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Peabodythecat chapter 20 . 1/18/2015
I was really trying to wait until I finished the whole fic to comment, but this chapter defeated my resolve. In the context of the movie, knowing what's coming, the last line just ripped my heart out.

This may be the best reboot I've ever read.
Anon chapter 29 . 7/16/2012
This was wonderful! Lighthearted, in the style of the movie, with a great in-character pov that I had been dying to see once I caught O11 on a rerun the other night. Thank you so much This makes me so happy :)
otherhawk chapter 29 . 7/24/2011
Still can’t really believe this fic is actually over. You’re right, it is absolutely, unquestionably weird. Almost as weird as the fact that I didn’t know you when I first reviewed this story. It’s been such a long time and this story has never been anything less than excellent. It’s just perfectly in Rusty’s point of view, and you know that every time I see the film I automatically fill in the missing scenes with your fantastic details. You’ve made it all so much richer, given so much depth to the story, to Rusty, to all of them. It is fantastic and it is genius and so are you and you should never, ever doubt that. Not even for a second.

Rusty and Tess. And love that he’s prepared to go in and get whatever she needs (and momentary cursing of convertible that I had forgotten about until right now) and have to think that breaking into Terry’s suite would be about as stupid a plan as could ever be conceived. But he’d do it. And incidentally, slight sigh for

Tess not having anything to go back for. Because yes, she’d have grabbed her purse and stuff when she left, and in the circumstances she took her rings, but wonder where other things she had might have gone.

And yes, Rusty will always be part of Danny. *nods* And there are reasons for Tess not to trust him and so glad that she decides to.

Smiling for the reoccurrence of Topher. Love that Rusty has these people he can ask favours from, and no one even thinks about it. And much giggling for Berni. Clever. Very clever. And smiling for Rusty giving Tess’ dress size. Because yes, observation, but am also imagining shopping trips for presents and Danny needing Rusty’s opinion.

Sigh for Tess the next day, stepping back to a more familiar, comfortable distance. And that’s understandable, but it’s not going to help them going forwards.

Tess talking, and yeah, I’m sure it’s the first time she’s talked about it too. Find it difficult to imagine Tess as someone who gives confidences easily. And sigh for the hurt at the lying and the stealing and the lying about stealing, and I’m thinking about Fate, Fear and Fairytale, and she really never expected him to hurt her so.

And sigh and ow for the knowledge that Tess was on her way back to talk it over when she heard Danny was being arrested. And I honestly think they would have made it work. Am not sure *how* but I think maybe Danny could have persuaded Tess that he needed some breathing space. Could have been some sort of compromise, perhaps.

Except he wasn’t talking to Rusty then...sigh. Perhaps it would have all ended up like Hallelujah. Further sigh.

Hate Cynthia Davenport btw. Can imagine the eagerness to share the story. The sly little looks and smiles. Like Millicent, or Juliet Darcey

Think she was delighted in the extreme to be the first to share the story with Tess. Imagine she went looking especially.

Can understand Tess still being angry. And can certainly see why she found Terry an altogether safer prospect. Exactly everything that Danny isn’t.

Love the smile that’s on both their faces. Love that she’s ready to try and accept everything Danny is.

Sigh for Rusty having to explain the need to stay away. And is necessary of course. Terry is absolutely not going to stop looking. And the revelation to Tess that Danny and Rusty haven’t been in contact those four years. That Danny was truly alone. And yes, it cost them both, and Tess can certainly see that.

Smiling for the road trip and the growing understanding.

“he thought maybe Tess finally understood how he and she fitted into Danny's life. Neither of them more important, neither of them loved less, both of them necessary.”

Sigh. That’s it exactly. Just perfectly described.

Love the feeling of summer on Danny’s release day and the excesses of happiness. Everything they’ve been waiting for.

And the banter that’s the only greeting and of course it feels like they’ve never been apart. It always feels like they’ve never been apart. And Danny sees Tess. And absolute happiness there too, of course. Danny seeing Rusty and Tess, both there, both waiting for him. Everything *he’s* been waiting for.

And sigh for the Isabel mention. The note of not quite finished.

And then the very end of the story. “He drove off, letting the roof of the convertible fold away. Because today was a good day and the sun was shining.”

Sigh. Is indeed a very good day. And this is a very good story. Oh, mate, it remains work of genius and brilliance and absolute bloody perfection. Have loved every last single solitary minute and have been delighted and honoured to get to read it.

