Reviews for Somebody Spiked the Creek
Guest chapter 1 . 2/18/2008
He still has his moustache! O dear wee Samuel, I love him so.

And you have a talent for getting inside his head - which now that I think about it may not be quite as complimentary as I intended. I was about to go up in arms over the poor treatment of Morag but that is exactly how he would think of her. You have that whole - I cannot remember the proper word(s) for it now but Jane Austen did it, when 3rd person narrative is shaded by one of the characters.

But I'm wondering, why did she follow him? She just does with her uncommonly long stride. I've assumed there is a reason but Samuel, self-consumed as he is, couldn't see it so you couldn't write it.

"Because so many documentaries start with a similar woeful beginning, I must endeavor to inform you exactly why his day was so much worse than the ordinary." - the spot was highly contested but that was my favourite bit.

I would look forward to optionally seeing an epilogue except that it would mean you have writer's block and I couldn't wish that on anyone. Thank you!
98-87y7y7hg78 chapter 1 . 2/14/2008
stupid boy. should have gone with the tiger one.

that was amusing. he totally had it coming. nice little one shot, i like it.