Reviews for Deepest Blue
CharmH chapter 56 . 1/25
The ending is perfect! It shows their deep love for each other and a future that will only make it more so.

Thank you for writing this story and sharing it with us. It is very well written and keeps the reader invested in the characters. Loved it!
CharmH chapter 55 . 1/25
Beautiful! It was perfect after all the tension surrounding the serial killer.
CharmH chapter 54 . 1/24
What a relief. If I was Trevor I would have stepped away from blocking the sniper. Then again, one would do anything for love.
CharmH chapter 53 . 1/24
Oh boy! The tention is overwhelming.

Very well written to bring it forth to this degree in the reader. Now that is talent! *big smile*
CharmH chapter 48 . 1/24
It has to be overwhelming stressful for Olivia to suspect that someone is out to hurt Alex. Especially as it appears that they have no leads.
CharmH chapter 42 . 1/24
Really sad, but also very sweet.
CharmH chapter 30 . 1/22
The four ladies together is such fun. Full of humour and sharp comebacks. Very well written, I love it and admire your talent.
CharmH chapter 18 . 1/22
This is such a lovely romantic love story. It makes you miss someone you don't know.
CharmH chapter 16 . 1/22
The way that Celine treats her daughter and future daughter-in-law is so incredible. The way she accepts Alex's homosexuality is so admirable.

It makes me unbelievably jealous.
CharmH chapter 15 . 1/22
What a relief! *big sigh*
CharmH chapter 14 . 1/22
Oh no... This is not good. Investigated by IAB and then an accident! You will start me chewing my nails, which I have never done.
CharmH chapter 7 . 1/22
The Cabot family and their friends are wonderful together. Your writing brings forth the love and respect they have for each other.
CharmH chapter 4 . 1/22

Fighting with a stuffed gorilla for your fiancé. Brilliant humour!
CharmH chapter 1 . 1/22
Ahh... This is so wonderful! Alex and Olivia belong together.
QuintessentialLola chapter 35 . 7/23/2017
Taco bueno is good.
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