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IR Stars chapter 7 . 9/27/2015
Red Hardy chapter 8 . 6/10/2009
"What's been going on? Did you guys get that memory too; Brunel, the tunnel?"

Gordon sat up, "No, I heard Krakatoa explode; it was awesome!"

Scott climbed to his feet, bracing himself on the wall for support. "I was flying a Spitfire." Though still clearly shaken by the experience, Virgil could see the gleam in his brother's eye.

-Oh, I got chills again, but in a good way, hearing them so excited about their experiences!

Brains reddened. "I'm a-afraid so."

Gordon put his arm round their friend's shoulders. "Don't worry about it, Brains. I'm sure he found it as fascinating as the rest of us did."

-Too true! How many people get to actually live history?

"If we did actually go back into our ancestors' lives," mused John, "then wouldn't our actions have become part of the memories that they have handed down to us?"

-I had the same thought, though it didn’t occur to me until Virgil’s section. That’s both exciting and kind of scary that someone could have helped create the memories that were handed down to them hundreds of years ago!

"Th-that's an interesting theory, John," replied Brains, "b-but not something I am comfortable with. If I had thought there was any chance of your influencing the past, then I would never have started this experiment. It would be too dangerous."

-Ah, but you’re not 100% sure, are you Brains?

"But did we change anything," put in Virgil, "or did we just do what our ancestor would have done at the time? I know my actions were part of history. Isambard Kingdom Brunel was injured when the Thames Tunnel breached during construction. Because of that he went to Bristol to convalesce. While he was there he entered a competition to build a suspension bridge, and this was the start of his career. The contacts he made while he was there led to him winning the contract to build the railway to London, and go on to build his steam ships."

"I'm sure my ancestor would have done the same as I did, too," said Gordon. "Anyone hearing that bang in conjunction with the ash that had been raining down would have wanted to put as much distance between themselves and the source as possible. Letting the porpoises guide them to safety is something sailors had been doing for centuries. The only difference was that I knew why I was doing it."

-Interesting theory! The ancestors would have done the same thing regardless, the boys just happened to know the WHY of what they were doing.

"Hang on," said Gordon, his brow wrinkling as he worked this through. "Scott got the idea from Virgil, and Virgil got it from the wartime pilots, but they got it from Scott." He paused and looked up, "so, who thought of it first?"

-THAT gave me chills! Again!

"Well, it's easy enough to check," said John, turning towards his console on the space station. "Frank Lockhart, you said?" There was a patter of keys then John scanned the screen. "Here he is. Frank Lockhart, racing driver. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, 1908, died ...uh..." He paused and looked at Alan. "died Daytona Beach, Florida, 1928."

There was a collective gasp from the listeners and Alan paled.

-Holy cow… and a great big UH-OH!

"Hang on, there's more." John was scrolling through the entry. "Apparently this was his second attempt at the speed record that year. It says here 'in an earlier attempt he lost control of the car and the vehicle ended up in the sea, where it was pulled ashore by onlookers. The names of his rescuers are not known'."


Brains shook his head. "N-no, Virgil, V-victor would have to have survived, in order to p-pass on his memories. It was you who f-felt you were drowning, not him. Unlike your brothers, your transition back to the present was not a smooth one."

-Thank you for clearing that up! LOL!

He looked up at his sons. "I've decided I'm going to employ a professional genealogist to find out more." He looked around at the faces of his sons. "I don't know about the rest of you, but I've found this a humbling experience, knowing how our ancestors thought and felt. It's a sobering thought that saving people's lives is obviously something in the Tracy genes!"

-What a great idea, Jeff! And it is humbling – but also so very appropriate – that their ancestors also ‘rescued’ people!

"Hello, darling." Lucille's face smiled at him from the screen. "My plane has just touched down at Auckland. Could you send one of the boys to pick me up?"

-WHAT? Oh, you did NOT just do that! You didn’t! You DID! :o :o Evil, evil, evil… Yup, just plain evil…

-Okay, aside from your evilness, what a joy this was to read! Talk about originality! Amazing! Add to that how well thought out and well written it was, and the obvious research that went into it… I absolutely LOVE that you incorporated actual historical incidents instead of just making up memories for the various ancestors. I just hope you had as much fun writing it as I did reading it! It was engrossing and exciting and mesmerizing.

