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Guest chapter 18 . 4/4
this is absolutely fantastic!
it's very realistic, and absolutely wonderful
i shed tears in chapter 17
and albus with gellert... it's perfect
Taeh chapter 18 . 4/2
haha, there goes Dumbledores dream...! * laughs evil *
PleiadesWolfe chapter 18 . 3/30
Albus is just a diluted old man. Hopefully Gellert can help him see some sense. I'm glad that Tom and Harry are starting to work things out.
Cynical0range chapter 2 . 3/19
everything about this fic is perfect, the execution of the time travel cliche, the grammatically correct sentences, the flow of the story - except for that itty bitty part about tom being submissive in bed. sigh. i just can't imagine tom as a bottom. it squicks me out. i understand your rationale of making tom submissive in bed and it's not like anything is graphic but i just can't get over my top sensibilities. no one makes a sexier dominant than tom dammit. but i respect your decision and all i want to know is why. i know there are people in hp fandom who actually likes bottom!tom but i just don't understand their thinking. if you don't mind could you explain why you prefer a submissive tom?
yamiduke13 chapter 18 . 3/11
This story has been absolutely amazing. I have enjoyed reading it so much. My heart ached for Harry when Tom was being difficult and I nearly cried several times. You have a fantastic way of writing that tugs on my heart strings.
jhimenie.towers chapter 18 . 3/6
I just love this! It's beautiful! So glad I found it. Thank you for sharing, Dear author!
nkjmnbn chapter 18 . 3/3
great story, please continue. will harry be pregnant? i think it will be interesting ;)
LunarCatNinja chapter 18 . 2/20
Wow. This story is more angsty than I normally read, but it's still a great story. I'm looking forward to reading more!
rayningnight chapter 18 . 2/10
You know, I've never read a story with such fascinating interludes. I love the overall plot (simply put, I love how you made such an enthralling time-travel story that didn't involve multiple clich├ęs) and how you make both the character interactions and setting so... unique, yet still HP universe. The characters still are in character because you MADE them grow up, learn from experiences, and whatnot, and that just shows how beautiful this story is.

Now, back to the interludes... I'm curious. I love the tragic tale between those two warlocks, and I'm was so happily surprised when you (although somewhat seemed to) bashed Dumbledore, yet still made him realistic. Flawed, but with morals and a thought process. Most Dumbledores in other fanfics have him either as some black-or-white, two-dimensional manipulative bastard or the kind grandfather that could do no wrongs.

You managed to make him an antagonist that had REASON. That, AND you made Grindelwald a tangible character, someone that can be understood and loved and hated.

That, my friend, is pure genius.

When will you be continuing this story? Or, at least, can you tell me if you have the next chapter or so somewhat written up?

Delirious Daydreamer chapter 18 . 1/29
Has this been completed? I couldn't tell by this chapters ending... I really hope it isn't! This may sound weird but I really liked Tom and Harry's argument! I wanted them to have a huge fight in front of all their followers, and for Harry to leave and for Tom to go after him :D Either that or Theodore falling in love with Harry , making Tom REALLY jealous! Oh, who am I kidding?! I just love seeing Tom angry! Hope this isn't finished? Keep up the great work! :D
Fan chapter 18 . 1/26
Love this story.
Lendrir chapter 18 . 12/28/2013
This is probably one of the best time-travel stories I've read. Thank you for writing it!
I think the way you write Tom and Harry really makes me wish for an happy ending for them
Please update soon! I can't wait to see if they resolve some of the problems in their relationship in the next chapter.
Noradin chapter 5 . 12/21/2013
The Light Wizard watching the meeting of Dark Wizards from his shadow :)
Niue chapter 18 . 12/4/2013
This is one of the best time travel stories I have read. You have a unique plot that is absolutely gripping, and your writing style utilizes it very effectively. I hope you update soon; I'll be waiting eagerly until then.
cheekymonkey89 chapter 18 . 11/15/2013
One question, are you going to continue the story and are just busy with real life or have you given up?

I love you story. I read it in one sitting!

I hope you update soon! Best of luck with whatever you're doing now :)
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