Reviews for Conception
Chaseha-Wing chapter 1 . 5/10/2010
Oh...Hiei would be scared for life if this was true.
BlueUtopiah chapter 1 . 4/11/2008
As you can probably tell, I've been catching up on my ficcage this evening, and this is something that I'm very glad I read.

Your creativity astounds me. I would have never thought about this pairing, but after reading this it makes sense. You've captured the icy demeanour of the Koormie perfectly without being trite or relying on simple description. And your portrayal of Karasu is - for lack of a better term - yummy.

"Karasu saw no fit reason to limit his greed, and so embraced both and even adeptly combined the two. Killing something so precious it deserved to live always inspired in him the most intense emotions." So perfect.

And I can see Hiei being Karasu's son - they both dabble in heat-related attacks, so it's very possible.
Adi88 chapter 1 . 3/19/2008
I’m just not going to look at the date on this and remind anyone of how late I am. Ahem. Ohtoolateshite.

Wow… look how long! Oh gosh. Bugger this; I’mna sit back and enjoy, then come back to review. Which renders rather pointless having waited this long to read it, but…

Wow. Oh, that’s just… wow. Ah. Okay.

“I’ll cry for you.”

- I’m going to go back and do review in order, sort of thing, but I adore this line so much, because it seems to sort of have the whole fic boiled down in it, you know? The twistedness and backwardsness of their encounter, and its painful sort of beauty - it’s going on rape, and then she consents and they’re both going to get what they (think they) want, and that’s when she starts crying. Because she CAN.

Ah, and before I get all pulled in with the pretty words and forget; another thing I loved here, and have been thinking about recently because of Camus, is the theme of life/death being “worth it” - as far as I’m concerned, and as far as I’ve ever thought, you need a reason to commit suicide. Death is the one that has to prove its worth; otherwise, life is the default setting. And then there’s Hina, who manages to sort of hover in-between and make you wonder, you know? “…where being alive was reason enough to fight to continue living at all costs.” That line especially really gets to me. Lovely. And it only underscores the difference between them that she doesn’t actively seek death, while he’s very invested in doling it out.

Anyway. With the idea of worth that runs through it - starting out on Karasu’s wasted kill, that chilling reassessment of “You’re valuable” (especially right after that gentlemanly “I’m honored”); the life vs. death thing. It’s just set up well with that beginning, which harkens back/forward to his thing with Kurama, too. All about being kept amused.

I want a drawing of this moment, too, because it’s… perfect. With the bomb at her throat, all explosive - as bombs are wont to be - and hot, and her hands on his wrist with all of that freezing capacity, and neither of them setting off their weapons, but… it’s there. It’d be hard to capture in a drawing, though, which is why we have wordsmiths such as yourself.

“If a koorime engages herself with a man, her body melts and reforms into a thousand perfect gems.”

- Because that is so creepy and perfect and, as myths go, plausible. Plus, I can’t even wrap my head around the ways in which it’s thematically perfect - his favorite combination of sex and death, and the fact that it might be that making it sex/life for her, by fracturing her apathy.

Ooh. And the repetition of the impossibility of tears from koorime, always linked with sex or life or death. Her “I’ll cry for you” with the sex [and I’m sorry, but does this not make Karasu a prostitute? I think it does], her doubting it in connection with babies - life - and “It may be a rumor, but it must be true. The jewels exist, after all; yet how could something as unfeeling and dispassionate as you ever cry?” with death.

“Then I’ll have to go all the way to find out, won’t I?”

- And with the hair-stroking. Because he is so damn creepy.

Ahem. Holy classy and emotional sex-scene stuff, Batman! There’s just nothing you can’t do… [but my little sister is sitting right next to me so moving on].

“Karasu prodded verbally to make up for the physical loss.”

- Mnah. Yes. Because it’s all about… well, it’s like Pirates like that, innit? Where everything is some kind of battlefield or another; words, business, entertainment, sex… life… So they all come down to the same thing, you know? Am I making any sense?

“They celebrated their morbid envy with passion, and traded their own precious currency in return for the answers they gained but could not fathom or understand.”

- So beautiful. Perfect. “Morbid envy.” Yes.

“And these children are… like you.”

- Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Hiei and Yukina. Our champions.

So just, in general, damnit, why are you so good?
SPS-kun chapter 1 . 2/26/2008
THAT was a really REALLY good fic. Surprisingly good, even for a crack pairing. I think you got both of the IC, actually. Good work!
thoth-moon chapter 1 . 2/25/2008
Oh my-this, Comrade, is right along the lines of Yomi/Kaito crack, which is some really cracky crack! (Poor Hiei.) And very well-written too; I like the one line of Karasu pondering, broken, or revived? Really he is a sensuous, if maniacal, demon, and you described that to a "T." I hope more people read and review, because this story deserves recognition.
Katia-chan chapter 1 . 2/24/2008
You've actually left me rather ineloquent here...I don't know if I can give spacific passages that stuck out to me, because all of it did, and it was more just the tones and feeling behind everything that just made

The clash between their personalities, the mix between the desire and uncertainty...I'm not forming very coherent thoughts; I appologize. But it really was the undertones, I had to just sit and look at this thing before I could even review.

And I have to say that, even though everything you write is absolutely lovely, your writing is incredible in this; it's really beautiful. Everything was so vivid, and you managed to go between both of their thoughts without making it feel like an abrupt change of PoV. So very elegantly done. I adore it.

And I envy your talent for writing the sex [It feels rather irreverant right now to call it smut.] It's well done.

You never fail to absolutely stun me. Wonderful fic.

mqtf5 chapter 1 . 2/24/2008
Crack pairings are fun, and when they're in character they're wonderful. I think you nailed them. *applauds*