Reviews for Backward With Purpose Part I: Always and Always
CMVreud chapter 28 . 39m
Well, I think it's a total coincidence that Luna is still 'absent'.
CMVreud chapter 15 . 22h
Awesome crazy mess you created here.
CMVreud chapter 5 . 7/25
Oh fer gods sake, at least look if the friggin' stone survived.
Jabanero chapter 48 . 7/22
So I've finished binge-reading the story... It was great at the start, but I felt it got a bit weaker later on. The revenge porn got a bit jarring at times, with Harry and co. enjoying themselves a bit too much for their own good, perhaps... But it was still a good and fun story. I guess you wanted the plot to go a certain way, but I'm just wondering why they didn't try to eliminate Voldemort in the graveyard - would have avoided a lot of deaths and I don't see why it wouldn't have been perfectly doable. Harry would merely have needed to do his self-sacrifice there, then all of the other Good Guys would have just had to jump in and overwhelm Voldemort and the cabal of Death Eaters - Horcruxes presumably destroyed well in advance.

Time travel always leaves behind a bunch of plot holes, and I was wondering about one in particular: the Gateway. You mentioned that it's a method to step into the past and view it? Does it have some sort of restrictions that would make it virtually useless in practice? Or was the Wise Asp just wrong about how it worked or if it even existed? Because if it existed the way the Wise Asp said it did, you would think it would have been indispensable to Wizengamot trials, going back in time to try and verify what really happened.
Jabanero chapter 21 . 7/21
Okay, so the Harry/Ginny bits are fine, but I'm a bit uncomfortable with the idea of adult Ron messing around with young Hermione... I'm not sure if you considered this, but Hermione didn't time travel, she's just a child here, and Ron trying to romance up Hermione kind of has awkward child grooming vibes. Not to mention that there could have been much more interesting drama stemming from the fact that Ron is forced to repress his feelings towards Hermione because of the differences in their maturity levels... maybe with Hermione falling for Ron on her own anyway if you really wanted a happy ending, or maybe Ron finding a different "love of his life" in this timeline that would complicate things for everyone involved, hopefully someone closer to his real age. Apologies if the characters realize this later on. The story is damn fantastic, otherwise.
BookWyrm chapter 55 . 7/19
i am very very proud of Sirius.
and very very happy that this was able to happen.

the merlin twist, by the way, was one I figured out in the very same chapter that you revealed it, but before the scene in which you actually revealed it.
you did a really good job with it, by the way! and since merlin's other name is Albus, I didn't figure out who merlin was from the sequel even after I figured out that the sequel was the tale of merlin.

thank you for this story! It was a very good read.
And - just occurred to me: thank you for warning for the extra-mature bits with bold black warnings - I really appreciate it!
Maltheniel chapter 47 . 7/19
Alright, I simply don't know how to review this. It's simply too massive and beautiful. But first and foremost, I love "always and always." The way you gathered so much into that phrase - the love between Harry and Ginny, the deep connection between them and Ron, their steadfast determination to change the past and give the people they loved a chance to live, sacrificial love - it winds up meaning love, deeper and purer than words can express. So I absolutely love the way it is the deep, underlying theme that carries through all this. I don't think I've ever read another fanfiction that embodies something so deep and fleshes it out so articulately, yet in a way completely beyond words, and I've read a lot. I can't even quite find words for what it makes me feel. Just - always and always. I'll never see those words the same again.

That's by far the best thing about your work, but there's so much else. I really like Ron going back with them, and how much more mature he is now. I quite like your Ron; maybe the moment I really, really started liking him was the moment when he refused to say anything hurtful to Hermione to send her to the girl's bathroom on Halloween. He really has grown up.

I also loved the way Percy became the closest brother! I've always rather liked Percy myself, so I thought the way you had Harry, Ginny, and Ron working to include him, and then him reciprocating by most nearly trusting Harry before the rest of his family did and being close to them afterwards was brilliant. (And THANKS for not killing him, too. It was awful when I thought he had died.)

