Reviews for Error Corrector 2: Attack of the Clones
Scarlet Rabbit chapter 28 . 9/8/2012
Not being able to trust their own members let alone threatening to kill. Is a good way to cause their own downfall.

Seems like she's going out of her mind. I thought they got pulled out the machine. Or could leave whenever.

It's a shame that Obi Wan isn't as blind as he was in the movie. Then again. He could of been purposly blind just for the safe that made his former padawan happy.

Well that's rather confusing. I thought we were in the president and yet for what ever reason, with no warning, might I add. Did, you deciede to make a blast to the past. See what I did there lol.

Awww. Well warm fuzzies

Well. That was a rather intensely childish way of asking for something. I don't get why she's crying, shaking or even angry.

I completely forgot to do it my last review of TPM. But, at the end of each series I'll do a complete review of the story in general.

To be honest. This one seemed darker then the other. Harlene seems to losing her mind. The portrayal of the OC characters was great. I think you hit the nail on the head for the ones I knew about. I felt my frustration kind of built up a few times during this one. You made Harlene to be as difficult as possible. While that holds it's perks it was just annoying in it.

I think the one thing that really annoying was your constant complaining of Mary sue's. Were all entitled to our own opinions. But, when you built a group of kids. They know how to fight and now apparently they have powers outside of the game as well as inside. Inside. They can't die, they can self heal, they can fly or float, teleport, create weapons of any type at random. And. You're complaining of Mary Sue's?
Scarlet Rabbit chapter 27 . 9/8/2012
Droideka are annoying. In the movie and in just about every game they were put in.

I feel worse for Jango then I do Harlene.

Poor Boba. He didn't deserve to have his heart broken.

Harlene kinda comes off as a stalker in this part.

What a rude way of greeting someone Mace. You should really work on your people skills

At least Obi wan has a straight head on.

WHat? What just happened?
Scarlet Rabbit chapter 26 . 9/8/2012
Well. George can't. Starwars was his thing really. Anything else is sub par. Eh, different tastes in books. But, they weren't bad. If profits were to go by. Then they did great. Since we made three books just shows she did well. Why else would she make three if the first flopped.

I never understood how Obi wan knew Jango was the assassin. Just because he was in Coruscant doesn't mean he was the one that attacked Padame.

Good luck Anakin.

Good to see Viceroy is doing ok. Still trying to be the slimy worm that he is.

The excuse of being an observer would of only gotten her so far. She should really know when to keep her big mouth shut. I don't like it when men hit woman any age and weather they deserve it or not. But she had it coming.

What a weird thing to say.
Scarlet Rabbit chapter 25 . 9/8/2012
I don't blame Grievous for continuing the war.

The downfall of the kalessh Grievous and birth of the droid Greivous. What a shame. I can't see how making him a droid would keep him in permanent servitude.

He has to be a badass to be able to seruvive an explosition, a crash landing and sith lightening.

I understand the erasing most of his memory, I even understand incresing his rage. But, why alter a memory or memories of who I guessing is Harlene?

A bit late given the fact they were already messed with it Greivous. He is for all tense and purposes the perfect killer though.

Huh. I didn't see that coming at all. Rather morbid to be honest.

I think Greivous likes his new body. It will take some getting used to though.

What a weird thing for him to say. They never called him a droid. Or, maybe he assumed they saw him as a droid and were to protect him as such. I agree though. She doing anything would simply set him off. All that time building a relationship was wasted.

Well. That's good he sees her as a ally. She's keeping him calm as well, which is good.

I'm kinda surprised that Dooku was willing to undergo such punishment just to get the answer he wanted. Harlene feel for his trap though, that much is obvious.

Awww. She and Aurra are bonding so well. She's slowly grinding down Aurra's hatred and defences. Damn, I see what Dooku was talking about.

Poor Clone. Awww, Boba has a crush on Harlene. Wow, she really is Naive patheitcly so.

Awww. I was right. But, that is sweet of Jango to want to make the offer of letting harlene join the family. It's rather depressing knowing he's going to die.

