Reviews for In Another Lifetime: 'Accidentally In Love'
seireidoragon chapter 1 . 8/19/2014
This was wonderful!
Aquasira chapter 1 . 8/5/2013
Shot gun weddings, oh sweet bliss! This is a great story for Clark and Lois. Yay! Can't wait to finish the series :)
anemix chapter 1 . 2/25/2012
There are not enough stories where the protagonists end up happy without too many complications. This part is my favorite of the series. I especially loved the banter between the two.


( . .)


KatiechanXoxoXSesshoukun chapter 1 . 1/23/2010
I loved was so awesome. I can not believe that they are going to be getting 's awesome.

SassyReaderGirl chapter 1 . 4/18/2009
Aw! But it feels like they are rushing into this! They have to think things through-marriage is a major commitment.
dotsie23 chapter 1 . 3/2/2008
I like the fact that Lois knows Clark secret. And now that they're going to be married it'll make their life together even more exciting with Clark not having to worry about sneaking away from Lois to save the world! I like this one can't wait to see where you go from here.
natalie chapter 1 . 3/2/2008
oh my goodness! I love this story. :) Can't wait for the update! I really can't wait to see hoe Perry and Jimmy react. Are you going to have them go to Smallville?
Trekkie6 chapter 1 . 2/25/2008
lol 6 pages of review. Enjoy!

{He always woke from those expecting her beside him, the softness of her hair against his cheek as she lay curled in his arms, and was crushed by disappointment when he realized she wasn’t there.}


{he was lying on the mattress on the floor in front of the fireplace.}

Ooh right where we left off.

{Well. This was unexpected}

heh I bet.

{She loves me quite a lot, if last night was any indication. Now what should I do?}

Good question. Make her breakfast?

{Lois had awakened and was watching him with those hazel eyes.}

Wouldn’t you if you were her?

{wearing one of Clark’s shirts}

Always nice to see.

{In hindsight, returning to the bed to ponder what she should do hadn’t been the best idea, it seemed.}

Nope, cuz you fall right back to sleep.

{“Hi,” she murmured softly after they had simply watched each other for a moment.}

They’re cute.

{Into the shower and maybe another moment for them if time and her mood permitted.}

I pick that one.

{So much for not dithering.}


{She could barely meet his eyes, feeling a shyness she had never felt with anyone else, and laughed as she dropped her face into her hands. “Oh my God, I sound like an idiot.”}

Yes you do. If that were me, I’d have hidden under the blanket.

{I should’ve told you the truth – because I love you.}


{“Obviously there’s no point in playing hard-to-get now, huh?”}

HA! You threw that in here too!

I dunno why ‘belly to belly’ cracks me up.

{“Ah, the answering machine isn’t even on yet. Should I go take another shower and try again later?”}


{Her imagination had been captured by one word in that sentence. “Spaceship?”}

Cuz alien spaceships are just cool in general. All they have to do to be cool is exist.

{“I know,” Lois replied calmly.}

Of course she knows! Don’t be ridiculous, Clark!

{you never tried to hide that from me. At least not when you were wearing the cape and tights. Which totally make your butt look great, I have to say.”}

*high fives her*

{“Aha. Now I know how to get interviews whenever I want them,” she purred, making him blush all over again.}

heh heh

{Lois shrugged it off and tossed it behind her. Hearing Clark scramble to his feet to follow her was very gratifying indeed.}

ROFL Funny visual. I love it.

{He was listening to Lois’ conversation with her contact, Bob}

Good ol’ flirtin Bob!

{his own cufflinks were in that stack, stolen from their room the night they’d taken the sleigh ride.} Forgot about that.

{Bob knows practically everything these idiots have been up to, and he’s more than willing to dish to a pretty girl.}

Cuz Bob’s a flirt!

{“Is there a blue suit under that shirt, Mr. Kent?”}

If there’s not…

{“I’m a reporter disguised as your husband, in fact.”}

lol I forgot that too.

{C’mon, hero, intrepid reporter – Mr. Smith –}

Whoever you are…

{let’s hurry down to the County Clerk’s office.”}

I know something else you can do when you get there…

{The car they’d rented was a Mazda Miata – payback for the godforsaken red Buick Lois had gotten in California last year}

heh That car was crap.

{she whipped the little Miata around the lumbering moving truck so quickly that they were in the oncoming lane for mere seconds.}

I ride with someone who does that. It’s like a roller coaster ride except I don’t have a fricken heart attack. Well, not a serious one.

