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Sing the Muse chapter 21 . 3/2/2015
B-but...why is all the rum gone? D Seriously though, why is this story going to be left unfinished? Did something happen, or did you just lose interest? I think its most likely your best Forgotten Realms work! I love how in character Jarlaxle and Artemis are and even though it veered pretty far away from canon, I still liked the direction you took your ideas. For some reason, I'm also really digging the idea of an ace Artemis. I like the idea better than what Salvatore did with him honestly. Lol!
Amanita Virosa-Amaranthus chapter 21 . 1/7/2015
I realize this story is fairly old, and that it's stated in the summary that there is no ending, but oh! How I wish it was completed! An irrelevant point, I know, but I simply wished to express how much I truly enjoyed your story. I've re-read it a number of times, each time finding little tidbits here and there I've missed previously, or remembering parts that I had loved but forgotten over the time between readings.

As a side note, hello again! I'm not quite sure why I hadn't added you to my favourites list of authors yet, as any story you write in this realm appears to be a favourite of mine. Koodos on being such a great author!
Eohna chapter 21 . 4/14/2012
Pleasepleaseplease...pretty please, tell me this is not all you're going to write? This story is the most well written, best edited, most intelligent, least OOC fanfiction I have ever read. It is always a pleasure to read a story written for the right reasons and this one is the best ending to the story of Artemis and Jarlaxle out there (no offense to Salvatore but I hated his last two in the trilogy). Please end it?
stevenash chapter 1 . 1/2/2012
awesome story, can someone tell me where part 1 to this is. I would like to know what happened, and who's tandy
AnnaDruvez chapter 21 . 12/29/2011
I can't help but wonder precisely what Mila is going to have to say to poor Jarlaxle about the realization that he's lusting after his very definitely male partner. /snicker/ Of course, she might just rationalize it as a reaction to having been abused by women all his life. I can't say that he'd appreciate that sentiment... It places little value on the miracle that he's capable of feeling affection at all.

As for Entreri... It's got to be hard to have your world tilted to one side like that. Here he's spent most of his time assuming the worst about his friend and his friend's reactions to/manipulations of him. Entreri is probably feeling a little bit humbled by his conclusions and - from what I've seen - he doesn't take well to being humbled.

And poor Jarlaxle... Well, he's going to be just blindsided when he gets 'home' isn't he? Entreri may or may not be angry by that point, but he will definitely be in a Mood.

This is very well written, and I can't wait to see more of it. The characters have come alive and are reacting/interacting beautifully to/with each other.
Lady Annikaa chapter 21 . 12/21/2011
Great story. Love every update.
Illayne chapter 21 . 12/19/2011
He-he, poor Mila! With those two everything is turned upside down. So, Artemis and Jarlexle will be together in the end? I sure hope so.

I'm soooo glad you're back to updating regularly again! I missed my favourite duo.

general zargon chapter 21 . 12/19/2011
Wow, I bet Mila feels more than a little embarrassed. o_O LOL! I'm really interested in what's going to happen next, what with the deserted Menzoberranzan and all the emotional drama brewing topside. Poor Artemis, the poor guy having trouble getting his feelings straight. :) Please keep up the excellent work and update soon!
Yulandia chapter 20 . 12/16/2011
GAH! A cliffhanger! That's quite evil of you.

Happy sigh moment:

Artemis bowed his head. "I thought…I thought you might. Like to pretend. As if this never happened."

"But it's the best thing that has ever happened to me," Jarlaxle whispered.

That whole scene is great. Jarlaxle's honesty is so compelling. He seems lighter now, less burdoned. :)

Poor Artemis still has some issues to work out. I suppose seeing his seemingly all-powerful friend in a moment of weakness opened his own floodgates as well, reminding him of his own vulnerabilities and weaknesses. I really liked how you phrased this:

"Artemis buried his face in his hands and threw light into all the darkest corners of his mind, dragging his emotions out for scrutiny." He still needs to sort out his feelings on the mystery of Jarlaxle. It seems like he's searching for similarities, more of himself in Jarlaxle here.

Soooo... omg! What is Jarlaxle going to do with Triel and Gromph now? I'm seriously crazy curious! And what's that smell?

PLease update soon! :))))

Yulandia chapter 1 . 12/10/2011
*sigh* so fluffy and wonderful. :)

Artemis is such a great friend to Jarlaxle. So understanding, now that he realizes what Jarlaxle has been needing (and perhaps what he was also in need of).

And the significance of this:

"You know what I mean. How old were you before you understood Mady'zela wasn't anyone who should be taking care of you? Five? Six?"

"Six hundred," Jarlaxle whispered.

They stared at each other.

Wow... Poor Jarlaxle. Thank goodness for Artemis helping him straignten that out. It's not his fault, and it never was. *sigh* Oh I'm so happy for them that they can both get TRUE comfort from each other! Maybe that was what poor Jarlaxle has been seeking all along for all the years of his life with all the various females in the world. He just never really know how to get it and how to ask for it. *haaaappy siiiigh* :))))

I REALLY love Jarlaxle's unique take on Lloth. To be able to speak about her with such clarity and insight, as he did with Gromph in the last chapter, was so impressive. And now we see why. He really does know her on a personal level. Intriguing! I'm very happy and impressed with how he conversed with her. No groveling, no prayers, no damned sacrifices, no real fear. Just very composed repectful and tactful communication. And he's so clever. ;) You had him - the master of Redirection - sic her on Gromph! OMG LOL! Would dear old Gromph shit himself if she made a personal appearance? "Greetings dear Gromph. Jarlaxle sent me". HA! I'll be he would gain a new respect for his younger brother. Would he make a deal with her? We know he likes the idea of immortality... Or would he give her a bored look and really piss her off?

Great chapter! I'm eager to see how Jarlaxle faces the day when he wakes up in Artemis's arms. :)

Love this! Thank you for updating with such an intriguing chapter! :D
general zargon chapter 19 . 12/1/2011
Yay for the update! I had an 'awwwww' moment all through this chapter at the amount of fluff, so thanks for that! :) I don't really know if I like that Jarlaxle talked (in)directly with Lolth, but eh, I guess it's not that important...Also, naughty Jarlaxle, trying to sic Lolth on poor Kimmuriel! I actually like the psionicist for some reason. :P Please keep up the excellent work and update soon!
Illayne chapter 19 . 11/30/2011
Yipeee! Christmas came early! So Jarlaxle refused Lloth? I'm curios where you'll take this from here. Also can't wait to see what the next step for him and Entreri will be! I'm so glad you're back to writing! May there be more fics and updates!
Andi chapter 18 . 6/14/2011
You must write more! I love your style and the story. Please update!
Groupon chapter 18 . 4/6/2011
Awesome chapter as always. Its nice two see what going on in Menzzoberanzan and with other drow.

By the way: "Jarlaxle let out a wide-eyed hiccup and allowed sudden tears to well up in his eyes." and "He patted the back of Jarlaxle's neck, holding the mercenary as if shielding him, and whispered into the mercenary's ear. "I forgive you."

Jarlaxle cried, and Artemis knew it wasn't all the wine."

The biggest heart wrenching awww-moments ever. Good job.

Please write more.
jarltreri chapter 18 . 3/31/2011
Oh my goodness, these 2 latest chapters really paint depth to the characters far beyond what Salvatore has done. I really enjoyed your interpretation of Jarlaxle's past and his reactions to them. As usual the banter between the two is witty, amusing and believable. I am really enjoying this work!
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