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Sarielgrace chapter 2 . 11/13/2015
Please, i want more!
Foxyvixenbb chapter 1 . 6/16/2013
The Dancing Bard chapter 2 . 3/6/2011
Hey, So I know it's been years and all but it'd really make me happy if you continued this story. I loved Transformers and Animoprhs as a kid, and watching the 2007 movie recently just got me back into the fandom. I love the way you made this cross-over actually make sense. Ax and the Autobots commiserating over humain foibles is just hilarious. His reaction to Rachel made me want to cry. Jazz/Prowl manages to be adorably fluffy without there being anything soft about them. The idea of Ax/Marco intrigues me. And since Jake was always my favorite I really want to see more of him.

I think that since you brought Rachel back to life then he and Cassie would have a chance. It's been awhile since I read the books but the impression I always got is that Rachel's death broke Jake too much to be fixed. He didn't adapt to life without fighting like Cassie and Marco did, just retreated from the world - if not as much as Tobias. From a true love point of view, Cassie should have stuck with Jake. But from a mental health point of view, Cassie was just as messed up as everyone else and trying to help Jake with his problems would not have helped her heal.

That's what I always loved about the Animorphs. They were so graphic and adult-like in the realism they brought to the situation. Their situation ALWAYS had negative consequences and the book was ALWAYS upfront about dealing with them, whether or not they made the characters look good. It's hard to dislike a character I have so much sympathy for since I know why they did so much of what they did. Cassie's "betrayal" and the consequences of it for the Taxxons fascinated me as true examples of thinking outside of the box and preparing for long-term consequences ahead of time.

You could re-write the ending to have Cassie join them on the ship. There has to be some interference with the series since both the Andalites and the Transformers were supposedly first-contact alien situations that eventually made the news. The Animorphs mobilized the US army at one point as did the Autobots. So one or the other would have to be secret since I'm assuming your story has no Yeerks. Maybe the Ellimist "saved" the Animoprhs by transporting them away from a suicide situation into an alternate Earth. "The world needs the help of outside heroes against the evil invaders" - kind of thing. And this saves the Animrophs from self-destruction 'cos they can't handle peace and need a fight but this time they'll have allies they can trust. Cassie could be pulled from the other world by Ellimist too. Or she was just left there to look after the peace - which makes sense for her character and all but would really make me feel bad that she was abandoned. That way you could pair up Jake with one of the Autobots. I'm really intrigued about how Jake and Optimus would interact as the leaders of two armies. The idea of Jake proving his worth and gaining Optimus' respect would be really cool. Optimus respects Sam I think, but really wants to take care of the little human in a parental way too. Jake would demand more equality and he'd earn it too. Or maybe he'd get together with Epps or one of the military dudes.

I hope I've given you enough ideas that something's sparked an interest and you'll decide to continue. I've no hope that anyone else will have written a cross-over between these two fandoms so you're my only hope. Please let me know what you think.
Steven Kodaly chapter 2 . 3/8/2010
Ax is back to his old self, Rachel is back in play... I suspect the Ellimist and Crayak are at it again.

It's good to see that Ax is getting along so well with those around him, but has he looked into human medical literature for explanations of human physiology? I suspect that he would find it quite informative with regard to how bipeds maintain their balance; perhaps Ratchet can suggest a few titles.

I actually don't see Jake and Cassie getting together romantically in the near future; Cassie had finally given up on Jake, and was pursuing some other gentleman (one with a nice rear, if memory serves...). I foresee much angst between the two of them, with Cassie feeling rather put out that she is separated from her more recent romantic interest. Any angst will be tempered by the fact that _Rachel is alive_ again.

Jake and Cassie might renew their friendship in earnest for mutual defense against Sideswipe and Sunstreaker; I get the sneaking suspicion that those twins might have absolutely devilish timing where our two humans are concerned.

Marco's eventual emotional breakdown should be intriguing, as will Ax's response; it could make or break any romantic entanglements between the two.

"Give him another day or two when things started to make sense again and he'd be crying his heart out.

Which broke everyone else's every time he pulled this dumb repressing crap." Wonderful lines, here.

