Reviews for Thrilling Tales of the Downright Unusual
kewllewk chapter 68 . 10/7
Isa Lumitus chapter 33 . 10/3
In some ways, this reminds me of my own vision of what a future with immortality would look like. The version I saw was a man in a spacecraft, orbiting a black hole after all the stars had burned out. Deprived of any energy input, a very long delayed death was imminent. The only question was whether he'd wait for the air scrubbers to run out of juice and asphyxiate, or use the last thrust to drop into the black hole.

All that being said, this isn't that terrible of a fate for Riddle. In five years he made it about 6% of the way to his wand, and he has a Looonnngg time to find a way off of Earth. There's a whole universe to explore; he'll get to meet interesting aliens, and kill them. He could become a xenomagus. Overall, if Riddle is in Hell, it's because he refuses to think long term enough to better his situation. Then again, Riddle isn't very smart.
Isa Lumitus chapter 20 . 10/3
Is it wrong that I think this would make a better plot than canon? Yes it's ridiculous, but so is canon. This, on the other hand, is self-aware and funny.
DarkViolet7258 chapter 68 . 9/27
hilarious chapter!
Emperor Vanquest chapter 68 . 9/2
Too cute
Wakiyamani chapter 68 . 8/28
My Eyes, my ears... my precious mind... Ahhh! The mental picture of a cross-dressing Rupert Grint... I feel like i have to scrub my brain with bleach...

But please continue taking old jokes and re-making them into Hogwart's Funnies... tha-tha-that's all folks!

Da-duh-da-duh-da-da-da da-da-da-da-da ton-ton-ton-ta-da-dee
ffntfy456 chapter 68 . 8/24
Very funny. I didn't expect that twist. I'm looking forward to more stories.
Marcus Rowland chapter 68 . 8/24
I remember hearing the Thunderbirds version with Lady Penelope and Parker back in the eighties, and this joke was probably old then. Always nice to see the classics reused.
SFC CopperHead chapter 68 . 8/22
She should have hexed moRon into the next century.
noreenklose chapter 67 . 8/18
OUCH! ! ! ! !
OWWWWWWW! ! ! ! !

Good one ;-D
Horace Nihil chapter 68 . 8/17
Mwahahahaha !
Short and to the point !
Nebresh chapter 68 . 8/17
mrpietan chapter 68 . 8/16
this chapter is very disturbing.
Fading to Black chapter 68 . 8/15
Oh, hahahaa xD
Fading to Black chapter 66 . 8/15
Oh, whoa, I didn't see that coming. But I don't like H/G, so it's all good ;)
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