-Once I realized what was happening I tried to guess what kind of scenario each of the Tracys would encounter. I love how it was something that was a passion of the individual – even in Jeff’s case, his passion for helping people. And I loved the history lessons, too! Thanks for sharing this wonderful story! Even if that was an evil ending! LOL! Any chance of a follow up story? ;-)
Red Hardy chapter 7 . 6/10/2009
-*Smacks self in the head!* Okay, I feel like an idiot… It just this second hit me that the names of the ancestors and the names of each of the Tracys (with the exception of Alan since we don’t know the name of the ancestor he was ‘inhabiting’) start with the same letters! Scott/Sugar (okay so it was his call name but still…); John/Jack; Gordon/George; Jeff/Jethro; Virgil/Victor… Nicely done! ;-)

Virgil found himself staring after the other man who was walking down a passageway that stretched away into the distance. The passage, no, tunnel, lined with brickwork and lit by flickering lanterns, was divided into two by a series of brick pillars, some still under construction. It was by one of these that his companion had halted and was now involved in an animated discussion.

Elsewhere the scene was a hive of activity. Men, some stripped to the waist in the heat, were dragging wagons piled with soil along rails that ran down the tunnel away from him, while through the arches between the pillars he could see other workers pushing wagonloads of bricks back in his direction.

-Once again, I absolutely love the rich and vivid detail! I think I’m right there in that tunnel with Virgil.

Virgil shook his head, trying to make some sense of what he was seeing. The noise and heat did not help, nor did the smell. There was a dampness to the air, a hint of sulphur, and an under-taste like the bottom of a sewer.

-And yet again… This is wonderful imagery. The heat, the smells, the dampness – I can feel all of it!

Virgil's head came up with a start of recognition and he looked down the tunnel with renewed interest. He knew this place. He had been here. In the last year of his engineering degree, he had travelled round Europe with a couple of friends, visiting places of special interest to engineers. This place, the first tunnel ever built under water anywhere in the world, had been one of their main reasons for visiting London. He and his friends had walked through the tunnel, regarded by experts as one of the wonders of the engineering world. At one time in its history it had been taken over as part of the London underground railway system, but since the closure of that network had become a museum to the men who had designed and built it. He had never guessed that one of those men was an ancestor of his. That thought made him proud.

-OH! How cool is that? Not just that one of his ancestors helped build it but he got to see it after it was finished and again – now – while it’s being built! I’m so thrilled for him! (And when the reader starts to get excited and happy for what the fictional characters are experiencing and what it means to them, you KNOW you’ve written an awesome story! ;-) )

Thinking about Marc Brunel and his design brought a sudden realisation. He whirled around to face the young man who was now heading back in his direction. No wonder he had looked familiar. This was Isambard Kingdom Brunel, regarded by many as the greatest engineer of the 19th century. Virgil was taken aback by how young he looked, but then most portraits and photographs of him had been made in his later years. Thinking hard, Virgil recalled that Isambard had taken over running this project from his father when he was only twenty. Ye gods, he was younger than Alan!

-LOL! Remember that Virgil! And again, I’m so thrilled for Virgil to meet one of his ‘hero’s.

"I am glad to hear it. Have you had chance to consider our problem?"

Virgil made a guess, based on what he could remember of the tunnel's history. "The soil quality?"

The other nodded. "Yes. According to the survey we should be running through a seam of blue clay. What your navvies seem to be excavating at the moment is little more than mud."

"You're concerned that we might have a breach?" Virgil could remember that there had been several such incursions of the river water during the tunnel's construction.

Brunel nodded again, his face grave. "Yes, we don't want another one of those. Do you have any suggestions?"

-Ooh, quick thinking Virgil!

Virgil racked his brains, trying to remember what resources were available at this time. "Could we try taking samples from to bottom of the workface, or from the floor of the tunnel? Maybe we'd hit firmer soil if we went a little deeper. Or perhaps we could send down a diver from above to see if there are any dips in the riverbed where we're working. The Thames is tidal at this point, it would only need a strong tide or a heavy rainfall further upstream to scour away some of the surface. Maybe we could reinforce it in some way."

