Reviews for Red Insanity
Kaz-za-15 chapter 1 . 4/12/2008
I knew that it was in like Tala's POV, but i was also thinking that it could be kai.

Except for the red eyes.

There both always in control, so it would work either way...

Anyways, i like the way you 'tried to be cryptic' :)
FairyDyris chapter 1 . 4/2/2008
*hearty eyes* so full of emotion and perfection, such passion and generousity! that was marvellous!
Shay chapter 1 . 2/28/2008


There's just two sentences that I found a wee bit confusing.

"those who had left him behind, he had after all, hadn’t he left the world behind…?"

"was now over, in this strange outside world of pain and harsh realities he didn’t exist (and perhaps he never had), it didn’t exist, the only thing that existed was his world, the reality he had created for himself where he chose who came and who went."

That could be separated into two sentences...might make it more clear.

Zomg...I love the crawling fingers...and the INSANITY!
GabZ chapter 1 . 2/28/2008
poor insane sexy boy **