some other character...
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