-I do love the way each of them remembers that they need to take into consideration only what was available to them at that place in time!

"That sounds like a good idea. We could dump bags of clay that we've excavated over any weak points. I like the way you think, Victor. You're wasted as a navvie foreman. I've decided to promote you to the engineering staff, and I'll see you get some technical education to help you use your that practical mind of yours."

"Thank you, sir." Virgil realised that such an offer would be a step up for a man in his position.

-WOO-HOO! Way to go, Virg! A promotion! :p

"Okay", replied Virgil without thinking as they turned towards the digging shield.

"O-Kay?" his companion echoed. "Is that another of your Cornish expressions, Mr Treece? What was that one you told me the other day - that 'emmet' was your word for 'ant'? No matter, I can forgive your county such a strange language when they produce the best miners in the kingdom."

-LOL! Oops!

The two men ducked under the wooden platform where the bricklayers were working and approached the shield, splashing through puddles as they went. A small amount of water was seeping through the shield and running off the platform. Virgil realised that this also accounted for the smell. At this date London had no proper sewage system and the whole of the Thames was little more than an open drain.

-Yuck… *pinches nose shut!* :p

-Oh WOW! That whole last section when the mud walls were breached and the water came flooding in… I felt like I was reading so fast my eyes were gonna pop right out of my head! And Virgil, by way of his ancestor, saved Brunel!

A hand closed over his own wrist, but at the same time the undertow was dragging him back under water. He struggled to come back up towards the light, but it seemed like another pair of arms was holding him down, and he felt himself being drawn under, into the swirling darkness.

-Now is this just Virgil going back to the present and his own body or is did his ancestor die down there and he experienced it? :o
Red Hardy chapter 6 . 6/10/2009
"Come on, Jethro, we can't stop here," a voice came from beside him.

"Yes," came another voice from his left, and Jeff felt an arm link with his own, pulling him to his feet. "Stop here and we'll freeze to death. Not much further now. Just over the top of this pass, then it's downhill all the way to California!"

"And all that gold, just lying around, waiting for us to pick it up!" said the first man again, supporting Jeff from the other side. "I'll break trail for a while, Jethro. I think you're getting tired. You follow me and Hank can bring up the rear."

-WHOA! Jeff is in the California Gold Rush? Cool! And leave it to him to be the one in the lead! LOL!

Had he somehow been caught up in Brains' memory experiment? He was going to have words with the young scientist. Involving him was totally irresponsible - suppose he had been in a meeting when this flashback had occurred, or worse still, flying over the ocean?

-LOL! I hadn’t thought of that!

However, that was a problem for later. While he was here, at least he could see what his ancestor was like. Jeff quite liked the idea of being descended from a pioneer who was prepared to trek halfway across the continent to make his fortune, and he looked around him with renewed interest.

-And that is just so very Jeff-like!

Jeff felt a flash of anger towards his companions, then suppressed it. Who was he to judge them? He had no idea of the hardships they must have endured to get this far. "Fine, if you two don't want to help, I'll do it on my own. You go on ahead, I'll catch you up later." He unhitched his pack and watched his companions walk away then turned back towards the woman. "Get your boys to cut some branches from the trees. We'll put them under the wheels to help them grip. Meanwhile I'll help you unload the wagon; we want to make it as light as possible."

-Of course he’s going to help. And I love that an ancestor of his was just as willing to help strangers as he is!

Jeff's next task was to unhitch the pair of oxen that had been standing shivering in their traces and walk them up and down the trail a few times. This had the dual purpose of not only warming up the beasts' muscles but also flattening the snow for a short distance in front of them. The animals looked as exhausted as their owners.

-Aww, the poor things.

"We probably would have died if you hadn't stopped to help us. I don't have much to spare, but I'd like you to have this. It's something I'd been working on as we came along the trail." She pressed a folded piece of cloth into his hand.

Jeff opened it and felt a tingling in his spine. It was a sampler, worked in intricate stitching, and a sight all too familiar to him. He had seen this every day of his childhood, hanging in a frame on the wall of the farmhouse in Kansas. The colours had faded then, but now the letters were bright and clear.

