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Agent-G chapter 16 . 9/20/2009
Yeah I didn't expect all this news to go over well, first they aren't sure who broke the truce first, then can a person commit perjury if they said what they honestly thought of as the truth turned out to be false? I thin it's only knowingly lying that counts so I can see her lawyer easily getting her off with that.

Glad that Sharon is now free and I bet that even if you give her the canon new callsign I bet her nickname among the pilots will be something like shorty just for humor among them.

Although it is a very insidious plan, it's a bit too complicated for someone to actually use but it does explain things better. Although I'm not sure if you're actually changing their past or keeping it the same.

But I have to wonder if the Final Five are tied in to whatever it was that caused humans from five thousand years ago land on another world to make this explain things.

that part with Helo and Starbuck was a nice touch I thought as he had been through it and it makes sense for him to help her out through it all. She had took it a lot worse in canon but maybe that's because of the Loben thing messed her up a bit too.

Plus I can see the holoband thing being used for that, hell maybe they can use the tech for other things like improved nural helmets among virtual training. Kind of reminds me of the VR training once used in Metal Gear Solid games, supposidly training in a two year VR program could turn green recruits into those with veterian skills.

I have to wonder what else will happen now, with the truth being played out after things calm down a bit. I mean once they announced they screened the entire population but also about religion. I'm not surprised those two groups would be the most avid against it. But I have to wonder if there will be a shift in religion like you saw in the final season of the show.

When people lose their faith in what they believed in they naturally look for something to hold on to.

I also wonder if Helo will stick with the Colonial military or give up his rank and join up with Sharon. Maybe have him think it over seriously as he could literally be called back at any time. Wonder if they can allow for dual citizenship laws, they got that here in Canada so it could open doors for that with a planet with two different governments.
Timbo chapter 16 . 9/20/2009
Hey. As a fan of both Battletech and BSG I have to give you kudos for combinging the two, it's been a very enjoyable read so far. Not surprised that the final five have been revealed, but I'm hoping things end well for them, Tigh especially. At least this time around Tory can't kill Cally and thus be killed by Tyrol in revenge.

Looking forward to seeing where this goes!
WBH21C chapter 16 . 9/20/2009
Great part! Like this explanation of the final five better.
JovianJeff chapter 16 . 9/20/2009
What a well done revelation chapter. Now that the scene had been set of how, a quick series of discovering this or that Cylon kept a good pace without detailing each and everyone. A nice technique covering it from other points of view than the actual Cylon's. Wonderful discussion with the Lord Protector and the Cylon's, loved Sharon's freedom and how her choices were laid out and she chose based on what she's seen, not heard. Great Helo and Kara discussion as well, again it was the capture of how two friends might talk. Which is the hallmark of each and every chapter, despite the tech, the setting, the story its about people. Thank you for maintaining this high level of excellence so consistently. Looking forward to the next chapter!
Ironwolf chapter 15 . 9/20/2009
Still loving the story

There is still a lot of play to be had with combining the tech-trees of Battletech and nBSG, I mean, plotting about such things is what I do with my day. It is still early in the story so we really haven't seen what the Wolvies and the Colonials can do when they combine their tech, for example; using that bio-gupe the Cylons have to enhance Endo-Steel and maybe even allowing its use in non-Mechs; inertial dampers for their fighters and ships (to both counteract G's on the pilot and crew, as well as reducing the effective mass of the craft to make the it easier to move); Tylium catalysed micro-pulse fusion power hyper-pulse detonation tube cluster (from that Popsci article a few years back)
CJNyfalt chapter 15 . 9/15/2009
Great story.
Plotty chapter 15 . 9/15/2009
That should add in some confusion to the mix.

Wonder if Saul leaks alcohol instead of hydrolic fluid... ;-)
cklammer chapter 15 . 9/15/2009
What about Tory Foster? Didn't she get tested?

Anyway, another excellent chapter. Pls do go on with it.
Agent-G chapter 15 . 9/14/2009
Well it took me some time but I finally caught up, at first I wasn't sure to give this a chance as I wasn't sure how a story like this would work out but I think this is the best way to crossover the two universes. I didn't even know of this Wolverine Clan but the links in your bio to the wiki page was a huge help in me brushing up on my Battletech knowledge as it's been a couple of years since I read one of the books.

Also thanks to all the helpful author's notes that explains a few things in each chapter that helped out a few questions I had. So far i liked how things have gone and how this clan has changed over time with all the slaves they once rescued too. Sort of the best of both worlds in their case.

I wasn't sure but that oracle that line she said I take it that this is the world they found in the show only that the Wolverines found it a long time ago. As I thought it was too much like that same one to be just a coincidence.

One thing I wanted to know is if over the years with their links to that clan blackmarket group they got more blueprints over time. I mean did they ever get plans for Mechs like the Summoner, Timber Wolf, Mad Dog, Dire Wolf, Hellbringer or even an Atlas II (this I think the plans were lost during the fall and the clans kept it as only the Clans had this rare model first) Plus I would just love to see the reactions to the Cyclons when their Praetorians that are based on the knowledge that they think light mechs are the biggest ones the Clans have.

