Reviews for A Father's Wrath
Xeziel15 chapter 10 . 11/18/2014
Kakashi's an a-hole.
Xeziel15 chapter 9 . 11/18/2014
Nice chap. So Naruto become a genin before being tricked by Mizuki, is that right? Also, will you be bashing team 7 here? Not much of a fan of bashing characters even if they are disliked.
Xeziel15 chapter 8 . 11/18/2014
Very very awesome chapter! When Orochi was recruiting children, I was very excited when it was Tayuya's turn! I also like that Orochi gave Naruto a birthday gift. Hope he saves his son soon.
Xeziel15 chapter 7 . 11/18/2014
Awesome chapter. Badass Orochimaru. And Naruto's drawing of their family is sweet
Xeziel15 chapter 6 . 11/18/2014
Awesome chap. Itachi seems so evil here. I hope Orochi's alright and I wonder when he'll build the sound village
Xeziel15 chapter 5 . 11/18/2014
Nice chapter. I like the Tarzan reference you did there. Five-Tailed Dog? I thought it was a dolphin horse. Orochimaru asking Kabuto to train his son is nice
Xeziel15 chapter 4 . 11/16/2014
Awesome chapter. The fight with the dragon was cool, though I was half expecting the dragon to be a summon and Orochi having a contract with it hehe Sage Mode. The father son scene was so sweet. It's so sad that Orochi's forced to leave him. His only doing it to protect his son from the Akatsuki. It's sad and annoying to see the orphanage not even trying to make a baby comfortable. I'm surprised Naruto hasn't cried with how cold it is xas well as being dirty. It would've been better if Naruto was raised in Nono's orphanage. At least I think she and the other sisters would've been good to him.
Xeziel15 chapter 3 . 11/16/2014
Cool chapter. I like that Anko will try to take care of him. Naruro's fake heritage won't be known by the villagers so they'll treat him like canon Naruto was treated. Hidan is kinda funny here with all the Jashin stuff and praying. I wonder how Orochimaru's test will turn out.
Xeziel15 chapter 2 . 11/16/2014
Good chapter. Anko deducing that Naruto wasn't Minato's son was an amazing feat with just a bunch of incomplete information. Is she a genius in here? I bet she'll play a large role in raising Naruto. Also, does Orochimaru already has his Kusanagi sword with him, 'cause a sword was mentioned with him holding it.
Xeziel15 chapter 1 . 11/16/2014
Good chapter. Showing the origins of how Orochimaru left the village. But I don't understand why Minato would use Naruto as Kurama's vessel if he isn't his son. It seems a bit OOC. There must be a reason why he did it to Naruto. So, people will know that Naruto is thr Hokage's son. So will that mean that the villagers would treat him differently and respect him? Will they also think that Kushina and Minato were the couple since Naruto hasher last name instead of Minato's?
Weirdnfreaky chapter 58 . 11/10/2014
Why are all the myths, stories, etc. in this fic Chinese?
The Annoying Troll Prince chapter 21 . 11/9/2014
Badass Chapter! I've been having some interesting in your story, expect some more reviews -disappears like a flash-
sierra.steinbrecher chapter 15 . 10/31/2014
Can't you come up with an insult more creative than maggots? You use that a lot. Will Jugo, Karin, and any of the other experiments appear in this story? Because I think Naruto would love Jugo.
sierra.steinbrecher chapter 4 . 10/31/2014
I loved the scene between father and son, so cute. The big bad ninja turned to mush by the cute kid.
sierra.steinbrecher chapter 1 . 10/30/2014
I really hope Naruto finds out about his real dad. That's going to be a very interesting scene to read.
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