'Never give up at any cost'

-Oh… my… gosh… I just got chills straight up my spine! WOW! That’s just… wow… inspired writing. That had to be handed down through how many generations of Tracys? And it’s now the motto of IR. If only that woman knew… Yeah – WOW!
Red Hardy chapter 5 . 6/10/2009
-Again, the details are so rich I feel like I’m right there! I can picture that ship Gordon is on so clearly.

Gordon used a word that would have made his grandmother blanche and ran up the stairs, glancing at his watch as his did so. It showed just after 10am. He burst onto the bridge and, ignoring the startled comments from the crew present, dashed over to the chart table. He flipped open the ship's log that was lying there and a glance at the date confirmed his worst fears. He looked at the charts, then up at the crewman at the wheel, hoping he had enough rank to issue orders. "We're changing course. Head due south, full speed."

-WHOA! Gordon knows something is up! Where did he land?

Gordon opened his mouth to answer as a sound came. He had been expecting it, but even knowing that 'the loudest sound that has ever been heard' was coming your way could not prepare you for this. A sound so loud that your brain gave up trying to describe what it was a sound of, and just curled up in a little ball inside your skull until it was over.

-WHAT? What is it? My heart is pounding right now!

Gordon glanced at his watch again and did a quick calculation. "That's why, sir. You know that ash that's been falling for the last few days? Well, the volcano that produced it has just exploded." There was no point mentioning the name 'Krakatoa', he doubted if the captain would have heard of it.

-Holy crap… A thought just struck me… what would happen if the person whose body the boys are inhabiting – for lack of a better word – died? Would they be able to make it back to Tracy Island? Just a random thought since Gordon seems to be in imminent danger…

"Tsunami." Seeing the captain's baffled expression, Gordon tried to explain. "It's exploded under water, sir. The shock wave is even now travelling out in all directions. Our only chance is to be over deep water before it hits us."

"You're talking about a tidal wave?"

"Yes, sir. An explosion that size could generate waves up to 100 feet high." Please don't ask me how I know this thought Gordon, frantically.

-I repeat… HOLY CRAP!

They had been steaming along for some time when Gordon's attention was caught by movement off to starboard. He trained his binoculars on it and saw a school a porpoises, swimming with a determination that was unusual in such fun-loving animals.

Gordon walked over to the helmsmen. "See those creatures?" he said, pointing. "I want you to follow them." The helmsman nodded and adjusted the course.

They continued on their journey, now with porpoises riding their bow wave. A couple of times the group changed course, and again Gordon instructed the helm to follow.

-Ooh, good call Gordon! Animals can always sense danger much sooner than we can and will get out of the way immediately!

"Oh, but it's just too tedious being confined below decks like this, Roberts. The womenfolk are starting to complain." He caught sight of the porpoises ahead. "My word, what magnificent beasts! I must tell my servant to break out the guns."

-WHAT? :o :o

"You'll do no such thing!" replied Gordon angrily, adding "sir" as an afterthought.

Baxter rounded on him. "Now look here, young man. Don't you take that tone of voice with me. I could report you to the company directors when we get back."

"Those beasts, as you call them," replied Gordon, barely able to contain his anger, "might just be saving your life."

"Oh yes, and how are they doing that?" the man sneered.

"We need to be over deep water to be safe, the deeper the better. We don't know where that is. They do. They have so-" he caught himself just in time. "Senses that can detect how far away the sea bed is."

-YAY! You tell him, Gordon!

They came to rest with the porpoises just ahead of them. The creatures had lost their sense of urgency now, and were just milling around. Gordon nodded. "We must be over some deep-sea trench. Turn the ship around." He checked the chart and gave a heading. "I want us to be bow-on when the wave hits."

"And when will that be?" queried Baxter in his sneering tone.

-Can I smack this guy?

The captain shouted a warning into the speaking tube, then everyone grasped hold of some part of the bridge's fittings. They watched in horrified fascination as the smudge on the horizon became a line, then a dark wall of water that seemed to fill the sky, rushing towards them at unstoppable speed, accompanied by roaring that made Gordon think of jet engines. Baxter whimpered.

-Weenie… LOL!

There were whoops of delight from the crew, quickly stifled by a glare from Roberts, who turned towards Gordon with a smile on his face. "Well, George, I don't know how you knew what to do, but I reckon you saved the ship. There'll be a commendation in this for you, you can count on it."

