Reviews for Here Be Dragons
Tavaril chapter 6 . 4/25/2010
o this is excellent, a really good read! Please update soon if possible I so much want to know what happens next
Rishie chapter 6 . 8/17/2009
plese pdate this soon i am so curious to know what h happens next I really love this story.
Akseel chapter 4 . 3/3/2008
Goodness, I'm afraid it's been too long since I read the Sanctuary Sparrow to take you up on the challenge. I'm curious though, so I might actually read it again... just tell me, is the quote from the series, or from the book ?

So, let's see what we can infer from all this... well, not much actually. Rhiannon had three suitors... My guess is, at least two of them cannot be considered guilty at this point (why abduct her when they had good chances of marrying her ?) And I don't know if Damian would murder just for a woman he had never seen (unless of course there is some familial mystery which we don't know of yet).

Ah, I noticed a couple typo, nothing bad but I thought you'd want to know :

"...if Lyam moved to quickly..."

“How old as Lord Richard when he died?”

I'm a little surprised though, if Hugh wants to help catch the raiders, wouldn't he need to send someone fetch some of his men ? Actually, thinking about it, how come he was travelling without an escort ? Being sheriff, I'd say there must be quite a few people that would not be too sad to see him pass away, not to mention regular highwaymen... just a thought.

The fight with Rhiannon was interesting. And I'm not surprised Cadfael guessed the truth ! After all, he did when Godith was under his care. Poor Hugh, though, he was a little embarrassed... Anyway, I liked it.

About Lord Richard, I wondered if Cadfael would have been able to open his eyes, due to rigor mortis. I haven't found an answer, but I did read on wikipedia that passed three days, the body relaxes again, due to decomposition (sorry for the mental image). So I guess it would work either way.

Also, I liked how you went about Rhiannon's marriage. I mean, she's not happy about it, and seeing how she's been raised the contrary might have been surprising, but I liked that nobody said anything about it being unfair - because perhaps it was, but that's how things were at that time, and nobody living then would say it was unfair. Perhaps I'm a bit touchy about it, because I've read some stories in which they went on, and on, and *on* about how unfair it was, and it so annoyed me ! I'm glad you didn't do it. Though I'd imagine Rhiannon might demand to have a say in the choice of the husband, if she can't avoid the marriage itself.

I'm still curious as to what exactly is going on, because I don't think I have enough clues yet to figure it out, but I'll keep thinking. The three suitors (or at least one of them) must have a role to play, else you would not have spent three paragraphs speaking about them, would you ? Hum... perhaps two of them are there just to give us more suspects, but there's got to be something else. I'm starting to think there has to be something going on between Stafford and one of the three suitors... I've got nothing to support that, but that's a feeling I have. And the fact that there can't be an infinity of subplots, so there has to be a link somewhere.

Also, you've given some importance to politics so far, so I'm betting it has its importance in the mystery. Actually, it's pretty interesting that Richard considered both supporters of the Empress and of the King. Somehow, I'm sure, Rhiannon is in the middle of all this.

Now, Lord Richard. Assuming he was indeed poisoned, there had to be someone involved who knew about deadly nightshade. Cadfael is an herbalist, but who else might know ? Also, whoever that is would be likely to be in the vicinity, because if Richard was indeed poisoned, it had to be by a member of the household. But it doesn't have to be Lyam, Michael, or Ian, it could be any servant who was bribed or something. Then again, I doubt it. Usually, the reader is introduced to the murderer fairly early (else you'd feel cheated, you can't guess who the murderer is if he wasn't introduced in the story). Add to that, usually the murderer is the least likely suspect. Okay, if I was to follow that reasoning to the end, the murderer could be Ian, or even Rhiannon... but I doubt it. No, there's something else, I think.

...Of course, Lord Richard might just as well have been died of indigestion after he ate spoilt meat...

But somehow, I don't think so, eh.

If I was to choose a suspect right now, I'd say Michael, but I don't have enough clues, far from it, to be sure. It's more a feeling than anything else.

