Reviews for Harry Potter and the Deaged Potions Professor
Guest chapter 58 . 6/17
Weird punishing a 37 yr old man but what ever rest was good
lego50 chapter 58 . 5/3
I loved this story! It was amazing! at first I was like, WTF but I wanted to know, more as joke but then I got into it. The feels. The ending brought me joyful tears few story can. Wonderful story really. :)
delia cerrano chapter 58 . 4/15
Terrific story. Only thing better would be Severus/Harry slash. Just love the two. Going to look for the sequel you mentioned.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/29
What is the thing about lack of punctations? Really annoying
roni2010 chapter 58 . 3/1
love the story! great job!
misherukuro chapter 58 . 2/11
Quite the adventure thanks for the read. ,
Guest chapter 27 . 12/15/2014
Christmas was originally a pagan holiday and was stolen by Christens because they liked it and then they just slapped a story about Christ on the end so it sounded like it was theirs... Just saying
marthapreston4 chapter 48 . 10/17/2014
i agree w/sev he is the adult harry is a teenager
marthapreston4 chapter 44 . 10/17/2014
how do they expect a teenager with no parents or parental figure to raise someone else he should a mess
marthapreston4 chapter 43 . 10/17/2014
this chapter makes no sense sev's adult brain hould know that he is getting harry in trouble and possibly beaten then harry spanks a terrified kid
marthapreston4 chapter 27 . 10/16/2014
being witch you would think they would relate more to the pagan roots of chritmas
ElysiumPhoenix chapter 58 . 9/14/2014
This is brilliant, I love this story. It's nearly had me crying at a few parts and laughing outright at others. It's perfect.
GHgirl chapter 58 . 6/28/2014
To Dramagirl007:
I'm crying as well. I read this in about two days, and I loved every minute of it. The story was absolutely wonderful. I have to tell you something, though. I hated the ending. I hated it so much in a bittersweet kinda way. I hated it and I loved it all at the same time. Why must these emotions be so confusing? I'm ready to read the sequel, but at the same time, I don't ever want to read it. I'm feeling so torn at the moment, but it was such a great story that I suppose I will read the sequel. You should be proud of yourself. I rarely get this emotional over a story. Great job, and Keep writing!
misuky7 chapter 58 . 6/20/2014
This is one of my favorite stories. I loved reading this and re-reading it. I cannot wait to read the next one. :3
BMS chapter 58 . 5/13/2014
Stumbled across this and read it straight thru in one go. Great Story! Thanks for writing it.
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