He held his hand out to Gordon, but as Gordon stepped forward to take it, he found himself falling into a dark pit.

-Aw, and just like Scott he won’t be there to get his medal!
Red Hardy chapter 4 . 6/10/2009
He looked around, trying to work out what was going on. He was part of a large crowd, all standing on the dunes at the edge of a long, flat beach. He didn't seem to be with anyone who knew him, which at least saved awkward questions, but made it harder to find out what was going on. Shifting his weight from one foot to the other, the ache in his leg muscles gave him the feeling that he had been standing there for some time.

-Oh, pick me! Pick me! I know where he is! Daytona Beach! It helps having more than a passing interest in NASCAR! LOL!

A lot of people were gazing to their right, as if they were expecting something to happen. Further up the beach a stand had been erected which was packed with more spectators. In the other direction there was a banner strung across the sand. By craning his neck he could just make out the words 'Daytona Speed Meet 1928'.

-YES! I was right! Of course, knowing Alan’s obsession with racing helped. ;-)

There was a distant roar of engine noise, increasing in volume as it approached. Something shot past Alan's field of vision, leaving nothing but a smell of exhaust and a light pattering of sand returning to Earth. Alan had been expecting some crude lumbering monster but he was entranced. The dainty little white vehicle, sleek and elegant, spoke 'style' to him, and he judged that it must have been doing something in the region of 200mph.

-WOW! That’s fast for now, let alone in 1928! I just love that Alan is getting to witness the beginnings of something he has such a passion for.

Alan noticed that the man's speech was slightly slurred and realised he was in shock. "It's alright, Frank. You crashed. Don't worry, we'll get you out of there."

"Crashed? How's the car?"

Alan had to suppress a smile at this reaction. "Well, she'll need a good clean, but I think she'll be OK. It's you we've got to worry about first."

-LOL! Typical race car driver – worry about the car first!

Quickly Alan assessed the situation. He was aware that normal procedure would be to get the driver out of the car and carry him to shore, but that was 'normal' for his time, where cars included safety features like built-in back-boards and removable steering wheels. Trying to get a driver out of a car that was a shoehorn fit to start with when the cockpit was full of water would be a tricky operation.

-And typical Alan – already figuring out how to affect a rescue! I LOVE that he is being so cognizant of where he is in time and how his ‘advanced’ knowledge might raise eyebrows and questions.

Alan smiled. "You did a good job there." Struck by a thought, he turned to the watching crowd. "I need a newspaper and a scarf."

These items were produced and Alan used them to construct a makeshift surgical collar.

-And I love that Alan is using what he has at hand to put his knowledge into practice. Just as an aside, I love the level of maturity you’ve given Alan here. I still think a lot of the time he RE-acts to the way his family treats him as far as maturity level goes; he is just as knowledgeable and mature as his brothers. When people expect him to act like an adult, he reacts accordingly. When people expect him to act immaturely, he also reacts accordingly. Like most of us, he lives up - or down - to people's expectations of him. Jumping off my soapbox now! ;-)

The men by now had returned and attached the ropes. Alan surveyed the throng, picking out some strong-looking individuals and detailing them to pull on the ropes, or push from the back. As usual, when someone gave orders with authority, everyone obeyed without question, pulling and pushing while Alan held Lockhart steady in his seat.


Luckily Lockhart was a lightly-built man, and this manoeuvre was accomplished without difficulty. Soon he was sitting on the sand, with one of Alan's helpers supporting his back while Alan checked him for injuries.

A jangling bell in the distance announced the approach of an ambulance, and soon two men were running across the sand, carrying a canvas stretcher between them.

Alan gave them a summary of what he had done, and his conclusions.

One of them gave him an odd look. "You a doctor or something?"

-LOL! Way to go, Al!

Alan shook his head, then had to bite his tongue as, after all his careful handling, the ambulance men picked up Lockhart like a sack of potatoes and dumped him on the stretcher before heading back to their vehicle. He shook his head. What was that line John was always quoting 'The past is another country, they do things differently there'?

-ROTFL! You did good though, Alan.

"Hey mister!" a voice interrupted his musing. "Can I have a word?"