If the Animorphs ever watch the Cybertronians shift between upright and alt-modes, they just might blow a gasket. Of course, Marco might be inspired with some ideas for abusing their morphing powers...
Kagalei chapter 2 . 2/12/2010
Please continue the story. I really want to see everyone's reactions to the not-so-dead Racheal. And the Transformers' reactions to the morphing thing that the Animorphs do.
Marinelife37 chapter 2 . 2/1/2010
Great story. Interesting concept. I can imagine Prowl going into stasis lock when he finds out they can morph.
Star Dreamer chapter 2 . 12/21/2008
Please, please continue. I just find this story so awesome. Oh my gosh, when Rachel was introduced my mind went "She and the twins would get along." And Sideswipe would so get along with Marco.
Kitra13 chapter 2 . 9/7/2008

Me like me wanna see more!
Youko Rayah chapter 1 . 8/8/2008
*looks at the description of the alien*


you didn't.


*looks again*


you did!

*dies laughing*

I can safely say I've never seen this particular crossover before!
Retired 5.01.2012 chapter 2 . 7/14/2008


There's a chapter two! OMG. You updated MONTHS ago and didn't say anything? D: I'm stupid at !

"...This could have been because of the complex gears and mechanisms that were used in the process of pulling open the rather large metallic doors, but Jazz couldn’t help but think it had more to do with the resident Security Director's distaste for the situation being vicariously expressed through the large pieces of metal..."

I LOVED this sentence! Not only does it set the scene, it also describes Red Alert perfectly...and it also comes across as a bit smart-assed, which sounds just like what Jazz would say. Awesome!

"...Once he heard about the hawk, he had blown a gasket..." Literally or figuratively? Poor Red - kinda makes me want to cuddle him. Ouch, and the next sentence. It kinda makes me wonder if Red Alert’s creators ever thought that putting too many personality points in the “anxiety” part of his personality matrix would ever be a drawback. (Kinda referred to the Sims there for a moment, sorry!)

“…stressing the last word in attempt to let the alien know that there was absolutely no reason for that tail blade to start swinging…” Nice save there, Jazz! Good to see that his self-preservation subroutines are up and running. I know if it’d been me, I would already have been on the ground begging not t be sliced into sashimi, but that’s just me and my cowardly mind. :)

“…What’s the hold up? I’ve got to get these humans in sometime!” Shocked back out of his musings, Jazz stuttered a few steps forward with the help of the gentle prodding of Ratchet’s voice…”

If that’s a “gentle prod” courtesy of Ratchet, I’d hate to see him in a tetchy mood!

“…Prowl said softly, sparing a moment for the agonizing thought that his lack of Battle Computer meant that he couldn't follow that up with any kind of percentages or statistics…”

Yup, that sounds just like Prowl. Always relying on that battle computer of his and percentages.

Jazz, Prowl! I heard you found yourselves an alien!” (snort) Sideswipe, much? At least he’s good for relieving tension, right? Gotta admit that the mech has good timing.

“…Sunstreaker thumped his brother over the head, “Take a look and you’ll find out, slag-head.”

It’s good to see Sunstreaker portrayed as just as mischievous as his brother and not as a murderous, sociopathic, antisocial arse. Not many people can actually utilize his G1 characterization and make it work. Most other people make him act like a murderer or like he’s on a sugar high. Good job!

“Huh.” Sideswipe said after a while, “This will certainly prove to be interesting. See ya later, Jazz! Bye, copper! Bye, Ax the Andalite!” he said merrily before skipping down the hallway.


Sideswipe is going to be the cause of both organic and mech brain meltdowns, yes? Even I can’t wrap my mind around skipping backwards. I can barely skip :forwards:, so imagining someone doing it :backwards: just kinda blows me away. That fact might also be because I have the balance of an inebriated three legged giraffe, but that is beside the point.

“…as well as at the planned mischief that Prowl could all but see starting to bubble in Sideswipe's CPU…”

Oh, dear. This does not bode well for Red Alert’s CPU, I imagine. It also kind of makes me wonder if Ax will join in on the mayhem. He could use that thought speak to harass Red Alert…while he’s working, just whisper quietly, “All your base will belong to us.” I read that in a fic somewhere. Totally hilarious. :)

“…Right. Like his innocence still even existed…”

And I have no comment aside from: I’m sure Prowl knows explicitly well how true that sentence is, yes? (I’m sure he contributed to it, too!)

