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WyldClaw chapter 3 . 6/21
ooooh ~ that's creepy
WyldClaw chapter 2 . 6/21
I think for not having his speech will did very well
WyldClaw chapter 1 . 6/21
I loved lyra's speech to the gyptians and Muscovites
Child-of-God16 chapter 1 . 1/8
If you can see what's happening in the world today, since it's all over and the problems are only getting worse, just know that these are the end times; the days Jesus warned about. He gave us signs to look for which can be found in Matthew 24 in the bible and told us to watch. To not let these times come upon you unaware.

Understand that the rapture is at hand and can happen any moment. The day of the Lord is coming like a thief in the night and you do not want to be left behind.

When I reach out to people I encourage them to come out of this world and to seek the father in heaven while he may be found since 1 John 2:17 tells us in the word of god aka the bible:

"The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever."

A lot of popular anime, games, movies, books, music and etc is of the devil. You don't want to be indulging in something that has no place in the kingdom of God since it will only hinder your walk with Christ. 1 John 2:15-17 and James 4:4 is important to remember since we can't be holding hands with the world and Jesus. These holidays & traditions a lot of us were brought up on has nothing to do with our father in heaven, is of the world and is only a distraction; please don't get caught up with it.

Realize that fiction by definition is "invention or fabrication as opposed to fact" along with other definitions out there... and you want to be careful. I use to be a fanfic writer myself but I gave up a lot of things because a lot of it was related or connected to the world.

There is nothing wrong with writing... but when you're writing about worldly things or fabricating stuff, you're putting yourself in danger since we're to walk in truth. Liars won't inherit the kingdom of God so you want to make sure you're speaking truth at all times.

Jesus told us at John 14:23-24 that if you love him then you'd obey his teaching. He also says at John 14:15 that if you love him then to keep his commandments.

I'd get away from fan fiction altogether and focus on or build a relationship with Jesus Christ since it's very important but that's a decision you will have to make for yourself.

Just know that all the issues going on in the world has already been foretold in the bible.

If you are awake and aware to everything going on, then please: seek the father in heaven, repent of your sins, let go of this world and follow Jesus as mentioned at Matthew 10:37-38; everything we need to know is in the word of god so please read the bible for yourself. You don't want to be deceived since a lot of churches out there aren't doing what they should be doing.

Know that there isn't much time left but don't adopt the spirit of fear since greater is he that is in you than he who is in the world. You need faith since without it, it's impossible to please the father in heaven so never let the devil steal that or your peace. Just draw close to the father in heaven and he will draw close to you.

We've all fallen short so nobody is better than anybody and the heavenly father is very merciful. Just humble yourself, go to the father in prayer, confess your sins to him and repent. Mean what you say & repent (turn away or stop doing it) and he will forgive you.

Jehovah is the god of Abraham, Issac and Jacob but nobody comes to the father but through the son Jesus Christ so you want to accept and follow him since it's by his blood we're redeemed back to the father in heaven.

A great deception is coming along with the antichrist and you do not want to take the mark of the beast. It's a chip that goes in your right hand or forehead. You can read about this in Revelation. Do not take this Mark, worship the beast or his image cause if you do it will land you in hell. Stay strong in Jesus. Only he can save us and he is a lot closer than people realize so be ready at all times and keep the faith.
RivalsAreAllies chapter 1 . 5/9/2012
This was my first trip into the HDM FanFic Section, and I have spent a long day, reading, reviewing, and retaining a lot of good, bad, and ugly FanFic in this section. I must say, though, this is one of the better FanFics, much better. Good work and writing so far.

I will have to catch-up on this story at a later time, however, because, unfortunately, I'm behind on my own FanFiction. ...But, rest assured, that I will finish this great story.

There were a few grammatical and syntactical errors here and there, but it was never so much that it detracted from the flow of the story.

I enjoy your concise and clear writing style. It gets the point across, without to much overhang.

Keep up the good work
Bingo chapter 32 . 1/4/2012
Please, please finish this! I love it! It's amazing! I am so hooked that I finished the 32 chapters in 2 days!
Bingo chapter 16 . 1/3/2012
That is wonderful and I cannot wait to finish reading it! Getting sleepy, now, so bye.
TwiBiteLover06 chapter 32 . 3/2/2010
Love your story so far! Please finish it! And hopefully Will and Lyra and their daemons either live or die together going thru the opening in hell. Write on! - Lea
Lily chapter 32 . 12/29/2009
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE upload the next chapter! This story is great, and I am filled with suspense! I can’t wait to find out where you take this wonderful piece of work. Best of luck! :)
GreatWolf Fanatic chapter 3 . 11/10/2009
Woops, forgot to review this chapter! Anyways, it was good, I liked how you added alot of mystery to this chapter. Good job!
GreatWolf Fanatic chapter 7 . 11/10/2009
Lol you seem to love writting cliffies, thank god they aren't cliff hangers for me lol! Fantastic work!
GreatWolf Fanatic chapter 6 . 11/10/2009
Lol normally this is where I would scream, "NO Update right away!" Luckely for me, I don't have to do that because It's already there, along with many more! Ah the joys of starting late in the game D
GreatWolf Fanatic chapter 5 . 11/10/2009
Lol, that was really creative! I've always wondered what Kirjava's personality would be like, and I think this one is a good fit. Keep up the great work!
GreatWolf Fanatic chapter 4 . 11/10/2009
Lol I liked this chapter alot ) Sorry for not reviewing in a while, I'vre had the busiest week ever! But this chapter was really good, I liked Lyra's and Pan's banter the best ) Pan's my faverite character!
Anonymous chapter 13 . 11/10/2009
I love the story so far; the way you developed the characters were amazing-I could've sworn that you were Pullman instead! but I just want to let you know- I have been working on a story and it had a Book of Life in it as well! just thought you'd want to know. Keep up the great work! (wait, have you finished this?)
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