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gingergingertea chapter 2 . 3/8/2008
I like your portrayal of the fuyami/kyouya dynamic, and I respect your interpretation of Tamaki's character. Please continue to keep them ic, and please continue to update this fic.

I am intrigued.

And I will be watching. ;)

Kuma-cchi chapter 2 . 3/8/2008
Oh... very realistic :O It COULD happen. Well, Pls update soon!
Adeptis chapter 1 . 3/2/2008
good story, i'm curious how this will be resolved
Mizuki hikari chapter 1 . 2/22/2008
continue its interesting
Hillary chapter 1 . 2/19/2008
Great start! Please update soon :)
Val-Creative chapter 1 . 2/16/2008
I can't wait to see what you plan on doing with this in the future. I enjoyed every little bitty piece of the beginning. Way to go Grandma, what a new all time low. She knew that Kyouya would never give up his spot. I hope you update soon!

~ Val
Adi88 chapter 1 . 2/16/2008
…I was weak. I meant to alternate between chapters of “History” and working my way up the list, but I’m going to do it the other way around and work down the list because NEW TAMAKI/KYOUYA MUA-HAHAHA. So let us sally forth, forsooth!

“This one's going to take a while to get out, but I think it'll be worth the wait.”

- That makes me squee so hard. Another epic! Yesyesyes.

“The cell phone rang just a split-second before the sunlight hit it from Kyouya’s east-facing windows.”

- a.] Death comes a-knocking for the waker of Kyouya, and b] yay it has to be Tamaki! Because only he would be that stupid, and also only he could coordinate himself with the sun.

“It’s only fair to inform the caller that their soul will burn in the fires of Hell.”

- I love him. And you. And the fumbling with complicated mechanisms of opening cell phones [they’re in league with the pens!]. It is, overall, perfection in a picnic basket with a checkered cloth.

“Tamaki? What’s wrong?”

- Aw, but the soul thing can wait because Tamaki has problems… and Kyouya is a sweetie sometimes…

“Tamaki never said ‘um’, because Tamaki always knew exactly what he was saying.

- Yes~s. Because he’s always flirting or making proclamations. Mm. And, as far as placing this time-wise, we have them being good friends, and…

“An addendum to the agreement? Now?”

- …Kyouya knowing about that. Which is big. And that he knows the agreement, and everything… mnah. Also, excuse me while I freak out that there is an addendum at all, and that it’s got Tamaki this freaked. Is it that girl with the food-name? I think she was a surprise to him too, but I can’t remember….

“Yes. And… I don’t think I can do it this time, Kyouya.”

- God I just wanna hug him.

“Stuck between his cheekbone and shoulder, the cell phone creaked.”

- Because, pressure, and things break. Oh crap. CRAP. Kyouya’s first. Damnit.

“I have to be top in the class to be included in the family.”

- Jesus. I mean, lawyers. Your own grandson. And - well. Now they’re pretty much in the exact same boat. Damnit. There is no way for this to be okay. Either way. All messy and letting-me-win and knives in people’s backs. And if he goes with it [which he has to, Tamaki I mean, because he’s just way too deep in to really make it stop now], then is it a “let me win” or “I’m just going to honestly try to beat you” - and then, if he’s been kind of letting Kyouya get completely top-grades, maybe one or two on-purpose mistakes, then Kyouya’s going to kill him for THAT… Damnit. All. To. Hell. You’re deeply sadistic.

“I see.”

- And then with hanging up and just going to school like always, only so deeply not because the same place as got them together is… well. Likely to turn into a point of slight contention at this point.

Oh, Akito in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done… this is honestly helping to calm me down. It’s That Time of the Month, okay? I’m emotional and this is making it worse. Ignoring notes and everything… poor dear boy…

“You’ve got a king on you.”

- I… have no words, only laughter. You are so damn good at this. Both at once. Oh god, and then the whole conversation… well, one-way conversation, and Tamaki is the cutest, saddest thing ever. I should not be able to chuckle this much while being this worried. “Tamaki pulled his Neglected and Abandoned faces, both rolled into one.” Speaking of double-whammies.

