Reviews for Good Day
pikaree1 chapter 1 . 10/9/2014
Petal: Wanna be the biggest dreamer
Zensokuryoku de
Mirai mo
Ima mo
TheGreatAnimeFan chapter 1 . 11/22/2008
aw it's always nice to see Takato and Henry being good friends and Rukato goodness just adds to how nice this fic was.
Notorious P.A.T chapter 1 . 10/25/2008
It was adorable. You scared me at the beggining with Takato thinking he 'loved' Rika- but you saved at the end by having them confess that they 'like' one another. Too many Rukato's have Rika and Takato jump into one another's arms exclaiming their 'love' for one another (I realize that at points in my Rukato fanfic writing career I have been no exception). So it was nice to have someone get it right for a change. Real-world relationships don't start with "I love you." They start with friendship and companioship and move to "like" and eventually, if they're lucky, then it becomes love. Sorry, I'm ranting. I especially liked the comparisons of Takato and Henry as brothers. I never thought of it that way. This is like the kind of story I would read on a rainy day to make myself feel better. It's so upbeat and the love is everywhere- probably bcz it was written on/for Valentine's Day but whatever. It was cute, I liked it. As for the review by Crazyeight- a reviewer of my stuff as well- just ignore him :P He's expecting too much out of a one-shot. I'm more of an angst-y writer when it comes to Rukato's but I liked this nonetheless. Thank you for writing it. Okay, peace.


Notorious P.A.T.

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ThunderRiver411 chapter 1 . 2/17/2008
Nice story. I'm working on one too. Check it out sometime.
RoyalKnightX chapter 1 . 2/15/2008
Bro, I believe you know my exact thoughts on this already. But still :P

It was great! Sure, there's some spelling issues in a few places, but psh, who needs spelling? It was SO MOVING.

Great job oto!
Crazyeight chapter 1 . 2/14/2008
Pretty good set up. Loved the Henry/Takato friendship moment (I see that you threw in a hug for good measure ;P). That in particular was well done. There are only a couple things that I feel must be drawn attention too. You mention Takato as having confessed to Jeri his feelings for her (seven months ago by the time of this fic), but he goes and confesses to Rika by the end of this story. Were you referring to the moment when Takato confessed to the D-Reaper clone of Jeri or was there another moment that we aren't aware of? Otherwise it seems rather strange that Takato would do this if he and Jeri are alread an 'item'. And if they are, has he talked to Jeri about his new feelings for Rika (which seemed to have materialized out of nowhere without much explanation except unless you count Rika's change of attitude towards him. Oddly enough, that seems to be reminiscent of why he first developed his crush on Jeri in the first place).

Second: Careful with the use of 'ice' when writing Rika. Rika was portrayed as being pretty warm hearted throughout the series, but she was also distant and reserved until she felt that she could trust someone better (In both cases she tended to be pretty blunt, and only uncertain when she was unsure what someone, namely Renamon, meant to her). 'Icy' does not necessarily mean 'distant', and Rika was already pretty comfortable around her friends by the time the series ended. There's an author on this site, Higuchimon I think his/her name is. Not a Rukato supporter but definitely says a lot of good things in regards to Rika's character that most authors miss when writing her (a lot of which influenced me when studying her character). I know that it's difficult trying to express a whole lot of development between these two characters and their relationship with each other into a one shot, but...I'm not sure that the Parasimon incident works so well as a clincher for Rika developing or affirming feelings for Takato. The final Tamers movie served as an excellent way of strengthening of their bond (and certainly something to build upon) but it's not quite the same. I don't know, but it feels like there needs to be a little bit more to it then Rika developing feelings for Takato because he saved her from falling off of Locomon.

Still, all in all, not a bad fic. Some very minor spelling and grammar problems but I'm not going to make a big stiff about that. Good work. Later. :P

Digi-Girl101 chapter 1 . 2/14/2008
LOVE IT! GREAT ENDING! aww! this is cute! happy valentine's day... kikey :P