Reviews for The Dark I Know Well
Amakurikara chapter 11 . 12/17/2009
This story was amazing! I really enjoyed reading it. Are you going to write a sequel? Because how you ended this was just...evil. You should totally write another one. :)
Janie7819 chapter 11 . 12/4/2009
great story. really would like a sequal.
Winchester-Directioner chapter 11 . 12/24/2008
i just read ur story which i really like cuz it was very cute but when i got to the bottom and saw ur lil note i saw ur name and i was like 'That's my name too!" my name is Ali H. haha.
jade05 chapter 11 . 5/3/2008
It was a really good story. I am expecting a sequel in the future. There was one mistake that really bothered me, but its easy enough to fix. "a strong erg to protect them manifested in him" In this phrase erg should actually be urge. Erg is actually a unit of measurement of work. Keep posting your stories. You have a lot of potential.
skag trendy chapter 11 . 4/29/2008
Liked the inclusion of Bobby Singer, and now the search for John really kicks off.

Nice one mate.

Kind regards,

Cari chapter 11 . 4/28/2008
Haha Winchester _ I wish they could go back and help the people in that settlement though T_T
beautiful dreamere chapter 11 . 4/28/2008
oo john! heehee, can't wait. n_n
anathemawrites chapter 11 . 4/27/2008

Th...that's it? No more! D: There's gotta be a sequel! I love this fic!

Bobby swooping in was so cool and DeanandSam moments were so, so awesome and...

There's gotta be more!
sendintheclowns chapter 11 . 4/27/2008
I love AU stories and this had a lot in it to love. You covered a lot of territory and I love how you weaved the characters into it. Especially Bobby.

You do know because of the note you ended on, that we'll be expecting a sequel? Right? At least that's what I'm hoping for!
Thorny Hedge chapter 11 . 4/27/2008
I guess you're excused. After all, you introduced Bobby and John into the story! :)
iamborg chapter 11 . 4/27/2008
This so needs a sequel. Please?
KBS25 chapter 11 . 4/27/2008
WOW...I loved this story,you should so make a sequel!any way great job on a great story!
anathemawrites chapter 10 . 4/21/2008
Oh, damn. Glad Tobias is (probably) dead, but they need to hurry up and get out of there before something else happens. D:
with-the-captain chapter 10 . 4/9/2008

I can't wait for the next chapter :)
Phx chapter 10 . 4/8/2008
Poor Sammy, he must be so creeped out by Tobias trying to molest him like that. Loved Dean bursting in to the rescue, though Sam ended up being the one who turned the tables on things. Loved how Tobias used the threat of killing Dean to make Sam compliant. Poor kid.

I also like that the people think Sam is the one who has bewitched Dean. But - awk - c'mon guys, get your butts in gear!
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