{Clark didn’t let go of the safety grip above his head, his right foot pressed against the floor seeking the brake that the passenger side lacked.}

ROFL I do that too!

{“I swear the inside tires just came off the ground,” he said nervously.}


{Number two, maybe you’ve forgotten, but you’re Superman. It’s not like you’d be hurt even if I did total the car. }

Doesn’t matter. Fear is still a reflex. I think. You know what I’m saying.

{Plus the constant added acceleration due to going downhill – that’s roughly thirty-two feet per second, every second, less the coefficient of friction of the road and the tires. And if we hit even one spot with no friction…”}


{“What I’m saying basically boils down to you’re going to get us both killed. In layman’s terms.”}

That’d be an interesting headline:’Superman Killed in Car Crash’. And underneath that, ‘Secret Identitiy Revealed’ in 42 pt font. Or maybe Superman, Lois Lane Killed… At any rate, he may not die but he’ll want to if he loses Lois, so yeah, Lois, quit it so my man doesn’t have to mourn you.

{“You had to let go of the ‘oh-shit’ bar to cross your arms, wise guy.}

lol Did he NOT realize?

{I’m not talking about you, Lois; that was a reference to the teen vehicular manslaughter rate article I did last month.”}

Who the heck only gets 10 hour instruction? Over here we have to have 60 hours of instruction OUTSIDE of driving school. 10 hours…change that law!

{“Says the man who can fly,”}

That’s totally different and you know it. :p

{Can you imagine doing this in the dark, then?” For a moment, the disguised hero seemed to turn green.}


{“No, you’re going around the locals. And they look scared.”}


{While the resort itself was in Madison County}


{“I’m sorry, Lois,” Clark offered. “I just worry about you. A lot.”}

Aw, he apologized.

{“I think I’ve discovered that blizzards are right behind helicopters on my top-ten list of Ways to Get Super-Attention in a Good Way.”}

HA! Make the rest of that list!

{“You’re something else,” he told her affectionately.} It’s why we love her.

{Even if said man provided the better view.}

Heck yeah he does!

{Clark had categorically refused to allow Lois to make a call on the cell phone while driving}


{And then Superman dropped by this morning – I swear he follows you around or something.}

Or something…

{It’ll only take us a couple more days, tops.”}

Gee, what else can happen in the next couple of days?...

{“We already missed Christmas, so what does it matter now?”}

Oh yeah. But a mighty nice Christmas it was, wasn’t it?

{“Bring me back a story that justifies your travel budget and I might put a raise in your Christmas stocking, Lane,”}

OOH! That’s a nice present too.

{Speaking of which, where’s Kent? Did you stuff him in the trunk?”}


{All that’s in Hot Springs is the resort, a coffee shop, and a couple of places that rent kayaks in the summer. The rest is just trees, deer, and log cabins.”}


{A few more minutes of needling, and Lois hung up with a sigh. “He misses me,” she said.}

lol Yeah. Like he doesn’t have enough people to yell at already.

{“Can we go inside now? Where it’s warm?”}

Good question.

{“I thought I already was on your good side,” he bantered back. “Twice.”}

Oh, no he didn’t!

{Well, Mr. Man of Steel}

lol Love that.

{Without obvious use of super-speed, Clark managed to be there before her and chivalrously open the door for her, still smirking a little at the self-confident sway of her hips. “You’ll have to do better than that,” she whispered as she went past him into the building.}

VISUAL! LOL, this is almost better than Mulder and Scully…

{At least Clark could scan through the file drawers, which saved time, but having to focus so intently made his eyes ache.}

*rubs them for him*

{Lois was up on a ladder, going through a drawer full of files, but at the moment she was simply leaning down on the open drawer and staring at him curiously.}


{Clark couldn’t help comparing the starry-eyed young bride he’d just seen with the sarcastic expression on Lois’ face. He also knew exactly which one he preferred.}


{“See, that’s the kind of thing that used to make me wonder if you were completely bananas,”}


{“I guess it’s no surprise – the wedding industry here is almost as bad as Niagara Falls or Las Vegas.”}

Shout out!

{Thinking about it for a minute, her grin turned sly, and she added in a mutter, “Showoff.”}

Of course she would.

