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1K-P-L5 chapter 1 . 2/14/2008
oh oh oh i love it it's fantastic to read something from the eara universe (by the way love the name it fits) but i have to say im a little confused with all the things about the datings and the fights, and mostly on the things concerning the time they did it. when did they "break up"? please tell me that you at least gave them a year of peace together. and how many years they went through the dates? and how many years gar and rae were away? well as you can see im really confused in some parts.

but i have to say that im thrilled to the idea of reading a bb/rae from you soon, i hope.

ok now i gotta go, i hope i see you soon and please forgive the spelling and gramatic mistakes.


Otakurec.37 chapter 1 . 2/14/2008
Oh wow, I don't know how you keep doing this. Making more and more great fanfictions. I loved this, it was sweet, funny, deep, dramatic, perfect!
Maygen Lauren chapter 1 . 2/14/2008
Happy Valentines Day!

Oh! It's been ages since I last read a new story by you. I was completely in awe when I got the email alert. It made my V perfect.

It was a really creative idea. The characters matched perfectly with those of the E'ara Universe. I'm glad you got that series titled. It'll make things easier when I comment on it.

Dick had a very clever way of proposing. The whole soaring concept reminds me of the ride in Disney world. If you've ever heard of "Soarin"? Its a basic flying ride.

Gar being Garfield. Him and his sugar highs

and Barbra and Victor, staying strong.

Kori and Dick fixing their problems.

You know how it goes and you got it spot on _

And Rachel, being the supportive big sister, and God I love her for it.

At first it seemed like Dick was going to the circus for repentance, which in a sense he did. Kori seemed blissfully ignorant at first, because her mind was concentrating so much on the Play Boy dates. It seemed like more fun and games, just the thought of a PB date, but it turned out to be something more serious. Luckily our Titans are strong fighters.

Really great one shot I can't wait to see what you have in store for Raven and BB.

Happy V Day again!

raeXXstarry chapter 1 . 2/14/2008
I couldn't of wished for a better Valentines prezzie! )

I thought the proposing thing was really sweet, and the flashback with Bruce made me laugh so much my mum got very worried about me :O.

And yay for BBxRae stories! I'm looking forward to it already!

Lotsa Love,


(Happy Valentines!)
Eve Royal chapter 1 . 2/14/2008
Hee hee hee! 'claps hands'


I can SO see them doing that. And I'm glad to see what happened to them over the years. I was always kinda curious... Now I know!

And the circus thing... I think Richard needed to do that. And I'm glad he did what he did the way he did it (lots of dids there). It was a very Richard thing to do... when he's being romantic. And the Bruce/Dick thing was awesome. I loved it.

I was kinda wondering what it was like for Richard and Kori in the twenty years where they did die. And what it was like, being an orb... Any thoughts on that matter?

Whoot! Only a little more than a month to go before I get an account on here!

timkhj chapter 1 . 2/14/2008
Yay! More Kyralla goodness! I absolutely love this universe you've created, and it's great to see more of how everything comes together for the characters involved. Excellent little oneshot! Kudos!
The Silver Phoenix chapter 1 . 2/14/2008
Happy Valentine's Day!

Aww... That was so cute. I love stories where he takes her to the circus but this is probably the best one yet, even if I did kinda guess what was going to happen. Still, I enjoyed reading it 'cause Richard was just so wonderfully awesomely sweet and Gar, Raven and Victor never fail to bring a smile to my face. I think you were a bit hard on Bruce (I think I've a soft spot for him) but I guess it's in his character. The ending was great though; I can just about imagine the looks on their faces! Plus you mentioned the emerald choker! At last! XD

Anyway, I still think you need to fill in the gaps in the missing 20 years with a couple more stories. The way you skipped straight to the future at the end of LH was a bit abrupt; I know they were time travelling and everything, but there's still so much that's been left out and... yeah. Well, a BB/Rae story sounds great, but can you puh-lease include at least a little bit of Dick/Kori in it too? Pretty puh-lease? With a cherry on top?

~The Silver Phoenix
endicott chapter 1 . 2/14/2008
Aww. That was adorable Kry. A few gramatical errors here and there, but that's ok. I really enjoyed that. Especially Dick's little talk with Bruce. He puts his poor father through hell. XD

A great story as always. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us later. Keep up the good work. :)
The Aceman chapter 1 . 2/13/2008
Brilliant, Kry! There was a part of me that wondered how Star would be if she indulged in her man's previous occupation! She didn't disappoint and what she was wearing made it even better!

Yes, of course they went through their troubles but the way Dick proposed right there in the center of the ring, it was kind of a way to show his life coming full circle.

Fantastic story, like I'd expect anything less!
ChristeenieWeenie chapter 1 . 2/13/2008
Kyralla you are my favorite Starfire/Nightwing author EVER! w I totally joined fanfiction for you so I can leave you reviews that you definitely deserve! :D I've been like reading your fanfics every day! I started about a month ago and I love em! I've always wanted to leave you reviews and I'm usually not on fanfiction to write but because your fanfics are super duper awesome i joined _ Plus you totally deserve lotsa reviews and I shall make sure to read all of your fan fics and leave review for each and every chapter. Especially for Locked Hearts and Orange Coloured Cliffs. ;]

Soaring is such a super cute story! graah! I thought it was adorable how Dick suprised Kori by letting them perform the quardruple somersault together. What away to propose xDD

I love how you balance out the comedy, romance and sad stuff!

