Reviews for Thrilling Tales of the Downright Unusual
beege chapter 60 . 4/14
Given that she came back in time just to claim Harry for herself it was *kinda* still all about him.
noreenklose chapter 62 . 4/9
You're right.
I really could see Draco and Ron doing this!
Thanks for the chuckle.

Guest chapter 34 . 4/2
This is ambiguous enough that either Ron and Ginny made the potions and gave them to Harry and Hermione or Harry and Hermione made the potions and gave them to Ron and Ginny. although the end does strongly lean toward the latter, you've made it just ambiguous enough that it could have been the former. Good job.
Dayjor chapter 56 . 4/1
Every time I experience somebody like the "older wizard", I want to slap them silly. If the locals don't know your language, you don't get to be upset about it.
Davis Elrick chapter 23 . 3/27
This story was GREAT I am looking forward to reading the next chapter of this story.
Davis Elrick chapter 20 . 3/27
I just read this one shot of yours and I have to say it was a VERY interesting and funny story. I am hoping against hope that you will have a part 2 up soon or that you are considering expanding it into a full story.

Promise10 chapter 62 . 3/27
Well, that's interesting.
Nebresh chapter 62 . 3/26
Actually, I don't think that this story shows Ron and Draco to be much of the same (not that there no parallels, though more in fan fiction than in the books). But basically, if I remember myself at that age... Maybe I would have tried the same...
MuggleRavenclaw chapter 4 . 3/25
Love this format. There are so few stories from the Granger's perspective.
Bobboky chapter 62 . 3/25
librarywitch chapter 62 . 3/25
I can those two idiots trying that. And you are right there ain't a half a penny's difference between them.
Runecutter chapter 62 . 3/25
He hasn't thought it through :D (both of them).
Why would this curses be DISCOUNT if they were giving the caster everything he wanted?
No, they must be weak, lacking some essential factors or faulty... maybe even dangerous to cast else nobody would be paying less for them than they're worth (what "discount" implies :D)

so it would be BAD sex... ugly sisters, hot mothers who are his TEACHERS (or HIS mother *ewwww*), or girls who are hot from fever because of the last STD they catched while serving another curse ;)

On the other hand a curse i could young Malfoy see gleefully ask for would be a kind of carmic balance between two persons... reasoning that he, Draco, is getting far too little good things in life and far less than he deserves and that stupid scarhead potter somehow must have cheated and gets all the good stuff and far better than he deserves. Would it backfire? You bet.
And of course that demand and those consequences would work exactly as well on Ron too. Well maybe the redhead stumbled over the dropped curse description while on Prefect duty late at night in fifth or sixth year... and automatically thought about how Potter has all the good and precious things and he has got nothing and... well you can imagine "and", can't you? :D
MSgt SilverDollar chapter 62 . 3/25
Perhaps she should curse Draco to go after Ron and Ron to go after Draco and satisfy them both. Funny, Funny, Funny!
alix33 chapter 62 . 3/25
ILoveGeorgeEads chapter 62 . 3/25
I loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved it.
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