{She came back to Clark’s side at a quick pace then, grabbed his tie without warning,}

He’s in a suit? Dress casual! And in saying that, I hear Han Solo telling Chewy to “Fly casual.” *shrug*

{Damning evidence in hand, Lois and Clark stopped by a pizza joint called the Mellow Mushroom}

MUSHROOMS! I wanna watch Lord of the Rings…

{called the Magical Mystery Tour, it had several kinds of cheese, mushrooms, pesto, olives, and jalapenos.}

Sounds delish. So Lois like’s jalapeños, eh…

{Over the course of the meal, they decided that Lois would approach Bob alone while Clark listened in.}

Bob had better not try anything.

{She planned to tell him the truth – that they were reporters, not newlyweds}

Not yet! Get to that, wouldya?

{Lois had managed to find a radio station she liked, and she was humming along with Lifehouse as she drove.}

Lois has good taste.

{He felt it too, that sense that they could conquer anything together.}

Cuz you can!

{It was a bouncy, upbeat song, a song about falling in love unexpectedly, and it happened to strike both reporters as perfect for them at that moment in time.}

I love this song! Always have.

{She laughed, glancing sideways to catch Clark’s gaze, and to her astonishment he was laughing with her instead of panicking at her driving.}

lol I dunno, panicking is a lot funnier...

{it seemed she’d turned around one day to learn that her soul mate had been right beside her all along.}

Funny how that works, ain’t it?

{He hadn’t quite realized just how alone he had always felt since learning about his Kryptonian heritage.}

We’re all alone in some kind of way.

{Lois threw her head back and shouted in victory just as the song went off.}


{And more importantly, was there any possible way he could convey that love and admiration in words?}


{“I’ve gotta pull over.”}

My dad did that once, he was laughing so hard.

{Everything just seemed to fall into place perfectly. I don’t ever want that to end – do you?”}

I sure don’t.

{“Clark, I’m a vicious ill-tempered psychopath before my coffee.”}

And after.

{I’ll have a Pulitzer by the time I’m thirty-five, one way or another.”}

LOL! I wonder what this one will be about…

{I’ll probably shock the hell out of your friends and family back in Kansas.”}

Oh, what’s Martha gonna say? That makes for great family conflict.

{“Lois, I know what you’re doing.}

We all do. Can you blame her though?

{No power on earth will tear me away from you.”}

*narrows eyes*

{“What if you’re wrong?” Lois asked in a small voice.

“We won’t know until we try,” he whispered back. }

Good point.

{I love you; I want you to be mine forever. Lois Lane, will you marry me?”}


{“Yes. Yes, I’ll marry you. Oh my God, what are we doing?”}

Something that feels right! like Mazda! Remember those old commercials? “Mazdaa. It just fels right.”

{“How about tomorrow?}

Now my eyes went wide. Should’ve expected that response.

{I’ve got my best suit with me, I’m sure you have something suitable…”}

And if not, oh well.

{Lois had grown up viewing marriage as a shackle, and the long, solemn ceremony merely a formal indoctrination into life without freedom.}

Wow, that’s depressing…

{“I think it’s obvious that I prefer big-city reporters with great legs and quick tempers.”} hehe

{This is payback for the ‘tights-make-your-butt-look-great’ remark this morning, isn’t it?”}

Doesn’t that make it the best payback ever?

{Lois arched one eyebrow, seriously tempted to slide over into his lap based on that expression.}

Is there a backseat?

{“I’d love to hear more, hero, but it’s getting dark, and you hated this road by daylight. And Man of Steel or not, I don’t want you having a heart attack at the way I drive.”}

lol Who knows, maybe he won’t even notice this time.

{“So, seriously. Tomorrow?”

“Yes, tomorrow,”} YAY! Get to writing that, will ya? Can you write two weddings? That’s a question of ability, not a plead.

{“I can’t believe I’m going to do this.”}

Believe it, kid.

{Clark finally relaxed back into his seat, watching Lois with an affectionate smile.} That boy is so far gone. And why doesn’t HE drive?

{“And after we’re married, I can fly you up to my place…”}

*knowing grin*

{At that remark, Lois cast him a slightly suspicious look,}

I can’t think of a better place to spend your honeymoon. You’re COMPLETELY alone. No sounds of nature or manmade things…You’re in for a treat, Lois.

{“No more secrets, Lois. I have a lot to tell you – and the perfect place to do it...”}

*snickers* Yeah, I bet you do…
Dannie Tomlinson chapter 1 . 2/25/2008
Ooh, evil! More please?