How awkward would that be if Padame walked in and saw Anakin and Harlene sleeping in the same bed. I do feel bad for Anakin though, the poor guy, he must know mother is in some form of trouble. But doesn't out right know it. Dafuq. I swear, there are perverts everywhere. Anakin is what 16 and he's kissing her and she's letting him. I hate to say it. But, I can see what she got teased so heavily by her creed after they found out Maul was lusting after her.

Poor Anakin. I get why she doesn't want to be there when he finds out.

Wow. So far she has been offer twice to stay in their world by someone who was going to die soon. That would completely devisate me. I mean honestly. Wow. Just. Wow. I'm surprised at Harlene.
Scarlet Rabbit chapter 24 . 9/8/2012
Grievous needs to learn patience. It was his first job though and he did a pretty good job. He got his butt kicked though and he broke his word. I see now what Dooku meant when he said she'll teach him somethings.

Huh, I wonder what they are talking about.

I don't know why Harlene is so surprised by what the Republic has done. It's a governement. They all lie and care very little for their own people. To be honest and fair though, I doubt those Jedi that showed up knew or even were invovled in the preveous war. I don't get how Harlene knows these characters are going to die. They don't die till Revenge of The Sith.

I think she hit a nerve when she insulted his figihting skills. I think this is where he started with his guard droids you see in the movies.

I think Harlene is in 100% denial of how Maul felt about her. I won't lie, I find annoying that a girl her age and maturity that she is so ignorant about how Maul felt about her. But, I can honestly say, I understand why she wants to remain that way. If she knew he was a perv and wanted to do things with her. It would change how she feels about him. She'd probably go as far as to hate him.

Well. Not, going to lie. That is a fair discreption of events taking and going on right now. Harlene must be having a major effect on Grievous since he seemed to calm down a lot.

;o she actually scared Aurra. wow, that has to be a first or something.
Scarlet Rabbit chapter 23 . 9/8/2012
Well. That was an interestig start. San Hill seems like a reaosnable being. I wonde where she could be off too.

I can only think of what San Hill could use Harlene for if she wasn't in a movie and she could be killed or actually threatened. She must silly waving her hand over her face just to raise the barriers. That's rather disturbing that Kalee is like Afghanistan.

It is going to be interesting watching how Grievous and Harlene interact with each other. He hates because she's human and she is prefectly fine with that.

Lol Harlene has a stubborn steak I've never before. I still don't get italicized words in the parenthesis.

It's better then premadona my sister earned that one
Scarlet Rabbit chapter 22 . 9/8/2012
Well. I looked what the Huk look like and they look like giant mantis and the Kaleesh just look nasty. Why, would anyone want they as furiture?

Hot and steamy alien kinkiness. I swear girls write the best stuff.

Awesome battle scene.

I hope that wasn't Ronderu.

So. That is the beginning of Grievous? I thought he took on the name and rank when he was recruited into the CSI.

The back up plan doesn't sound good for Grievous.

Attacking cilvians is not cool. I know Girvious is in a lot of pain. But, still. women and children. Then again, I guess it makes sense. By killing everyone there is no one to attack back for revenge. Well, now the republic is now involved which kinda sucks.

50 Jedi? That seems like a lot. Then again, I think a few hundred were sent to Geonosis. to free Obi Wan, Anakin and Padame. Not to mention the clone army.

So, I guess this is where Dooku uses Harlene to his own advantage.

I figured Jango would be a tougher trainer then what I just read. Aww, Boba is aborable. I have no idea what Lene is though,

Interesting. I can't wait to see how the interaction between her and Sam Hill goes and with Grivious.
Scarlet Rabbit chapter 21 . 9/8/2012
I wonder what Claire is up too.

Unusual metabolism is one word for it. Well at least Sing has some morals. It's something.

Awww, Claire and Harlene are bonding.

Lol poor Jango. He's trying so hard, he's lucky that he has Harlene to show up every now and again

Eh, I can't see Vergere as being fanatical. The Bando Gora are without a doubt. I kinda noticed that Harlene and Vergere's conversations are always interesting and make you think.