“…Prowl’s doorwings twitched in excitement at finding such a kindred spirit and he hardly even noticed the intrusion of the alien’s mind speak anymore…”

Birds of a feather, eh? It’s good to know that alien species or not, they think about the same things.

“…As fun as I find this conversation, kids, perhaps we could continue this on the run? Y’know, walk and talk?...” Is it just me or do I sense a little jealousy from Jazz? Poor guy. :)

“…Ratchet was a tad irritated…” When is he not?

“…but after a move like that the curiosity would drive him absolutely crazy if he didn't find out….” Ah, the curiosity of medics and doctors alike – sometimes a blessing, sometimes a curse.

“…And when you are asked to ‘take it with a grain of salt’ there’s never any actual salt to be had!...” Oh, dear! I think Ax has charmed his way into someone else’s heart – er, spark!

“…The hell if I know. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about surviving, but by my counts we all should be dead. Especially, if not cynically, her…” Ouch, Marco! Geeze, that’s a great way to acknowledge that your friend’s alive! And poor Jake…must think it’s some sort of illusion.

“…Give him another day or two when things started to make sense again and he’d be crying his heart out…” No kidding, right? If four legged deer with eye stalk-thingies weren’t enough, now they’re dealing with robots of gigantic proportions!

“Yeah, yeah, the whole ‘deal with your feelings crap.’ But before you start in on me, take a look over there, yeah? So far you’re the second one to awaken from the deep sleep so you get to be the second one to witness this weirder than weird sight.” Way to change the subject, Marco. With those odd-dozen words, you’ll have stunned Jake into silence and have him harping on someone else instead.

“…Freaking giant robot…” Never a phrase more eloquently said, right?

Pairings? You’ve forgotten Visser and Megs! (lol, sorry, couldn’t help it!)

Now I shall fave this thing so that I do not go so long without reviewing!
Library Drone SAR chapter 2 . 6/22/2008
Wow I'm sure lucky today cause This is the 2nd Transformers/Animorphs fic I found today. THere aren't nearly enough of them. It's awesome that Ax has found a kindred spirit in prowl.
Twi Silvermoon chapter 2 . 5/10/2008
... O.O


I have never been so happy to have checked my e-mail in my entire life! XD

I usualy don't use email, so I only check it every few months when I remeber it exists or I'm expecting something. And low and behold I find a reply to my review and notice... Oh my god... There's a chapter TWO NOW!

Instantly I went to read it. And LOVED IT! XD

I absolutely loved the exchanges between Ax and Prowl and Ax and Ratchet. Those were so funny and so true!

The pairings you have are pretty common place though I must admit I don't think I've seen a Marco/Ax pairing and I'm definately curious as to how that one works.

Also, yay! You brought Rachel back! So what? Did the Ellimist swap her out with a double when he was talking to her as she died? Sort of as a reward for a "job well done"?

I realy am curious as to how they ended up here, does the Ellimist have another job for them or something?

Oh and on the Jake/Cassie pairing, I say don't put them together if you don't like Cassie's current characterization, but if you are a fan of the pairing and would like top see them happy, go ahead and have Cassie "redeem" her self in some way then go ahead and put them back together.

Ok, I think I'm done now. Awsome chapter and can't wait to see more!

~Twi, hoping for a swift update.
Artemis-chan of Redwing chapter 2 . 5/5/2008
Okay, you win for the Animorphs/Transformers crossover. I love it!

Murder Junkie chapter 2 . 4/17/2008
...You know, I started thinking about who'd go well with who, but then my brain decided to stop and ponder over how Andalites have sex. It then added Marco to that question, and it became "How does a seven limbed alien approximation of a male have sex with a human male?" It wandered off at that point, leaving me at a loss for how to properly review...


The art on the Animorphs books sucked most of the time!
Draconic Caduceus chapter 2 . 4/16/2008
Oo! I haven't seen a crossover quite like this before, but so far I'm liking it! :D

I haven't read Animorphs in a long time, and reading this story has given me the sudden urge to dive into my book case and look for my lost books. XD;;

Keep up the good work and update soon, please?
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