Reviews for My Fine Feathered Friend
Gloria chapter 14 . 1/16
I just love it when Sarah starts sparring with her inner voice. It's too funny.
AngelGlass chapter 1 . 11/1/2020
It’s so wonderful to revisit a story I’ve loved for so long. Thank you again for writing it!
Aphrael9 chapter 8 . 10/11/2020
The leather pants are everyone's pleasure, and I think its much more hot and steamy than cheap and dirty! (Sarah's inner voice sounds surprisingly like Mrs. Landshome)
BowieQueen chapter 11 . 10/10/2020
I'd prefer him to wear just the towel.
BowieQueen chapter 10 . 10/10/2020
Reviewing for fear of my kidneys being forked.

Under fear of my kidneys being maimed, my brain has shut down and I have no idea what to say.

For fear of giving a thumbs up and losing a digit, I have been struck reactionless.

There are no words for how much I love this story anyway. There are so many elements that make it so... *sighs in contentment*
BowieQueen chapter 9 . 10/10/2020
Can I just say that I love your jareth? He is the epitome of a big spoilt child. Exactly how Bowie envisioned him. You capture it so well.
BowieQueen chapter 6 . 10/8/2020
BowieQueen chapter 5 . 10/7/2020
I NEED you to write your alternative universe where Skeet and Sarah launch a passionate love affair.

That is all.
BowieQueen chapter 1 . 10/7/2020
:D It's been a year and TWO months since I last read this. And I was feeling melancholibre ;)
And this always cheers me up. I have NEVER laughed so hard during a Labyrinth fic than this one. EVER.
tpotolvr chapter 10 . 8/25/2020
A few things have just dawned on me on this, my fifty second read through. One, I’m going to hesitate a guess that your favorite color is blue, and two, I guess the Mexican grandmother didn’t mange you win back her grandchildren if the last Champion is going to become his queen. So, I’m morbidly curious. Which of the goblins were the grandkids?
Archer8 chapter 14 . 8/16/2020
This is one of the best fics I’ve read in forever! I was cackling and grinning through the entire story! Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to post it!
Seralina chapter 14 . 8/7/2020
I would die for Skeep. I've yet to see someone characterize the goblins so wonderfully. It made the story so much more fun. and the bonus chapter, if you ever revisit this story, I hope you have a chapter about Jareth visiting the wrestling team and telling them all how it went. They were awesome.
Guest chapter 8 . 4/9/2020
OMG This is so funny I love this
Guest chapter 5 . 3/8/2020
"A nest and revenge" - damn, that killed me.
Guest chapter 6 . 1/25/2020
I laughed so hard at Rosalinda attacking Jareth that I cried. And then I was incredibly grateful I was alone so that I didn’t have to explain why I was laughing that hard.
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