Reviews for Severed Ties
tah chapter 1 . 10/31/2019
Eleven years later...yeah, I just discovered Stargate Atlantis. Your story was spellbinding. I loved every word of it. Thanks for all the Ronon whump!
rhaddict chapter 29 . 5/23/2008
Are you trying to make us like Woolsey now? Not sure I want to, but he actually called Ronon by his name. The cane and wheelchair comments were funny and Ronon "snapping" the cane was great. Gotta love Ronon and his crazy appetite and wiping his hand on his pants before he shakes Woosley's hand. And always the "What?" reply - classic Ronon. You need to write more fics- I love them-especially with Ronon. Ronon with Jen or the silly brotherly friendship between Shep and Ronon or the entire team craziness. You are a very good writer- very entertaining and descriptive. Great job.
rhaddict chapter 28 . 5/18/2008
That was awesome ! You did great- it wasn't too long especially with Ronon being so weak and it was very well written. Gotta love Rodney coming to the rescue and making the comment that he did about Shep. Of course Tyre would cheat when he was defeated and Ronon would still be honorable. Loved it.

See you did great!
rhaddict chapter 27 . 5/18/2008
I was howling at Ronon being able to completely drown out Rodney's babbling in his head- the man can really focus when he needs to. Ronon's finally going to get his sword back- but I bet it won't be that easy. Rodney really doesn't understand Ronon's sense of honor-eventhough Tyre has betrayed him- how many times- he wouldn't sink to just shooting him unarmed. Loved that you keep mentioning how weak Ronon still is from all that has happened to him- great consistency. Be careful Ronon. Can't wait for the next chapter :)
rhaddict chapter 26 . 5/16/2008
Cliffhanger- you suck! Not! That was a get place to leave us all hanging. Loved Ronon's sigh of relief- that was probably because Rodney finally stopped his rambling. The boys are all together now and Rodney can help, as much as Rodney helps. :) Can't wait to find out where Tyre was trying to take them and when is Ronon going to get to fight Tyre? More please soon.
rhaddict chapter 25 . 5/14/2008
Loved it- howled through all the dialog of Rodney rambling on in Ronon's head. Poor Ronon, can't get Rodney to stop. Loved Shep picking up on Ronon having a headache and being worried and laughed at his annoyance of being left out of the loop of who's on which side. Can't wait to see what Ronon does to Tyre once they are back to the jumper and ready to leave. Sword fight or hand to hand combat? Ronon will kick Tyre's butt even in a weakened state- the man has much rage that he channels when he fights. He might get beaten up pretty bad, but he would win in the end. Awesome as always and post soon. :)
Jammeke chapter 1 . 5/12/2008
Hi there, I'm sorry I'm a bit late with this review, but I've been away for a week. I liked this chapter, because it showed the bond between Ronon and John and I loved how John had to be carried. I would love to see that more often on the show... Anyway, they made it through the stargate, which is a good thing. Now I suppose we're going to see some recovery time? It's a shame Tyre couldn't het through, but I hope we're going to read what happened to him.
rhaddict chapter 24 . 5/6/2008
Very good- loved that you kept with Ronon still being in a weakened state. The two normally strong men pushing themselves to their limits to escape- especially Ronon. Can't wait to find out if you had Ronon stun Tyre and Tyre got away before the explosion or if Ronon just killed him? Good blood red liquid- gives lots of strength. ;) Can't wait for the next chapter.
kiku65 chapter 24 . 5/6/2008
Colonel Sheppard being rescued by Prince Charming... wait a sec... :P
Jammeke chapter 23 . 5/4/2008
I must have missed your previous update, but I've read the last two chapters now, so I'm all caught up. It is good to see that John is still alive, although I was quite convinced you weren't going to let him die... Now, I still don't trust Tyre, but that could be a personal thing :P I've heard they are going to let him come back in season 5; it will be interesting to see whether's he's friendly or not... Anyway, looking forward to the next chapter!
rhaddict chapter 23 . 4/30/2008
Yeah, blow it up. Ronon is great at destroying things. Now we have a nearly lifeless Shep to carry around- so who has the same blood type as Shep? Can't wait for the fight.
kiku65 chapter 23 . 4/29/2008
“I’m not leaving without blowing this place up.”

Naturally... ;)
kiku65 chapter 22 . 4/24/2008
If I'velearnt one thing, it's that events NEVER turn out well when someone says "You’ll have to see for yourself.”

everlovin chapter 22 . 4/23/2008
Stars! Why do you do this to me! You have to save our guys! That sounded like a very sinister "You have to see for yourself" to me.
rhaddict chapter 22 . 4/23/2008
You left us hanging- Agh ! Very good chapter. Loved Ronon's response to Tyre's "LET ME GO". See if Tyre has any honor left and doesn't lead Ronon into a trap instead of to Shep. But Ronon has his gun back-Yeah! Can't wait for the next chapter.
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