I'm sure Jango is very happy Harlene drops by every now and again. He would be in a lot of trouble if she didn't

Well at least she realised that Maul would never reciprocated the same feelings toward her. He was a beast in some ways. But, a child in others. I guess Sidious is the reason to blame for that. Talking to Dooku seems to really help. It's a shame he's not a real life person.
Scarlet Rabbit chapter 20 . 9/8/2012
Vergere seems like she would of been an amzing master. Towards anakin or Harlene should she have become a Jedi. Hell, any padawn would of been lucky to have her. Aww. How thoughtful of the count. So willing to retract a bounty just because Harlene asked so nicely.

Eww. Nerf Blood, dafuq? It would make sense Sing would be pissed the count would retract the bounty. He basically insulted her skills as a bounty hunter. Poor Sing, she has no idea what she is getting herself into.

I have to say. So far, Dooku and Jango seem to have the best affect on Harlene. I can understand why she might be scared to see Mauls training. She would see what Sidious did and she the animal truely come out.

That must be horrible for Harlene. She must really want to see those videos and yet. She can't because of the unbridle rage would feel. Thank goodness for Claire.

Awww. The most feared bounty hunter in the galazy is now a daddy. I hope he does good. I know in books that Boba turns out well. But, still.
Scarlet Rabbit chapter 19 . 9/8/2012
They are some seriously disturbed people these Virus Creed. About as bad as the CAA.

Looks like Harlene is learning there was more to what Maul did then she thought.

The bird thing was pretty cool. Made my head hurt trying to follow what was being said between the two.

I think Mauls training would probably enrage Harlene.

The computer in Aurra's head is weird. I don't know why, but it just is. I didn't know she was force sensetive though. Vergrer is an amusing character. Awww, Harlene ruined it
Scarlet Rabbit chapter 18 . 9/7/2012
Poor Jango. He's despreate to know why she saved him and she has to be a bitch and just out right tell him. Women, I'll never understand them.

I can't blame Jango for wanting Harlene to keep quite about what happened. I hate Kaminoans.

One of the few reasons I hate the Kaminoans is for their cold uncaring nature. They usually call the clones units though.
I can't see why Harlene would have a problem with them being used as labor or as a private army

Lol that must of really caught him off guard.

Lol Claire. She must be frustrated with her apperentices vague answers

So Dooku wants to pit Harlene against Ventress? Only good can come of this.
Scarlet Rabbit chapter 17 . 9/7/2012
I'm glad to see that all is forgiven right now. Poor Jango, thinking he was going to lose his last comrads.

Awww. Her and Zam are having a heart to heart. But, she isn't wrong. Jango did act like a concerned father towards Harlene.

That is awesome that Harlene is so willing to trust Jango. Admittly I musted of something, but I don't know why he kept saying you. Or why they are all buddy buddy now,

So. This is how it went down for Jango allowing himself to be cloned .
Scarlet Rabbit chapter 16 . 9/7/2012
Jango is off on his pure badassness.

I wonder what she did, She must of put it to sleep before she had Jango shoot it.

I wonder how the Count feels about Harlene not showing up to their meet. Probably annoyed. Since it is rude not to show up.

Finally. That ass hole Montross is dead.

Damn Komari is seriously messed up in the head.

What is Harlene going to do. Can't wait to find out.

How the heck did she get captured?
Scarlet Rabbit chapter 15 . 9/7/2012
Well that kind of sucks Jabba is the one who is dealing with the Bando Gora. But, 50k in creds is a nice amount of money to walk away with.

So, wait. Harlene bailed on Jango. Just to protect her powers? Who cares if the hutt knew or the guards. They were all going to die in the end. All she's doing to him making him conflicted.

Poor Roz. She didn't deserve to die. Not in such a horrific manner as she did or in anyway. Harlene should of kept her mouth shout though. All she's doing is earning hatred from Jango.
Scarlet Rabbit chapter 14 . 9/7/2012
It seems like Harlene is in denial. I can't blame her, knowing a grown man wanted her for more then her power would mess with everything she knew in the first movie.

Aww. Jango is such a softy.

I'm sure Jango is thrilled to know she can't kill anyone.

You do know that a novice swordsman can beat a master, just by pure luck. Assuming that just because she's a child doesn't mean she can't win a fight. You make it seem like Jedi never threatened someone. What's wrong with Luminara apologizing? She made a mistake and underestimated Ventress.
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