Reviews for Data Recovery
sock098 chapter 1 . 4/24/2009
Honestly, your stories need more attention. (only 10 reviews?) You're the first author I've read in the Yu-Gi-Oh fandom, and I have to thank you for writing so many enjoyable stories. It's a good introduction into this fandom for me.

I really like your writing style. It's so smooth, and the words and scenes just flow together really nicely. You're really good at manipulating language. And I am amazed at how well the characterization is in this piece - you've managed to take two characters I've never cared about and write a realistic enough relationship that I actually like this pairing now.

So, thank you again. I'm addicted to your writing. xD; And, uh, sorry if I can't always give constructive criticism? It's hard for me to critique good writing. xD;
Toxic Hathor chapter 1 . 4/19/2009
...I...DIED...wah! Shacha killed me!

Oh my goodness...I don't know what to say...this was so pretty! Did it win? Was it one of the two fics that won? Anyway, doesn't matter, because this was so pwetty...::cries!::

I never even THOUGHT of this pairing...I didn't even know it existed o.o I mean, Rebecca and Noa never even met...but my goodness, Shacha, you made the whole thing so beautiful, I am speechless...well, not speechless, because I am RANTING as usual, but seriously...this was beyond amazing. Every single thing about the entire, THE ENTIRE ONESHOT DAMMIT! was so amazing..

Hathor envies Shacha-the-coolness for her cool ability to be so cool! Even your characters have this...magical aura about them. They are so... in-character, even though it's a yeah, Shadow is amazing. ::GLOMP!::

I think that I fangirled the most over the little Mokuba-Yugi scene. ::sighs:: you write EVERYTHING so amazingly? I was nosebleeding throughout it all. You may have inspired me to write something for that pairing...though I doubt it will come out so nicely. I am repeating myself, aren't I? ::hits herself on the head::

The part where Mokuba was looking at Yugi...I swear...this really brought my attention to it. I don't think anyone else who might have written it would have written it so nicely.


Yugi should have mentioned that Yami took Seto's deck and dueled Noa... ::broods a little:: My poor Yami...I still cannot see how fair the show's ending was...! ::broods more than ever!:: It's just not cool...Yami had to die. T.T Sorry I am ranting...but I actually never even watched the last few episodes, the ceremonial battle and all...::BRODS!::

Anywaa-aay! Back to topic.

The prince charming thing was kawaii! ::giggles:: Rebecca's reaction to Noa saying that he is a a machine. It's just so like her...Shacha! Y.Y You got the characters so perfectly!

::envious, envious, envious!::

I have ranted again...I am sorry...I cannot seem to stop myself from talking to much...::pouts:: Maybe it's because I did so badly today in the chemistry exam? ::giggles:: I should have known...Unit 4 was so easy...Unit 5 had to be a massacre XD

ANYWAY! Back to the review!

Wonderful job, never cease to amaze me. Yes, I am aware I am repeating myself, but I just cannot help but keep praising you for how AWESOME you are at this. Once again, if you're gonna write a book, I want a signed copy...I'll fangirl to my kids about it...

Will read Random Access soon...Great job, Shacha! ::thumbs up!::

Ethereal Fae chapter 1 . 10/30/2008
I've never read this pairing before...and I loved it! I'm totally fascinated by it now, thanks to you. Your writing is amazing.

You cut Yugi's hair! XD

Well-written, I'll never be as good as you. So, now I'll go whimper in a corner and talk to my stuffed bear, seeking solace for the fact that I am an ameteur writer.

Ha, not really. But you ARE an excellent writer. :D
Hikari Daeron chapter 1 . 3/2/2008

See, now I can fully appriciate more than before just *why* you won.

This was *incredible*, one of the best this season for SURE. Everyone was flawlessly IC (CHIBISHIPPING? Jeez...) and it just *worked*.

Wow. That was amazing. AMAZING~! Congrats, 'ai-chan. Congrats.
darkrunner chapter 1 . 2/29/2008
1. I have the sudden urge to read as much fillershipping as I can get my hands on.

2. For the first time in my life, I don't life Noa is a complete waste of 24 episodes.

3. I think I would have liked the longer version better. (you said you tried to make it shorter, yes?) But it was still utterly amazing.
Isis the Sphinx chapter 1 . 2/27/2008
Gah! You leave it there?

Man, this was actually good. Except for the pairing, YugixMokuba, I don't think it's possible, but you don't touch on it here much. Nicely done.

Keep writing!
Darleneartist chapter 1 . 2/27/2008
HI Shadow,

Congratulations for making it to the final round. I am very pleased that U did. This is a excellent piece of work, I really enjoyed it alot. I found Rebecca Hopkins to be as real as Noa. I like the fact that Noa kissed her in the virtual world. I also like the fact that Noa is again a part of life as a dragon. I loved Kiaba's Dragon's I could just see them, U described them so well.

I hope U win because U write so well. Nice couples for this chapter. I can see Mokuba and Yugi in a relashionship because they have always been close. Nicly done overall. Bye til U write again, Darlene.
Angela and MiniMix chapter 1 . 2/27/2008
"set about holding wheelie chair races down the length of the office. " That alone makes me love you. XD

And I liked it. D: If Hika's is half as good, it'll be hard to choose.
Fluffeh Eyebrows chapter 1 . 2/27/2008
Oh, wow. Fillershipping! Now that's a pairing you never see in the Yugioh fandom! But putting that all aside...

This. Was. Just. Fabulous. I mean seriously, this fic is literally oozing in just pure spiffy AWESOMENESS! I think what I liked best about all of this was that -everything- was just so plausible. I mean, I can totally imagine this being re-created into an actual Yugioh episode! xD You've got the character's personalities SPOT-ON , from Kaiba's cool and no-nonsense attitude, to Rebecca's own little snarkiness, and then you had Yugi's sweet and friendly persona, to Mokuba and and and...-proceeds to flail- Speaking of which, I'd never thought I'd say this but damn, the MokubaxYugi smidgen? You make it look GOOD. -beams-

I was actually half-expecting the fic to end tragically. (Simply because you have Noa, an insubstantial hologram, with Rebecca, a very solid human being.) Honestly, I think I was ready to cry when Noa tried to kiss Rebecca; he can never -really- kiss her because he would just pass straight through her body! DX...AHH, CAN THEY EVER BE TRULY TOGETHER? D: Unless, somehow, they recreate Noa's physical body and transfer his conscious mind into it? You ended the whole thing on a very open note-it certainly left a whole lot of possibilities. xD

Alright. I will stop this unintelligible ramble of a review thingie because it probably makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER, so I will just sum it all up: Loved the fic to BITS and PIECES. Seriously, you made this pairing come alive for me. I'll be sure to check out your other works because just from reading this, I know that you're a very talented writer and well, it's nice to read something worthwhile in the Yugioh fandom on FFnet. :)
ylc chapter 1 . 2/26/2008
OMG! Please dont tell me thats all? There MUST be more! Please? It was awesome, please write more!