Plus, the twin on the other one’s lap being “another one.” Love. I lay my money on the lap-sitter being Kaoru. But I need to re-read “Temperature” and re-cement their names in my mind.

Not even Haruhi makes - and why doesn’t he plead her onto his side or something…? Damnit. All over, damnit.

“If you won’t accept clients, you should be studying.”

- Oh, DIG.

…WaitwhatwhenWHY OH BUGGER. Hedgehogs. Gauntlet... picked up.

“There was a collective gasp, or the body-language equivalent of such.”

- Because, Mori! It is not emotionally healthy to be this teeter-tottered.

“Kyouya, having completed his duties for the day, packed his things and went home as though most of the world hadn’t just begun to crumble.”

- No, no, no. This is what I mean. I wish, I wish. Rivals is dirty word.

…I do remember that this is pretty much halfway my fault, because I may have raised the topic when you niggled it, but… but. No, it’s all my fault, because “but you didn’t have to WRITE it!” doesn’t apply to someone who has zero morals. And, okay, this is going to be incredibly good. Already it is. Just… ow. Rivals. No.

Math discrepancies, end of the world…

“Do I really have to point out that this’ll hurt his commission rate, just to make you discuss it with me?”

- I love her, also, in the “SO MUCH” category. Pwned. She knows him backwards and forewards. Money and Tamaki and priorities. Pain does not elicit conversation, but figures will, only it doesn’t have to make either of them happy that it goes that way…

“I can live with that. So long as there is a difference between what you must do and what you want to do.”

- That is… the most beautiful line so far. I think the whole thing may be right there. You can’t expect anything else from Kyouya - and probably not from Tamaki, either, because… his mom… and it’ll tear them up inside, but that’s GOOD. That’s where the saving grace is. [Oh pun.] As long as it hurts, they have a chance to make it better. If it stopped hurting, or if it never started… that would be the problem.

Oh my god. Ambush for the win. Tamaki is my hero. “Blonde and intrusive.” Yes.

“What we have to do.”

- And there that is again. It is good and centralizing. It makes me want to tear my hair out, too.

“Those don’t mix.”

- So much not.

“We compete.”

- Because, in the circumstances, it pretty much means the same as “what we have to”, but damnit, it’s still… different. And you have to figure that Tamaki was kind of hoping Kyouya was going to say, “Okay, I’ll lose out this year, and you next time”, or “No, you’re going to have to lose”, or SOMETHING definitive… not that it’d be better, but… it would be kind of over, or something.

“We’re not finished talking about this. Thanks, Asuka, you can go.”

- Darn straight they’re not. And… I adore that he knows Kyouya’s driver and talks right to him and everything.

“The car shook with the force of the door closing, and then Kyouya was pulling out his notebook and revising the day’s figures with absolute precision.”

- Because that is so damn creepy.

“He’d never had a true rival before… and he didn’t know exactly what to expect.”

- Hop on board our sinking ship, boy. Because… well. Tamaki has unplumbed depths and crap, aside from Haruhi, he might well be the only one who can actually present a threat. Only Haruhi’s in a different class/year/whatever, so that doesn’t count, fortuitously.

Oh sweet Akito in heaven again. On earth as it is in the Main House. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. I can’t believe I remember this still.

You’re mean. And damn good.
Mechanism Unknown chapter 1 . 2/14/2008
I'm interested to see where you go with this. At first I was a little doubtful, because - I don't know if you go by the manga or anime - there is a chapter in which the two of them are forced to "compete," but it isn't nearly as an important competition as this one. It did, however, highlight the characters' personalities, so I'm interested to see what you do with them.

Oh, and just a note - you mentioned Haruhi having to catch her bus - I would imagine that she walks and/or takes the train home as most Japanese school-gooers do (except for the insanely rich ones, that is).

Rochelle the Echidna chapter 1 . 2/14/2008
Very interesting. I always did wonder how Tamaki's grandmother overlooked the fact that their family's "rival" was doing better acadmeically than her supposed heir. Can't wait to read more!
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