Reviews for Jutsu: Physics and Metaphysics
Guest chapter 4 . 11/15/2013
You should also try Kimimaru's bloodline or even Suigetsu water transformation.
Neuravinci chapter 2 . 12/10/2011
Utterly clever!
kyuubigan chapter 2 . 5/26/2011
Well in my opinion, I theorize that the ninja's of the Naruto world appear to be altering reality through the use of limited quantum-level manipulations. What the populace calls "chakra", in my opinion, is a combination of low-level radiation produced as by product of the body's energy system to destabilize the matter to be manipulated and a specialized form of psychic energy meant to guide the event through a serious of minor quantum distortions, resulting in a "jutsu". This would explain how using a large jutsu would be draining, as it would require a large amount of radiation and psionic energy to initiate and control such large events. These two energies working in tandem also roughly corresponds with the in-world philosophy that chakra was a combination of physical and spiritual energies. The "physical" energy being the low-level radiation, and the "spiritual" being the psychic energies used to control the event. Well, that's what I'm thinking.
Conflict chapter 4 . 6/2/2009
Hmmn. nice. I don't completely agree but good.

I'd like yo point out though that Naruto's henge doesn't affect scent. Which implies that he is still the same at some level weather genetically,molecularity,atomically etc. Point being in the chunin exams which Kiba pointed out and in the bug mission thing where the bug followed his scent despite transformed into a girl.

Transforming physically can't be unique to Naruto. Remember that Gambunta requested a combined transformation to gain claws and teeth so as to get a good grip on the ichibi. So he must've known that those claws and teeth weren't gonna be a ethereal, hologram-like illusion.


sorry if that was unwanted... I've been thinking on the henge subject a lot and this was the first opportunity to be able to express them.
Escalus chapter 4 . 3/25/2008
Very interesting! You're taking into account something I had suspected but couldn't really pinpoint.

There are, however, some flaws to this, and something significant left unmentioned:

"it is easy to see where tie inspiration for the Sexy Jutsu came from, both to his creators and the boy himself." -Naruto had no idea as the sealing of the fox inside of him until he was told by Mizuki.

Secondly, Sasuke didn't even blink when he threw the shuriken Naruto was disguised as, meaning that either he was unaware of that being Naruto or that he took at as normal. Perhaps he simply assumed it was but another weird trick devised by Naruto or something...I mean, Kakashi was astounded by Haku's use of 1-handed seals...

And the thing I would have thought you'd mention...during the chuunin exam Gamabunta had a hard time hanging onto Shukaku/Gaara and told Naruto as much. The giant toad then told Naruto to form the hand-seals and (I think) mold the chakra for a combined henge. As such, in the form of a giant fox, he had the claws and teeth (for they were using the jutsu together and as such were one body) to hang on. This could be explained in that it was Naruto doing the jutsu (thus it was his basterdized jutsu) and Gamabunta providing the chakra but...the giant toad had had the creation of a physycal form with claws and teeth in mind.

...Goodness, now I like a pain in the ass ;

Well...have fun with that...and the NGE...I've been thinking over it and most psychologists wouldn't want to touch that... I remember trying to get the teacher of a feminist class to watch it...I failed but would still like to see the results... "So...he's inside the "core" of a giant robot that is, in a way, his mother. Whenever he's in danger she goes berserk. And right at the end there...the orange part there...that's an awfully akward position he's in with that girl who's supposed to be partially cloned from his mother..."
Bahamut9999 chapter 1 . 3/20/2008
Your idea sounds excellent! This is the first time I seen someone try to explain, in detail, how the jutsus in Naruto work in a Physics sence.
Kempodragon chapter 3 . 3/20/2008
You've made a common mistake with henge. Wikipedia both state that henge is a ninjutsu, not a genjutsu. In other words, it has a physical effect and is not an illusion. Look at the manga and anime during the Zabuza fight. Naruto transforms into a Fuuma shuriken that Sasuke can put his arm through the center. This can't be done by genjutsu, as the contradiction would disrupt the technique. Bunshin is the genjutsu technique. Please contact me by email, as I would like to discuss my own thoughts about Oiroke no Jutsu. There is evidence that Naruto's technique isn't a henge but something else entirely. Your profile doesn't have an email address
Escalus chapter 2 . 3/18/2008
D Fun! And quite enlightening! What of such things as water-walking, or climbing trees with no hands? Maybe an explanation of Kisame's Samehada?

You'd probably have a field day with Neon Genesis's been puzzling fans for years and there's no one who's understood it completely. As a matter of fact, many great anime fans have listed it as the only series they never understood. Including me. I've spent months thinking and researching it but there's so much that was only vaguely alluded to, so much only realized after freeze-framing and close scrutiny...The alternate final 2 episodes (End of Evangelion) and the directors cut episodes (or "Evangelion: Death and Rebirth) were particular headscratchers. The first episodes aren't much, once you hit the last 6 episodes the whole thing goes to awesome, incredible hell. Yeah. All the strange theories that've popped up would also confuse you _

Good luck, can't wait for more of this!
Escalus chapter 1 . 2/21/2008
This...awesome. IT IS AWESOME. And the possibilities...What of Tayuya's technique? The summoning ogres technique, or even controlling them. The creation of bloodlines perhaps?