Reviews for The Wraith's Progress
albert12 chapter 5 . 5/8/2009
This was brilliant.

Especaly the part when the Wrath grabbed Chuck.
LilRicki chapter 5 . 4/9/2008
Oh, you make me giggle!

Remind me to send you the links to those Ronon-centric stories where he's NOT a barbarian, and actually grew up in a cultured family. I think you'll like them. :-)

Oh, but you *did* include Sheppard! Indeed, is it *possible* to write an Atlantis fic *without* him? ;-)

Oh, Chuck. We hardly know ye. I feel a fic coming on . . .

Again, nice inclusion of Teyla as the instrument of Lord Beckett's evil plot. Silly Wraith!

Ha ha ha, and Lord Beckett has to give us the main moral of the story - brilliant.

And McKay and leadership - wonderful. I *knew* it was a good idea to make you watch all those episodes! :-D

Now I must think of what *other* Atlantis fics I could possibly inspire you to write about . . .


-LilRicki (aka Pansy Chubb aka Your Patroness)

P.S. "Sweet harp of the Geeks" - *snort* -L.R.
LilRicki chapter 4 . 4/9/2008
Once again, m'dear, I'm astounded by your poetry skills!

I really like the quote at the beginning. It's so true. It makes me think of so much showbusiness. :-)

And *nicely* done, fitting all of them into the dart. Well, actually, I guess it wouldn't quite work, but you addressed my concern on the size issue, so kudos. :-D

You know, I really do enjoy the Keller/Ronon angle! Unfortunately, it looks like canon has given that story up. Oh well. :-(

As I said to you previously, I really could have used a more climactic ending, instead of Lord Beckett just realizing how dumb his quest was. Oh well, perhaps he'll return at a later date . . .? ;-)

It was also a little strange how you shifted the focus to Keller and Ronon at the end - like I said, I like that angle, but I could have used more McKay. But I have the epilogue left to read - silly me! :-D

Gah, I'm just an angst-monger, don't mind me. And as always, your rhyme schemes and ability to tell a story through verse are exceptional.


-LilRicki (aka Pansy Chubb)
LilRicki chapter 3 . 3/28/2008


You have made me *very* happy, my dear! I love the way you make comments about "whump" and "comfort/hurt" - very amusing! The image of Beckett as a genteel Wraith lady has been burned into my brain. And your references to OOTS (sacrificing minions, no last name) are hilarious!

The line about McKay freaking out and again becoming a geek was genius. And the end, well, THE END!

*bounces with glee*

Now I will be incessant in my begging you to continue! :-D

-Pansy Chubb (aka LilRicki aka Your Patroness)
Silverthreads chapter 2 . 3/11/2008
Hahahaha. very enjoyable to read.
highonstargate chapter 2 . 3/11/2008
Ahh! Love it! Hope you update soon!(love the 18th century references:)
LilRicki chapter 2 . 3/11/2008
So I'm your Patroness, hmm? That means this is a commission . . . which means I have to pay you somehow . . . which means I need to get to work on a certain multimedia presentation I've been promising you for some time now . . .

Oh, thank you so much! I think the revisions you made from the first draft work really well, too. Alas, the team was deceived! Again, I love your little footnotes, and I love your "breaking of the fourth wall," so to speak.


*flails in glee*


-LilRicki (aka Pansy Chubb aka the Patroness)
LilRicki chapter 1 . 2/24/2008
YAY! You continued it!

*grins maniacally*

Oh no, what fiendish plot does Lord Beckett (the Wraith Queen - ha!) have in store for McKay? And why did he sign the letter "C. Beckett"?

And I love you, dear, for your footnotes. You're just so . . . classy!


-LilRicki (aka Pansy Chubb . . . aka Miss E- B-)