Reviews for Harry Potter & The Fifth Element
swarm.ship7 chapter 24 . 10/1
Damn! the story may be good but I came here because I am a hard shipper. And even though I'm at the bloody 25th chapter there still isn't any hhr ! Damn it I'll have to quit this story
Erimenthe chapter 88 . 8/30
This was a great story. So different from quite a few I've read (though it took a few chapters to get used to the notes at the end of the chapters lol). I really do hope that you write another one continuing the story line since they're stuck in paradise right now. Too many of their friends need them back and then there is still Voldemort to crush.
Adam C's Username chapter 1 . 8/20
how in the flippity flop did I not know this story was on FFN? I LOVED this story over on portkey, and I can't believe it took me this long to find it, again. Great, wonderful, amazing story!
DaveC chapter 46 . 8/2
Does Harry have to have a dream every chapter ?
DaveC chapter 26 . 7/29
Hermoine ...Harry. Boring
DaveC chapter 21 . 7/28
I'm sorry but its just too long you have Harry done as just an idiot boy who cant cope with telling anyone how he feels, and he goes belly up at every occasion. When are you going to give him a set of knackers were chapter twenty one there's not much going on except repetition.

Dave C chapter 18 . 7/27
This is talking a hell of a long time. Do get on. I do like the story but seems to be about Hermoine more than H.
Guest chapter 80 . 7/11
Wow. I loved the story up until Ginny succeeded... for her and Ron's actions, I believe they must die. Period.
ConfidentialAuthor chapter 6 . 6/29
Hello! I forgot to ask when it was first mentioned and idk if it'll come up in upcoming chapters but, you mentioned Harry was eligible for Alpha Mu Omega at Hogwarts (is that correct?) And I was wondering if that was open to both males and females or just males and the females had another similar thing open to them? Thanks! Excellent story so far! And another question, will we ever hear from other characters point of views even if it is just for a moment? Thanks and have a nice day!
ArtimuosJackson chapter 1 . 5/7
Black family was never that rich, in fifth book Sirius omitted to Harry that his family has only has the pureblood name but not rich just little better than Gaunt family and only has the house in their name all the gold Harry inherited from Sirius are from Sirius' uncle and his hard work not family inheritance which you should have known since all books are released during 2007.
Dave Cochrane chapter 49 . 4/20
Harry it seems just cannot be a very good wizard, in every story about him he never wins a battle he has the best of training but fails to succeed in his fighting. At the end he's a good fighter but never the best. Why train him he's useless, not the best in Quidditch, not the best dueller potions not that good. Yet Ron who cant put two things togeather is the King at Quidditch Hermione beats him in most others. I give up. Sigh...

smeleanor chapter 63 . 3/6
Love, love love this fic (except the sex scenes, but I'm just not into sex with my HP) - the detail is incredible, best world-building I've read yet.

Just one nit pick though. On behalf of iwi, your Maori name is VERY off. Please look at a list of Maori names and you'll see what I mean. It's cool you have a Maori character but Manongia is NOT a Maori name. Maori language doesn't use 'non' or 'gia' sounds in their language in my experience, although I'm not fluent.

Manaia would do, or Manawa. Both are real names.
duskglow chapter 22 . 3/5
Just a piece of information: CDs are not magnetic. Hermione wasted her time.
HeartsGlow chapter 46 . 2/27
"I'm getting too old for this"...'and so he was'. That's pretty funny considering that he is only about 36!
HeartsGlow chapter 37 . 2/25
Will we find out who "the Contact" is?
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