Okay, enough guesses for this time ! In any case, I liked the chapter, and looking forward to chapter five !
Akseel chapter 3 . 2/27/2008
Hey ! Sorry for not reviewing earlier, but I closed my computer before you posted ch.2, and after that I was in Poland - I just came back. Well, the good side was, I had two chapters to read. I really like your story more and more ! And in particular, the characterization of Hugh and Cadfael, and the work you did on their relationship. I've never seen another story in which they argue with each other, and that's nice to explore that aspect of their character. You managed to pull it off while keeping them perfectly in character, which is quite impressive.

The rest of the plot is interesting as well, with well-shaped characters - Lyam, Ian, Rhiannon all have their own goals and personalities, that makes them very "real".

Just two things. The name "Jeffery" sounded a bit American to me, or at least a little anachronistical - now, of course, I'm no expert in common names in the XIIth century, but I expected to find rather the name "Geoffrey". That's a tiny little detail, I know... the other thing is, you spelt Hugh's name alternatively "Beringar" and "Beringer".

Apart from that, I loved it. Your depiction of the fight with the baddies was nice, and you got it spot-on when you said that everybody being mounted, the assailants could not attack all at once. I'm just a bit surprised that Stafford's men did not use bows and/or crossbows. Also, it's a little surprising that Rhiannon managed to shoot the baddies, and yet was back to Avon before Cadfael. Though I suppose Cadfael might have been slower, since he was with a wounded man.

Oh, and I have wikied Avon, out of curiosity. There was indeed an Avon county, but it was created in 1974, and abolished in 1996. Still, I like the name.

The plot is thickening with the introduction of Stafford ! I'm betting he's going to be the main baddie. I am a little surprised though, that Cadfael would know that name. Naturally, I'm not saying he's completely ignorant in the field of politics, but I should think Maud would try her best to keep her master spy's name hidden, and not common knowledge. It's a little less surprising that Hugh would know, but barely. I mean, King Stephen would certainly know, but he wouldn't share that bit of intel with just anybody, no ? Then again, I'm saying that, but I have no idea how such things worked in Cadfael's time, so I may just as well be mistaken.

Actually, with Stafford being involved, I'm starting to wonder what's going on in Avon, and what Lyam and Ian did *not* tell Hugh and Cadfael. There's gotta be something, if someone as important as Stafford is involved. Unless it's a personal matter ? In any case, I'm curious, and looking forward to next chapter !
Greenleaf's Daughter chapter 1 . 2/13/2008
Hi Spartanster007!

Nice chapter you’ve uploaded here! Well done! I’m very much looking forward to the next chapter and what you have in store for Cadfael and Hugh. I quite like your descriptions of the whole scenery as well as the people, and was puzzled only by one small allusion. When Cadfael prepares his bundle to go to Avon, he mentions “I do know what it is like to lose someone that you love dearly and would like to get to Avon as soon as possible to offer comfort”. Has something from the books slipped me or did you make this up? Are you going to elaborate a bit more on that in your story? Did you have something special in mind when you chose the name ‘Avon’? Since I live in Stratford-upon-Avon, I was surprised to see this name crop up in your story. Apart from that… excellent style and nice plot so far! Can’t wait to see the rest!

Best wishes,

kezya chapter 1 . 2/12/2008
A very interesting first chapter, I'll be coming back for more! Loved the scene with Cadfael and Oswin in the beginning, it was very cute. Can't wait to see how the plot will develop!

Two things, though - you should probably break up the paragraphs a little, to make reading easier. Remember to make a new paragraph every time there is a new speaker, for example. Also, some of the descriptive phrases are slightly odd - 'Shoulders that were average became just slightly smaller at the waist' kind of sounds like Hugh's shoulders are connected to his waist, which is... a weird mental picture, to say the least. :)
Akseel chapter 1 . 2/10/2008
Hey, nice story here ! That sounds promising. Well, I must confess that reading about Hugh's blond hair surprised me - when thinking of him I always picture Sean Pertwee in my mind... - but quibbles, quibbles. I've got a question, though - did you choose the name "Avon" because of Blake's 7 ?

My only other quibble is, at the beginning of the paragraph before last, Cadfael shouts at Hugh. I can't really imagine him doing that unless there is some sort of danger or something, but well, that's only how I see him.

Apart from that, I really like the beginning of that story, and I'm curious to see how it will all turn out. Keep it up !