Reviews for Blindfolded
Myrle 16 chapter 1 . 6/29/2010
speaking of pushing the button...

they seem to push each others!

great story, and im very much looking forward to reading the rest!
Heart Torn Out chapter 6 . 6/23/2010
I was waiting for the end so... yeah ok,ok I skipped a few chappies! But just a few i promise.

Ok i don't but that's besides the point. I still wuved it.
Kacie 369 chapter 6 . 6/11/2010
That..was...amazing... You should totally write a sequel. But that's just me. I'm a sucker for sequels!
Ape Regina 1993 chapter 6 . 7/3/2009
really cute story! Loved how he planned it for months!
Kiwilu chapter 6 . 3/30/2008
That last chapter was just too sweet. Makes up for the many days you went without updating hehe ;) def continue writing because your work is great ]
Girlz-Rule chapter 6 . 3/30/2008
great ending sry i couldn't respond sooner i was away with my friend for spring break :D
AllieKat21 chapter 6 . 3/29/2008
i loved it and i think you should write some more in the future
Chica De Los Ojos Cafe chapter 6 . 3/29/2008
Aw! SO CUTE! I KNEW IT! That was just perfection. I love to read what you have to write. Update FTLOS SOON!

TiffanyM chapter 6 . 3/29/2008
amazing ] ok super cute story ] loved it
truelover chapter 6 . 3/29/2008
Your welcome for the gental stocking in my oppion completly worth it I was so exicted to see it updated but a little sad to see this nice little happy fic ended but a really great job only I will have to start stocking for updates on for the love of soccer
truelover chapter 5 . 3/24/2008
I hope you can update this story soon and your other one (yes I know I'm asking alot) but I love both stories there amazing and I can't wait for more!
Kiwilu chapter 5 . 3/15/2008
I don't mind the delay ] Love the way you write. It's so real I can picture it all very nicely in my head.
TiffanyM chapter 5 . 3/15/2008
awesome ] update soon
Chica De Los Ojos Cafe chapter 5 . 3/15/2008
Hey delaying it a bit is not a bad thing. Loved this a lot. Super cute! Those two are the perfect match. Haha, perfect match. Update soon!

Girlz-Rule chapter 5 . 3/14/2008
omg that is so romantic i love it please please update soon :D
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