Reviews for In Pieces
kamion chapter 1 . 2/16/2008
hehehehe, one opinion is a good as the other and it is worth the try to figure out what happened to the Malfoys after May 2.

I however don't think they will split up. There are some signs in the canon that they are very fond of each other, as fond as the Weasleys and also they believe in the same cause. What I taste from the canon that Narcissa isn't the one for the pubic meetings, but she is the one that keeps the home in order. When she had lived in Edwardian time she wpuld be the mistress of an extended household of maids, servants, grooms, cooks and butlers, running it like a medium size office.

Or like a medieaval lady of leasure keeping the castle, while her spouse and lord is out on crusade.

Narcissa's reputation is also less tarnished by the Voldemort affair then Lucius' one.

And I think that she will become the more public figure of the family, building up the network, while Lucius fades into the background. But they stick together as a team and a couple.