And where *is* O12 anyway?
otherhawk chapter 28 . 7/24/2011
This chapter, and the automatic targeting of Danny, Linus and Yen. Yeah. Feel someone who has had firearms safety drilled into his head since he was a small child should sit them all down and explain that guns are not toys. Do not be surprised when you read something similar many years hence. :)

Much, much joy for the smiling. How could they not? Here they are, working together again, in the process of pulling off the crime of the century, and they are so, so *happy* And sigh too for Saul noticing and remonstrating and the absolute lack of regret or apology. Of course not.

Sigh for the last silent exchange. The last one for a long time, of course. Painful.

Do feel a little sorry for the guards. Really not their day.

And maximum weight allowance in elevator would be awful detail to trip them up. Completely ridiculous, but just the sort of thing that Rusty would blame himself for not thinking of before. And very glad that they weren’t over the limit.

Amusement for reasons why Rusty’s able to open the visor with confidence. Am glad that was not just moment of


And smiling for Linus enthusiasm. Inevitable. And he’s not really mocked; they’ve all been there, and smile too for the thought of that long ago job and both of them grinning at each other like idiots.

Moment of Tess seeing what Terry really is and just what her value in his life is. And of course Terry’s not going to let Danny go. He is a small and petty man at heart.

Tying up the loose ends, the clean up job and dealing with the money, and all of it is necessary. And sigh for the conversation with Saul about which of them is more at risk for stepping back into the Bellagio. Not really sensible for either of them, but it has to be one or the other.

Smiling for Rusty getting both his and Danny’s details. Of course. Not like anyone would ever think anything different should happen.

And much smiling for the twins proving that they know what they’re doing.

Also smiling for the fountain scene. Hell, this chapter involves a whole lot of smiling on my part, doesn’t it?

“They were triumphant, they were glorious. Now was their time.”

Yes. Yes, they really are.

And end scene with Tess and of course she’s as miserable as they are triumphant. Seeing Danny taken off in handcuffs again...oh, awful for her. And love that she’s not surprised when Rusty joins her. Think that she was waiting for him.

And sigh for Tess knowing how far she’s prepared to go and for Rusty promising that it’ll be alright. And it will be.

Sigh. Perfect. Just...perfect.
otherhawk chapter 27 . 7/24/2011
Am amused by first A/N. Suppose I should count myself lucky you’re not as vindictive as, well, *me*, right?

And idiot for the second A/N. And for other things.

Opening, and immediately I can imagine Rusty standing there with the phone and am amused by thought of what would happen if Tess and Terry just didn’t answer the phone? Probably that was entirely unplanned for eventuality.

Terry and Rusty conversation and Rusty really is enjoying himself here. They might have similar qualities, but Terry is everything that Rusty wants in a mark.

And sideways and, in context, mostly irrelevant ow for Terry glaring at Tess as if it was her fault.

And Terry starts off on the wrong foot, of course, and Rusty’s constant confidence and annoying words are really keeping him off guard. Brilliantly done.

“The pictures that showed all was quiet on the Western front.”

Don’t honestly have anything helpful to say about this. Just appreciate the phrase everytime I read this chapter.

Love the moment when the monitors go out. Love it in the film, love Rusty standing there, listening to the silence, imagining Terry’s expression perfectly. And he’s quite right. Danny would love to share the moment.

Sigh for Rusty having to acknowledge the possibility. And yes, it could happen. Terry is a very dangerous man.

Love the Theseus and Ariadne btw. Again, have nothing remarkably helpful to say.

Rusty seeing Tess. And always love that Tess knows exactly who she’s looking for. And honestly, can’t exactly disagree with Tess about Rusty and crime being ultimate in temptation for Danny. That’s about it.

Sigh for the reassurance that Rusty offers, and the same words from Tess so long ago. And yes, yes, Tess has missed Danny and that’s hurt so much.

Slight giggle for the thought of Rusty putting Terry on hold. Is about the importance Terry occupies in the normal scheme of the universe. (Well, *my* universe anyway. Er, mostly.)

And so, so glad that Tess believes Rusty’s promise. That she does decide to do what Rusty and Danny ask and go up to the suite.

Much amusement for Rusty’s disappointment in Terry, and even more for the mini bar. Oh, that’s resentment that’s lingered. Find myself intensely curious as to what Rusty put on the customer feedback card. Can’t imagine it was all that complimentary.

