Reviews for TMNT: Balm
Lynne Miao chapter 1 . 5/16/2009
Hello, princessebee! What a powerful and dark story! It was so well-wrought and conveyed a sense of post-trauma shock. I was not able to read "Sherharazade," but I can tell from its sequel that the Joker has permanently damaged her mind. He has, in your words, "ripped out her goddamned soul" in cruel and unusual ways that only could do.

Amber is definitely not a Mary Sue. She's very gritty and real-world, which you showed in things like having her on heroin and the mothers shielding their children from her. I also loved your characterization of Raphael. It's almost endearing to see him react with such anger to Amber getting beat up, how he passionately wanted to avenge her and believed that he was able to...while Amber and the reader both knew that the Joker just isn't someone on whom you take revenge.

Once again, wonderful description. Not flowery. Your stories are the kind that would actually be hurt by floweriness. Stark and precisely chosen. I especially liked your description of Raphael, with "the hard bone of his plastron" and "pebbled flesh" reminding the reader that Amber is hugging a mutated turtle.

Plot was not the strongest thing in this story, but that's a good thing in this cause because this is a wrap-up. It was about an attempt at some sort of recovery after an irreversible damage. We find that a night with the inhumane Joker cannot be undone, the injuries will never go away. We also find that Raphael's love, while unable to fully mend her, helped. Salved. Not a medication, but a balm. Wonderful title.

One thing, why did he call her Alex? Was it something from another story?

Amazing job, as always from you. You have true and strong and well-cultivated talent. Brava! Kudos!
Winnychan chapter 1 . 2/29/2008
Okay, I loved this. And now I'm gonna have to go read Sheharazade. It really was beautiful. Raph's reaction was just perfect. Made a lump in my throat when he went from angry to sympathetic, and there was still nothing he could do...


slycruel chapter 1 . 2/28/2008
once again you have completely impressed me! I love this new addition to the Amber and Raph series, absolutely love it! Don't stop anytime soon, keep giving me more of theses two together!
RAPHAELFAN02 chapter 1 . 2/27/2008
I am forever going to be a fan of these two characters together. I absolutely luv Amber, and how realistic you are with her character. Especially the hospital scene with the mother's and nurses, that is definately a reality when you look at people from Amber's point of view. It's sad when people don't understand her side of the story and automatically assume like those in your hospital scene did.

I luv how you had her standing out there waiting for Raph only to have him show up at her place instead. I think him showing up on the street with her would have been a little cliche, so I'm glad you had her waiting for a long period of time, and then bring him in at her place.

Raph's reaction, was IMO very passionate. Him wanting to 'fix' it, but him not understanding that what happened to her you can't fix with your fist.

I'm definately am going to have to check out the batman story for this. I had started reading Harley Quinn, but I'm not too familiar with the comic verse of batman, but I definately am going to have to check that out, and get familiar with it.

Great job