He turned to see a man carrying a notebook, a camera slung over his shoulder. "I'm Ben Cook, Associated News. I saw what you did, going in the water and everything. You saved that guy's life! Can I have your name? This story could go national!"

-Hey, is this guy an ancestor of Ned Cook, by any chance? If so… very nicely done! ;-)

"No!" Alan backed away hastily. How could he give his name when he didn't know it himself? "I don't want to be interviewed. And no pictures!" he added firmly as he saw the reporter reach to unsling his camera.

-And even in the past he has to be leery of publicity!

Alan turned and made his way back into the crowd, managing to lose his pursuer. He was just breathing a sigh of relief when another though struck him. "You saved that guy's life!" Had he? Should Lockhart have died today? Brains had said they couldn't change the past, but what if he was wrong? Had he altered history?

Then the dizzy feeling came again...

-Uh-oh… leave it to Alan to take charge of the situation, save a life, and have it be the wrong thing to do! YIKES! That’s just his luck!
Red Hardy chapter 3 . 6/10/2009
Was this some sort of hallucination? Had the air control on TB5 gone wrong, giving him too little oxygen, or too much? No, this felt too real. He clenched and unclenched his fist, then picked up the cup beside his chair. The coffee was tepid and slightly bitter. Other details were too vivid as well - the pall of cigarette smoke that hung over the room, the sound of rain pattering on the windows.

-I LOVE the rich detail here! I feel as if I can see, hear and feel everything John does! Not so much sitting in a corner watching it play out, but more like I’m actually in John’s shoes, so to speak, and can experience everything just as he is!

Sitting opposite him was the scruffy figure of Alan Turing, regarded by many as the father of modern computing and a person John had practically worshipped ever since High School. That meant this place was Bletchley Park, the Allies' code-cracking centre from the Second World War responsible for deciphering the German Enigma code. John looked about him with renewed interest.

-Oh, how awesome is that for John? He gets to ‘meet’ his hero! I hope he’ll remember this when he wakes up… or returns to his own body and life… And is it just a coincidence that both Scott and John ended up in World War II?

Turing opened one eye and regarded him with amusement. "I don't usually rate a 'sir' from you Yanks, but thank you, Jack, a cup of tea would be lovely. Two sugars, please and damn the rationing!"

-So John is someone named Jack?

Turing stirred his tea with a dispirited air. "Oh, it's just that I've got the damn Ministry on my back again, wanting to know when the new machine will be finished."

"Is there a problem?" John asked cautiously, not quite sure what stage things had reached here - he only had a hazy idea of the timeline.

-This is gonna be so difficult for John! He’d know exactly how to ‘fix’ whatever the problem was but he can’t, otherwise he might end up changing history. Can he figure out how to give enough hints to Turing, though, so HE can come up with the solution?

"Maybe you just need a break from the problem," suggested John. "Give yourself something else to do. I have a brother who likes to play the piano when he gets like that. He says while he's concentrating on his fingers his brain can go off and come up with a solution."

Turing shot him a quizzical glance. "I didn't know you had a brother, Jack, you've only mentioned a sister before."

'Whoops,' thought John, frantically looking round for another subject. "How about a game of cards, or darts?"

-LOL! Yeah, OOPS, John! :p

-YAY! John planted the seed without even knowing it! And I have to say I’m loving the history lessons here!
Red Hardy chapter 2 . 6/10/2009
Yup, this is gonna be an another 'essay' review - for all the chapters! ;-) So let's get started!

How would Gordon and Alan cope with this? He'd have no way of knowing if they were getting into trouble.

-Okay, ya gotta love that even when he’s smack in the middle of experiencing someone else’s life, Scott is still in big brother mode!

-And how cool is it that Scott is flying a fighter plane? In WWII no less? I love how we see that flying and serving in the military didn’t start with Jeff, it goes way back in their family tree.

-And the way Scott just gets right into the thick of things, ready and willing to take on the enemy is so perfectly in character for him.

Even as he heard himself speak, Scott hesitated. Brains had said they couldn't change what had happened in the past, but this felt too real, too vivid to be a memory. Scott was in control here, and he knew he had no choice but to act. If he had been drawn to this particular ancestor, then the man must have thought like him, felt like him. This person would not have been the sort who could stand by and do nothing if lives were at risk.