Much love for the quick change and for the tic tac when he joins up with Turk. Is seamless way for them to rejoin the others. And of course no one is going to question SWAT and love Rusty effortlessly taking advantage of that, absolutely in control.

Amusement for Saul in the elevator. And sigh for Rusty’s realisation that they’re waiting for him to say something. Not his usual role, and the words *do* sound so Danny. Can hear Danny say them. Sigh for brilliance.
Maia2 chapter 29 . 5/22/2011
Well I have. Enjoyed reading it, that is.

Every time I read a chapter of this it takes me back, and the wonderful, wonderful scenes of the movie go through my head. And of course I love the little touches, like Rusty worrying about the weight in the elevator. Priceless.

I also enjoyed this last bit with Tess. I never really thought about it, but of course Rus would go get her at the hotel, and stay with her, make sure she was safe.

It's these things that make this not a re-telling of the story, but something that adds to it.

Thanks for starting this 36 to 39 months ago ;-).

ZairaAlbereo chapter 29 . 5/9/2011
*big round of applause* You did it! You finished it, and you did great! I'm truly amazed how you made all of the aspects of the movie work, something they kind of gracefully bowed out of. Cudos to you!

Also, let me say: Linus. The puppy. Getting played and still coming out doing a great performance. I love how you manage to capture his endearing eagerness and confusion.

I love Saul. "Did you have to kiss me?" LOL! And of course it's his own fault for teaching Rusty to play it right.

I also liked the Rusty/Tess interaction there in the end. You know I'm feeling kind of ambivalent about Tess (coughlet'snotmentionIsabelcough), but you always manage to NOT fulfill my bad expectations. I liked how Rusty naturally took up the job to protect and care for Danny's girl. How they even came out with a bit more of a personal relationship. (I actually would like to see more fic that is about Tess and Rusty. Huh. ;D)

All in all this story let me enjoy one of my favourite movies again but from a different angle, giving me more of what I love, giving me glimpses behind the scenes, and it's due to your talent that it *feels* like this *was* the movie and I'm left convinced: This is how it went down.

Thank you for this story! And once more: Congratulations! :D
ParisAmy chapter 29 . 5/7/2011
I love that Tess and Rusty became friends!

The ending just puts me in the mood to watch the film :)

I might also have to re-read this sometime!
thisisforyou chapter 29 . 5/6/2011
Thank you so much. I so needed this right now.

Perfect ending to a great story. Good job. Shall we roll the credits?

I liked what you had between Rusty and Tess. They must have had such an awkward relationship when her and Danny first got together.

I can hardly believe this is over. It must be so much harder for someone who's followed it all the way right from chapter one. A story of epic proportions. I congratulate you.

-for you!
Taylor Hayes chapter 29 . 5/6/2011
Wow. It's done. That's… stunning and overwhelming and wonderful and sad all at once.

And you and otherhawk are brilliant. Just so you know. *grin*
thisisforyou chapter 28 . 4/8/2011
Wouldn't that just kill you. If you did all that planning and went through all that shit just to be dobbed in when you're too heavy for the elevator.

I love your fluid style, and the way it suits the film so well I've caught myself accepting a lot of things you've added into this fic as canon just because they fit. That's really good writing :P

Nearly there. Maybe. I'm a little confused - though this isn't your fault - as to the timing between Eleven and Twelve. Because if Danny and Tess were celebrating their second third anniversary then wouldn't that make it more than three years from Eleven, and therefore Isabel, too, would have happened in this time gap. But I always imagined it having happened beforehand...

Oh, well. Anyway. My musings aside, this is great. Love the chapter title.

-for you!
thisisforyou chapter 27 . 3/27/2011
Brilliant. I love reading Rusty's POV. You do it so well.

This is great; it uses lines from the film but not OTT, so it's not just plot retelling: you've added so much insight into things that we don't see in the film. It's fantastic. And I could imagine Danny, Rusty and the rest saying every single one of these lines.

You're a genius. Keep going.

-for you!
ParisAmy chapter 27 . 3/5/2011
Laughing at the mini bar comment.

I can't wait for another update of this :)
Maia2 chapter 27 . 1/3/2011
Hee! Good to see this story back. Always makes me smile.

And smiling extra for the mini bar comments and the other story I just read.

Thanks for sharing,

bananacupcakes chapter 26 . 11/24/2010
please update soon :)
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