Reviews for Shadows
Elle Seren chapter 1 . 8/23/2010
Wow so sweet and yet with far more depth then many (overly smutty) romance fics on this site! I really enjoyed the thought put into this as well as the metaphorical usage of the shadows. Great story thanks for posting :D
Always a Bookworm chapter 1 . 7/23/2009
I absolutely adored this. The ending was especially perfect- it just really brought out the idea that Ryou has saved these two shadows. I loved (of course) the MarikxRyou, and I also enjoyed the brotherly love between Ryou and Bakura immensely. You wrote this really well, and I enjoyed it a lot. Very sweet, and beautiful. Great job!

AphroditeLove chapter 1 . 2/18/2008

Immediate favourite. I enjoyed your writing style - distant and dislocated, somewhat parallel to Ryou's acceptance and quiet disregard of the turbulences that shadows may create in his life. Likewise - like the little "stupid" reasons that neither of them spoke out loud - your voice and tone and narration echoes Marik's mentality too. The lack of dialouge certainly makes this story all the more powerful, adding that little extra layer that makes it whole and unique.

I also enjoyed your wry humor, what with Bakura's "blessings" and whatnot. There's a very distinctive style to this story I quite enjoy. It works well, as I've said before.

The only thing I'd suggest (and it's not a negative thing at all - just a suggestion) is the single sentence that mentions "I"- "And although the murder of which I just spoke was meant metaphorically, no one was ever quite sure if it was literal as well."- first person narration. I enjoyed the little humor that came with it - made me smile, I had to laugh. But since it was the only "I" mentioned in the whole story, it broke up the continuinity and flow of the distant narration. Perhaps removing first person narration might suggest that this story is told from both the subconscious of Marik and Ryou - since you switch points of views a little towards the middle of the story. At any rate, your story style reminded me a bit of "Pride and Prejudice", how the narration is voidless of theh word "I", but it's clearly suggesting that it is from Elizabeth's point of view. When I first read this story, I half-thought it was Ryou's point of view or Marik's point of view, until I hit that one sentence. Was the narration intended to pull away from the focus of Marik and Ryou?

Like I said before, it's not a negative thing or a bad thing -just a thing of interest. At any rate, I loved the whole story, I loved the style, the humor, the wit, (the accuracy of spelling and grammar!), and just - the overall touch. The fandom of MarikxRyou needs more talented writers supporting it, since it's such a complex relationship.

Please write more in the future!

Rannaty chapter 1 . 2/17/2008
Wow. Nice job! I really liked this one, it was so well written :D Especially the ending. I'm one of the er... "sick lovers of this pairing" and I find it sort of strange that this lacked the disturbing quality most fics with this pairing have but I still liked it.
Tentaculiferous chapter 1 . 2/16/2008
Excellent, excellent. I especially like the ending. Darkness *does* have color to it, different tints and shades.
FreshFish chapter 1 . 2/16/2008
Brava! well done!

Ryou Food for

This was endearingly tender. Yea you!

Thank you for writing it. :)

Dedicated to me.. Yea!