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Bad Mum chapter 61 . 9/4/2008
Aah! I have no idea why I didn't get to this sooner. Fantastic, as usual. I like the way you handled it with lots of differnt scenes with different people. Harry must have been desperate to let RON shave him! I just adored the end scene with Ginny and George.
Moonprincess92 chapter 61 . 9/3/2008
Im so sorry i didn't review right away. My computer crashed, and well ... anywho, i'm reviewing now. That was so beautiful, i thought it was actually really sweet of Molly to walk Ginny down the asile. It was all brilliant, and especially George at the end. I'm sad there's only a epilogue left, but shot. This story rocks. D
Dodger Gilmore chapter 61 . 9/3/2008
Honestly, I didn't want to read this. Being in denial that this story would ever end, just reading your AN in the beginning telling us this was the last chapter - it made me put off reading this for days. Because if I didn't read it, this story wouldn't be over. Not a great plan in the end, though. Because now I couldn't resist. Curiousity took over. And I read it.

Of course it was amazing, and it had me bawling like a baby. Both from happiness and sadness, as tends to be the case in these later chapters.

But we'll start at the beginning, shall we?

Charlie and Eleri were great. I loved the little shower banter there, showing us that these two really do work together and not only in rough times, but also as a at least semi-happy couple. I'm really glad he has her here.

Bill and Fleur were adorable, him watching the two of them, their closeness. They just feel so incredibly in love and I'm amazed at how much you've made me love them.

Of course he had to introduce Victoire to Arthur (and Fred, I suppose?). I loved his and Charlie's moment there. Especially how Charlie heard in Bill's voice that it was time to take the baby. Nice touch, and so heartbreaking. They were all having a hard time with this day, as I knew they would be. I'm glad they all got it out of their systems before the wedding itself, though. And I like that you managed to include Percy's breakdown in at least a mentioning, even if I get that you couldn't include him much in here with everyone else. If you'd showed his and George's pre-wedding scenes as well, the chapter would've gone on forever, I suppose. But I'm glad you at least included a mention of how this was hard for him too.

Hermione and Ginny were perfect. I love how Ginny's wondering how she actually got here, about to marry her kid crush, and how Hermione says "I was there. I saw it happen" and well - it's just perfect.

Aw... Ron and Harry. Harry being too nervous to shave was adorable. Ron knowing to ask if he needed the help and the way he asked it - put a huge smile on my face. I love him for not laughing, even if I did a little. And then I started crying instead with Harry looking at those pictures. Especially the mention of Lily and James hit me hard, as I'm sure it would Harry on that particular day. His parents really should've been there on their son's wedding day. As should both of Ginny's, of course. Ron's way of being there was so right, though. Just perfect.

Ginny breaking down with Molly right before was also very right. I think she would need that, to get it out of her system or something, so that she'd be able to be happy afterwards. And of course it's not good enough that they're just watching. They should be there.

The wedding in itself put me in happy tears. Ron's mouth falling open was adorable. Ginny and Harry's looks and words to each other were just so romantic that it almost broke my heart (it that makes sense at all).

The last scene with George was probably my favourite, though. (It's down to that or the Ron/Harry one, at least.) I LOVE that Fred and George had decided to scare Harry as much as possible on their wedding day. I love even more that it actually worked... And I love George for speaking for Fred and telling Ginny he'd have been happy for her, and congratulations from both of them. It has to be really hard for him to do that, be both of them again and speak both about Fred and especially for Fred. I think she really needed it, though, and I'm so happy he saw that too and put her needs above his own. I just love him, basically. And the threat at the end, and Harry taking Ginnyas far away from any of her brothers as possible. Just perfect.

And I do want to hate you right now for saying that this is the end, but it was just too... lovely. So I can't. And I kind of hate you a little for that too.

At least there's an epilouge, right? So, technically, this isn't the end. I guess I can tell you this then - if you didn't notice from my probably longest review ever, I LOVED this.
strawberryfields091 chapter 61 . 9/2/2008
it was worth the wait! george is such a sweet older brother! can't wait for the epilogue!
Di Michelle chapter 61 . 9/2/2008
Another awesome chapter. I'm glad you ended it on a happy note. Good job. Can't wait to read the epilogue.
hypercell chapter 20 . 9/2/2008
WOW! she is pregnant? How many months? Wow.
tamara72 chapter 61 . 9/1/2008
little0bird chapter 61 . 9/1/2008
Thank you for the wedding. :)

I loved how Harry still has George threatening him. :)

And I really love that everyone is still coming to grips with it, but still moving forward.

Very nicely done. I'd say more, but I just got home an hour ago, and I'm wiped out...
Kittyboosmom chapter 61 . 9/1/2008
Excellent job! Loved the bit with George at the end. Can't wait for the epilogue.

Hermione09Weasley chapter 61 . 9/1/2008
hehe hary being scared of george...that made me laugh...
Cassandra's Cross chapter 61 . 9/1/2008
I was beginning to worry about you, Steph! I was so glad to see this update in my inbox, but very sorry to know this story is nearly over. You did a GREAT job mixing pathos and joy at the wedding, and I'm quite sure that, in their own way, Arthur and Fred were indeed present. My favorite moment was Harry telling Ginny that he envisioned her wedding when she kissed him on his 17th birthday but never thought he'd be lucky enough to be the groom. The humor was great too, especially Harry being too rattled to shave. Very well done!
WindowChild chapter 61 . 9/1/2008
Great chapter! Very bittersweet, but it was wonderful reading about the wedding. It's so sad that this story is almost over!
JJ Rust chapter 61 . 9/1/2008
A nice wrap-up. You can start to see everyone come to terms with not just Arthur's loss, but Fred's as well. Good job all the way through.
tic tac toe 03 chapter 61 . 9/1/2008
Great chapter and a great wedding

please update soon

Amaherst chapter 61 . 9/1/2008
I can't believe its the end. Sob.

I can't wait to read the epilogue!

This story was really great.
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