I especially love the end when Dick was talking to Bruce that was SUPER FUNNY I couldn't stop lauging! I love Dick :3

I like knowing what happened between the past and future. In a way balances it out ]

You are really great at describing actions and stuff coz then it makes it easier for me to imagine xDD

Kyralls you are an awesome amazing author _ you and your creative imagination.

Okie dokie _ I shall end this here! Bye-bye! I look foward to future stores :3

Oh yah! By the way I also love the story "The Object" coz the jokes are hilarious!
Tekka Dark chapter 1 . 2/13/2008
Awsome, simply awsome Kry _

That was a great little one shot there. the set up was absolutely PERFECT! first you think "oh hell not again X(" because of all the secrecy with dick, and all of the bad things that have happened in between the last chapter and epilouge of Locked Hearts, which by the way was really cool _...a veyr interesting and complex situation you came up with there, i was really impressed :D...but when she remebered back with Dick, Bruce, and Tim meeting i figured it out...alteast the first part..sorta XP...i knew there was gunna be a good surprise for Kori instore, but i had no idea you were gunna do the trapeze act that hadn't been done since his parents...very nice XD

and then you just blew me away with the proposal there, i was shouting "YES!" roommate looked at me weird, it was pretty funny XP...but that was amazing.

There are alot of parts that were really funny, like with the "junk" that was hilarious _...and when randy was laughing at the hieght differences, and when Dick stood up to bruce, oh that was absolutely brillant, i was crackin up XD.

i like that this chapter really did bridge the gap well between the last chapter and epilouge, sorta gives things an even smoother transition between the past and future _

As alwasy, very very well written, you can display emotions so easyily in you words, as well as the actions the characters take, their stances ect. it makes it very easy and enjoyable to read _. and i love the implied sex...and even some touching, but its still implied XD, very slick Kry ;P.

So i see there will be a BB/Rae story comin i can't wait...and the fact that its my fav Teen Titans pairing makes me even more excited to read it XD..

Glad your still writing fan fics Kry. _

Until next time. Take care

ERRORINVALID chapter 1 . 2/13/2008
Ah, the perfect Valentine's gift for all of us in the Fanfic world. Thanks!

Applause to Dick for standing up to k'norfka Bruce! (oh, I just love how "k'norfka" sounds on "Bruce", it just makes me wanna giggle).

Loved how you described the quadruple sommersault - had every bit of technical precision, and it made me feel like it was one of those slow-mo time-stands-still moments where you can just sense everything at once and feel your own heartbeat.

What a great surprise for Star/Kori (I have trouble deciding what to call her now...)! Leave it to Dick to think of some elaborate plan to recapture his love (and make all the other males look inferior in the process!).

This made my Valentine's Day (although it's technically still February 13 here in CA...).


Ps - Can't for the BB/Rae fic!
StarryNightT chapter 1 . 2/13/2008
SQUEE! I LOVED IT! god that was SUUPER long i was like _ but also XD! when i saw it. THANK YOU FOR THE WONDERFUL GIFT! XD SO HOW ARE YOU? i'm pretty good. just got tickets yesterday to see one of my favorite bands panic at the disco in may so i'm like WOO! anyway aww i'm kinda sad you dropped the other story idea but at the same time this was amazingly awesome and i can live i hope to see more stories from you again soon! i miss them (snifflesob) i hope everything is going good and again LOVED this!
Serenity - formerly sb1 chapter 1 . 2/13/2008
WOW Kry, you still got it! I think you've been daydreaming about your own story...a lot. Anyway, that was fun to read. Thanks.
Royal Blue chapter 1 . 2/13/2008
-glomps- HAPPY VALENTINES DAY KRY! -hands non-droopy flowers and candies- Yay Commercial holidays! _

Aw, they're going to the circus. Hooplah. GAR! -freaks- THEY'RE BACK! -dances- Which means that he's already proposed! Oh well theres a present all in itself.

O.o What's up with Dick? Hmm?

Vic is so over protective, it's so cute. I wuv it!

Haha I already know the story! But, the summarized verison is quite spiffy there too, Kry. XD That's right, I said spiffy.

Holy shit, bad Dick! You're going to lose here again! O.o Stupid prick, I blame Bruce...he and Selina just need to DO it already, jeez.

Oh well...damn, that's not depressing at all Kry, well atleast Rae's there to be her emotional crutch.

Hey Dick's on the mic! That's amazing! OMG! NOO WAY! _ That's even more amazing!

Aw...-wipes tear and hands over tissue to Kater- Well hot damn, Dick knows how to lay on the fluff.

Don't listen to him, he's fussing. Men just don't like to admit that they fuss, it makes them 'less manly' -rolls eyes-

Oh! And some perving, very nice Kry. _~

A-Mazing Kry, you sure do know how to make a piece move, dont'cha?



HE'S PROPOSING! -does the freaking of the out-


...Well okay, if Kory forgives him...I guess I can. -mutters- Damn bats with the sticks up their asses. _' hehe...

HEY! You used the part from 'Scrapped' Ooh, I loved this part! More preggers! Yay!

Aww, Kry! -huggles- Best V-Day present!

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