To see them up against Medium, Heavy and even an Assault mech would make them realized they had very underestimated their mech abilities. Plus it would make sense to have at least a few different models laying around just in case of invasion as you didn't know what the enemy would throw at you.

I also wonder if you'll have any new tech being created. I mean with Baltar working with them maybe a few different peices of tech that by themselves wouldn't do much but merging certain colonial and Wolverine tech could lead to some intersting results. Maybe improved heat sinks an an example, I know mechwarriors would love any advantage there. Although that's one thing I never got, why they have only cooling vests and not cooling suits, it would protect the pilots a hell of a lot more when they run their mechs super hot.

So the Final Five are being found, I have to wonder how this will change things. For instance Starbuck isn't married to Anders so would their still young relationship last? (past of me isn't hoping so as I've always wanted her and Lee together but that never happened no matter how much you see they wanted to be)

Also I bet that they'll test Ellen next as her husband was one so they would have to test her out just to be sure. Cyclons can be made with fake memories so this would help check to see just how back their relationship actually goes if they were both cylons. I also wonder why the Colonials on the ground haven't been tested, you'd think they would start with the heads of government and then work their way down.

I also wonder how the Wolverines when they hear about this won't be pleased with Sharon as they would wonder why she never told them that those on Galatica were Cyclons. Of course she wouldn't know which would cause some initial confusion.
darkfinder chapter 15 . 9/14/2009
man what the others will think . they now have right reguardless thanks to the trial . will they as the other cylons about them . just see cavil laughing at them saying you found them . can't wait for more .
Life of Nemo chapter 15 . 9/13/2009
great chapter
colin chapter 15 . 9/13/2009
That was pretty nice I hope you update again soon.
JovianJeff chapter 15 . 9/13/2009
I know I keep saying magnificent, but it is! Love the interactions most of all. Roslyn and Adama, 'meet the parents' and then there was the detection of the 'final five,' well some of them in this case (love that line about hating more than loving). That brow-beating to get Tigh to a scan was perfect and not to leave out the analysis of Colonials having the military advantage was a wonderful eye opener. I never saw it, but it was there to be seen if one simply used logic and thanks for laying it out to follow. My favorite part was hands down the first section with Roslyn and Adama, great points and made in character so it felt like a natural conversation and not an exposition. Thank you for continuing to do such marvelous work chapter after chapter. This story is a must-read-the-day-it-comes out every time. I look forward to the next chapter!
WBH21C chapter 15 . 9/13/2009
Nice! can't wait to see what they make of the final five.
GeshronTyler chapter 15 . 9/13/2009
Heh, I like the beginning quote. "Do you want to know _MORE_?"

I see the SLDF is gearing up, they've got some good ideas already. I expect the Colonial military and SLDF will be merging operations ever more, since both sides have advantages the other needs to cover their disadvantages. I do imagine that the Colonials will probably need to set up a conscription system as well, if they don't want their protection to be mostly reliant on the SLDF, simply from the larger SLDF. The Colonials will probably also be wanting to get laser small arms of their own, so that their infantry can be more effective against Centurions, and the Praetorians. I could see some lend/lease programs helping there, the SLDF probably has quite a surplus of infantry weapons.

One thing about the emergency airfields though- they make it easier for the enemy air/space forces as well.

So, several things are hitting the fan all at once- the news of the breaking of the armistice, the "final 5" and the whole issue of dealing with the Cylons as individuals, instead of as faceless foes. Come to think of it- the Final 4th hasn't shown up yet, and I haven't watched the rest of BSG after the first half of S2, so I don't know who ended up being the 5TH, but the one of them was a female (tech, rating?). I might have said Cally, but she was already checked over. I remember that the actress that played Starbuck said that she wasn't one of the 5,and that does seem to have been borne out. Of course, now the Colonials will have to come to terms with whole Cylon issue, with such fairly central figures implicated. Unless the "false positives" aren't as false as they seemed. Not having watched the later portions of the series, and only having gotten the gist of things, I seem to recall the "kill the humans" faction being rather eager to regain control over the FIVE.

Certainly, I believe one of the most important strategic targets for the 13th/Colonials is going to be the resurrection ships. With out those, the Cylons will be individuals, restricted to single, precious lives. I'm curios if the series ever gave an answer to the range possible for a ressurection- you've already given the system a limit on data processing. It probably would be related to HPG tech, so the 13th may have a way to track the system in use.

As before, I'm enjoying this story quite a bit. This story has just really gotten started, but I'd love to see what the Wolverines would do when 3050 rolled around, and the Clans invade the Inner Sphere, with the new technologies they're developing. It would be interesting to see if the Warden Clans and the Wolverines would be able to come to an understanding. Plus, how the Wolverines would react to the Warden Wolves.

Look forward to the next chapter.
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