Reviews for I Thought You Would be There for Me
edlovesjuicyfruit73 chapter 3 . 4/19/2008

Luc, give yourself a pat on the back! That was freaking hilarious! Oh, oh man... *catches breath*

I can't find a single thing wrong with this poem. How do you do it? You're amazing Tris!

I was like... Ok, what kinda poetry would Luc be writing about? And then I saw the title and recalled how he hated the monacle. I burst out laughing and my little brother looked at me with one of those... "wow, you're special". Then I read it and started chuckling heartily, and he thought I was losing it. XD

Forget Luc, give YOURSELF a pat on the back! (No offense to him, even though I'm not a huge fan of his) I can go on with my day now! Hip, hip, horray!

Excellent. This is so goin' on my fave list. Maybe I'll memorize this poem and tell all my buddies! Yay! lol


edlovesjuicyfruit73 chapter 2 . 4/19/2008
*cry!* That was beautiful! Oh, man... Why didn't I read this earlier? Now I won't be able to contain myself long enough to return to editing the Wild West! Wah!

That's so adorable. In a mature sort of way, of course. The last line was so touching... I was hoping it wasn't over... I was like oh no, oh no, not yet... I peer over, noticing the blue scroll bar has reached the end. Then I hit the A/N and press submit review. And here it is. Yet again, I extremely happy it ended this way. It was the perfect ending line. The ending line is always the greatest when it comes from you! I have never been diappointed!

Positives: Everything. I couldn't find a single grammatical or spelling error, the character's development was flawless, and their reactions were realistic. The descriptions were amazing and flowed well, Prof. Wilkens was an awesome narrator, and I love how you took the time to add in the actual words from the game. That really added to the Deja Vu sorta thing, like all of this could have actually happened in the game! It made it seem very... I don't even know. Just awesome, really.

I'm onto the bonus now, and I am so glad you enjoyed writing it! It's truly one of your best works yet. And I really enjoyed it! It opened my eyes to how much I need improvement with my canons, so now I think I CAN improve with that. Your work inspires me so... I always look forward to seeing another masterpiece from you. I really think you're an amazing author, and you could be a famous author someday if ya really wanted to!

Once again, you have made my day. Thank you so much! I enjoyed this very much so. I know I've said that like 3 times, but I really mean it!

Alright... I ought to shut up now.


P.S. HOLD IT! I love when Rousseau "purred". XD
Tristan-the-Dreamer chapter 1 . 3/7/2008
Wilkens: I want your body, Markus o_O

LOL, OMG that's not what I was going for so I'm glad I didn't get there! XD

Chapter 2 is being worked on, not like at the second, at the second I'm writing MxV, but it should get up soon. I hope I don't go overboard on the 2nd chapter either; I try to stay realistic and have emotional tact, like you're so good at with Vic. And I'm glad you think Wilkens would really be like this. I like to, yeah, go deep, beyond what they show. because he acts so cool and collected and he's practically 60...but he is still a human and must have deep emotions.

Cha, thanks a bunch for reviewing. I was kind of is it really this bad? A anyway I see you have a new story you're working on but I must finish reading Rinken first! Oh yeah...later.

edlovesjuicyfruit73 chapter 1 . 3/7/2008
Oh... wow, deep, deep, deep loved it! Thank you a million for not going overboard with this!

Wilkens: I want your body, Markus o_O

Or something, then I would have turned around and walked away and never came back. Yes, sadly, people see the need to frighten others with that, so thank you for keeping it low-key!

Oh, the descriptions, lovely! I love this. It was so... deep. I love deep, I love DIGGING deep. It's like burrowing into your very soul... (wow I love that line lol)

Thanks for writing this. I'm mad this doesn't have more reviews. It's truly very good, I feel Wilkens would have responded this way undoubtedly. Very moving really. I have to play NB again man!

Keep it up, as always.

Nancy Guenther chapter 1 . 2/23/2008
So painful; so sad. You have amazing insight into issues of aging for someone who is young, and I could absolutely believe and picture an aging doctor as I read these "thoughts." A remarkable and remarkably well-written vignette! Kudos!