Reviews for Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts
HMZ chapter 14 . 8/26
Great story! I enjoyed it immensely. One of the sweetest Harry/Daphne pairings I've read, with a wicked sense of humor to boot. The story loses some of its cohesiveness towards the end, but the pacing is excellent, and I'm grateful you didn't turn it into one of those 50 chapter behemoths.

But Merlin's balls, I wish you showed us how Harry and Neville's actually defeated Voldemort! Basically they just walked in, fought for a couple minutes, and won. Like Dumbledore I shall never know the full story :(
Zyenna chapter 14 . 8/3
Oh goodnes...
protective-kitsune chapter 14 . 7/28
This story was so much fun! I really love Harry and Neville's friendship, it's just so great! And I'm glad that you finally spilled how Voldemort was defeated. It's been driving me crazy since chapter one! Which was the point I think. Maybe I'm a little sadistic, but I am so glad that you never let Dumbledore learn of how Harry and Neville defeated Ol' Volidie. Great story!
Sarcastic Sorceress chapter 14 . 7/3
Great story, love the Aardvark thing.
Simianpower chapter 3 . 6/18
Is this a sequel to something? Because the backstory makes no sense. I see that there's a rewrite that's not even the same genre, so I'm going to just stop reading here. Sadly, I'm not interested enough in the story line to start over with the rewrite.
paw2001 chapter 14 . 6/16
Omg I loved this story
DemeRain chapter 14 . 6/6
Loved this story. Thanks for sharing.
jpspring chapter 14 . 6/5
One of the funniest and enjoyable stories I have ever read! Thanks for writing
syndrathehighgoddess chapter 14 . 5/29
OMG! loved the story! tho the rape could have been turned down a little bit...
Still great story!
C.M.Alm chapter 1 . 5/16
that kiss! whahahahaha!
old-crow chapter 12 . 5/16

Reading this tale is always a pleasure. I never could picture Hermione as settling for anyone of things didn't work out with Harry - not bashing, just the thought niggling in her mind that everyone else was second best.

Antor2001 chapter 14 . 5/12
man, what a roller coaster, good story!
Athan Winter chapter 7 . 5/9
You would not need more than 5000 pounds to open a business if the society is small. And since there are less then 5000 magicals in the UK according to what Rowling has stated. 5 pounds to a Galleon is actually okay.
Markus Ramikin chapter 14 . 5/4
Very good story. Well written, enjoyable to read. I particularly liked the friendship between Neville and Harry (except in this chapter), but really, there were a lot of things I liked.

The main weakness is that things go Harry's way in chapter 12 too easily, for not strong enough reasons. Goblins, especially, are too convenient for the plot. With the Goblins, you are trying to have your cake and eat it too.

On the one hand, Goblins are so very reliable that Harry gives the sensitive function of Secret Keeper (something whose importance should be very personally obvious to him, after it killed his parents) to some random young goblin chosen by Ragnak, requiring two steps of trust (Harry trusts Ragnak, Ragnak trusts the young goblin) rather than to his proven friend Neville.

On the other hand, the Goblins are willing to risk themselves in a monumental, Head-of-House-ruining fraud. That don't make sense. If they are willing to compromise their principles on such scale once, they would have done similar things at other times in history, and they wouldn't have the reputation for reliability and impartiality which we know they have and which they vitally need for their business. Can't have it both ways.

Also the Voldemort fight and the preceding scene were a bit of a letdown. There's a time for casual banter, and there's a time for dead seriousness (not to mention avoiding tired cliches). When I read the easy cameraderie and confidence Neville and Harry showed in their back-and-forth for most of the story, I felt the only way this was in-character for them - the only way these two characters who happen to be called "Harry" and "Neville" have anything to do with the people we know from the books or films - if it was the relaxed confidence of rich and influential famous heroes who've had time to let it sink in that they've won and that they really are at the top now. I'd have expected the atmosphere of a scene from when Voldemort was still undefeated and a present threat to be a lot more serious.

Overall, though, I found the story miles above most fanfic. Thumbs up.
Markus Ramikin chapter 10 . 5/4
23 stories? There is such a thing as running a joke into the ground...
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