Reviews for Harry Potter and the Wastelands of Time
thepkrmgc chapter 4 . 3/10
holes in the fabric of reality are rarely good news
thepkrmgc chapter 3 . 3/10
its good to see that harry's routine was thrown for a loop
thepkrmgc chapter 2 . 3/10
dang, things just keep getting more depressing...
thepkrmgc chapter 1 . 3/10
dang, the future harry is running from is certainly depressing, heres hoping harry can escape his pandoran jar
Regis JN chapter 1 . 3/7
I do believe that the last line of this chapter was my favorite.
Redery chapter 7 . 3/2
This is a pretty good story, definitely original. But what i don't get is how can he mess up so much if he's so powerful. He knows the future, holds way more power than he ever did and still loses to Voldy every single time? Unless you've beefed up your Voldy, that makes no sense.
KC chapter 31 . 2/18
Thanks again for your hard work on this, Joe. It's an amazing story, a real thrill to read. I enjoyed the intensity and fast pace. And especially the creativity. There's nothing I respect more in a fanfic than a writer who can create his own believable world to push the boundaries of the canon and the characters, and in that regard, I'd put this alongside Jbern's Bungle in the Jungle as the best I've ever read.

In fact, I think you've done that so well that a lot of the time the JK Rowling world you've built upon got rather buried. So I'd say that, beyond the overarching fight-Voldemort-and-save-the-world theme, this is at least as much your story as a Harry Potter story. And I think that's great. Add in your crisp, clean and thought-provoking writing style, and I can easily see why you've become a published author.

Anyway, thanks again for an intense read. I'm entirely impressed.
Artemis chapter 10 . 2/16
Loved this chapter. It ended in a way that makes me eager for the next one. Oh, and I laugh when Harry says "Growth spurt. January. Set your watch by it.", poor guy insecure about his height. Oh and, "The salmon was swimming in mushrooms...". Heh, "swimming"
Artemis chapter 9 . 2/16
I loved this chapter, lots of twists and turns. I can't ever really tell whats going to happen next, and I like that :). Had me googling for french to english translations but thats ok :)
Okiro Benihime chapter 8 . 2/12
To call this a fanfiction would be like calling a hurricane a zephyr. I can safely say you've blown the source material out of the water. And we're only 8 chapters in. I truly believe this may be the best Harry Potter fanfic on the site, and it definitely is the best time travel fic. You've taken the source material, and instead of tearing it to shreds and building anew, a mistake I see all too often, you've cultivated it into what it could've - and should have - been. Truly this story belongs among the greats. A woven masterpiece, suspenseful and mysterious, enthralling even. I can say hand on heart that this has rekindled my childhood love of Harry Potter. Kudos to you sir. If you're not a published author by now I'd be shocked.
Mistress of Potions chapter 31 . 2/5
You may be one of the most demented fanfic writers on this site. Thank you.
rlchala chapter 31 . 2/2
Wastelands is not only a work of fan fiction, but also a complete experience. It was like watching the action equivalent of Disney's Fantasia, while on acid. And I say that in the best way possible.

The story was always on overdrive, never a moment to breath, or reflect, like a roller coaster of 300.000 words. The action was magnificent and crazy, your descriptions of the scenery and the occurrences were always gripping, and submerged me into your world. Your characters were over the top, but fun to read and relatable in some weird unexplainable way.

I enjoyed tremendously, thank you
KC chapter 9 . 1/23
I've been working on this for a few days now, and before I get any further, I wanted to pass along my thanks for what looks to be a thrilling read. I've read plenty of time travel fics over the years, but I've never seen one quite like this, and I'm looking forward to finding out where your headed.

It did take me a few chapters (probably four) to get into this, I think because the immediate immersion into a Harry who knows exactly what to do and what to say came off as out of character to this newcomer. But as I got to know your world and as Harry's had to adjust himself, I've found myself totally drawn in.

And that world is awesome - totally creative and seemingly epic. Add in an engaging and impeccably clean writing style, and this promises to a helluva read. Anyway, thanks again for all your hard work!
Thoorn chapter 10 . 1/18
You did good
Thoorn chapter 7 . 1/18
Love it so far! On to the next chapter!
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