-Again I LOVE how Scott was living the memories of someone who was so much like him in character and personality. And the fact that he is actually LIVING them, not just watching or feeling, but he is able to act and react to the situation.

Scott put his plane into a steep dive, trading altitude for speed, until he was just behind the enemy craft. He inched forward until he was flying alongside, with the other's wing just overlapping his at the tip, then twitched the control stick to roll his plane slightly. There was a clunk and the wing of the V-1 lifted, but settled back to level again. Scott tried again, pushing slightly harder this time, praying that the Spitfire's wing would stand up to the strain, but again no result.

-And how cool is it that something Scott knows from his own life and experiences is going to help him in the past?

"You did it! Good God, that was the most amazing bit of flying I've ever seen!" The pilot's voice was breathless with excitement. "When I get back I'm going to file a report. There'll be a medal in this for you if I have any say in it. Can you teach the rest of us that trick? It would be great if we have a way..." The voice faded into static, and Scott reached up to press his hand to his earphones. Then he realised his vision was greying out as well...

-Aw, he won’t even get a chance to savor his success! So I wonder if he’ll be able to go back and figure out who this was and if he did indeed get a medal.
Red Hardy chapter 1 . 6/10/2009
"Let's hope it won't just be half an hour of great-great-great grandfather steering a pair of mules pulling a plough up and down a field on the Kansas farm," said Alan.

"Or great-great-great grandmother in labour giving birth to great-great grandfather," quipped Gordon.

Virgil paled at this prospect. "That's not likely, is it, Brains?" he asked.

-ROTFL! Leave it to those two to come up with that! :D

"That's strange," he muttered to himself, "the machine is drawing far more power than I expected for this procedure."

Unseen behind him, the blue light was getting brighter, pulsing in time with the noise. There came a sudden flash, filling the room. Brains turned to see Gordon and Alan slump forwards in their seats, and Scott's body falling to the floor.

-YIKES! Oh, that cannot be good!

"Ah," said Brains to himself, "that wasn't quite the result I was expecting."

-LOL! Brains is the master of understatement – and he’s not even trying! :p

A beeping came from his watch. "Brains, come quickly!" Tin Tin's voice carried a note of alarm. "Mr. Tracy's just collapsed!"

-Holy cow, Jeff too? So he didn’t even have to be in the same room to be affected? That’s very cool and very scary at the same time.

Brains looked around at the stricken figures in his workshop, thinking fast. "Tin Tin, can you see if you can raise John on the space station?"

"John? But how will that help?"

"Because I don't think he will answer. If my theory is correct, then I think all the male members of the Tracy family are in the process of reliving their past."

-WOW! It got ALL of them? That’s some kind of invention there Brains!
Iaveina chapter 8 . 10/25/2008

D Fantastic story with a MUWHA ending! XD
Angelina K chapter 8 . 5/26/2008
Whoa whoa whoa! Lucy? You are indeed mean! I absolutely loved this fic, it was so original and obviously required hours of research. I feel like I've just been sitting in the best history class ever, learning all about Brunel and Turing and the rest. Brilliant!
Ms Hobgoblin chapter 8 . 4/27/2008
ohh, that was such an interesting story. I loved the idea behind it, and you pulled it off perfectly!

But that was mean at the end - so Jeff did change history...does this mean IR is still operational?

Hob x
BoomerCat chapter 8 . 3/30/2008
This was an excellent story, Pen. I loved the combination of our favorite characters, and very good historical research. Very well done. Especially the Krakatoa incident.
GillyLee12 chapter 8 . 3/21/2008
Oh, yes, working with Brunel is just the thing for our Virgil.

And the surprise ending was, well, surprising too. So, their actions did change the future. And no, I don't find you mean, but I'm a bit apprehensive though. Because, with Lucille alive there could be Tracy sisters out there. :-)
jendarra chapter 8 . 3/17/2008
You can't really leave it there!

There has got to be a sequel if only to put time right.

This was one of the best pieces of thunderbirds fan fiction that I have seen for a while.

Thank you for keeping me entertained with my favorite boys. (Always ready for more Scott!)
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