And I can frankly understand Harry's pain with the Weasleys rejecting him too. I'm so, so glad that they finally became a family in the end. Harry finally, finally has what he went back for.

I'm glad, too, that although you made Harry much more willing to kill (which was necessary, so I'm glad you did that), you still kept his essential self - his sacrificial nature, his sensitivity, his capacity for love. And I can't help adoring how both Harry and Dumbledore called on their Slytherin sides and played the Ministry instead of alienating it. That was brilliant. As was Molly's idea of hiding the Muggleborn!

Speaking of Dumbledore, I have a tendency to dislike him; his way of playing God in Harry's life without ever explaining irritates me. But you made me like him in your fic; I was never thinking, "Why are they always telling Dumbledore stuff?" like I often do. He actually treated Harry as an equal (which as an adult Harry needed to be treated as) and was helpful and inclusive instead of trying to keep secrets. So congratulations! You made me quite like a character I was prepared to dislike.

One of my favorite things about your story, though, has to be the friendship between Severus and Sirius (and Remus). I know it's in the background, but I have always disliked how deep the hatred between them ran, and I loved the way you made it up. The scene where they were both telling Harry not to be bitter, because they disliked what they had become when they were bitter, was brilliant. And the Elvendork scene - I was smiling all over my face by the time I finished that.

(And I've always thought Harry should have seen his parents when he "died," so thanks much for having them [and Neville, who fits too] there.)

I really liked the way you worked the rune into the story, and how it became a theme too. I can understand how Harry would first see it as pain, since he was pretty isolated at that point. But I also love the scene when he finds the rune in the Department. My favorite moment of that bit is where he realizes that he had HAD to go rushing off to save Sirius last time. Between that scene, the theme of the rune, and always and always, you did an absolutely, smashingly splendid job of showing how love really is the most powerful thing and will always triumph over death. In my own humble opinion, you did a much better job of showing how love could be a deep power Voldemort knew not than the original books ever did.

As I said, this fic is so big and splendid (and I read it so fast - I couldn't put it down) that I don't know how to review it coherently. Just - it's wonderful. And I'll not quickly be forgetting always and always.
A Reader chapter 41 . 7/16
Fiendfyre in a hospital full of innocents? Not even Voldemort is that evil...
Tiffany Smithi chapter 42 . 6/28
Do you know how weird it is for them to keep on saying things like 'Merlin, why did this have to happen' when supposedly there's a time-traveled Merline sitting around...'Merlin' OH ARE WE GONNA FIND OUT? oh. its just them swearing and whatnot...darn.
Tiffany Smithi chapter 33 . 6/28
JUST for your information-The Hallows are NOT what protected Harry when then Horcrux was banished. It was the fact that Voldemort took Harry's blood. That part didn't change in this timeline, so he should still live. The only part the Resurrection Stone helped him was by providing him with his lost family, they acted as Patronuses to keep the Dementors away. The Hallows had nothing to do with it. Sure, it would have been a bit less dramatic for him stepping into the clearing without the Cloak, but so what? His ownership of the Elder Wand is the only one that may have had any difference, and that part is complicated. Who knows if Voldy's Killing Curse would have rebounded or not if Harry was not the mast of the Elder Wand? As this story is complete (it might not be; it's part 1, there's probly more parts) you might not change it; but keep it in mind for other stories.
Tiffany Smithi chapter 12 . 6/27
What the heck was that bit about 'do you often let Harry tie you up using magic?' and HOW was the implying..sexual relationship in ANY way?
Morehuja chapter 30 . 6/21
Brilliant chapter. Honest to god emotion
thehopefulGinnyPotter chapter 41 . 6/8
Holy crap... that last line. I've got tears.
TheWateringWizard chapter 47 . 6/8
Honestly this chapter is beautiful! The last part, the one where Harry lets his emotions flow into Ginny to tell her how much she means to him is simply the most beautiful thing you wrote.
TheWateringWizard chapter 8 . 6/5
Honestly I don't understand why Harry has to reveal that he's a parseltongue... Is this something that Albus (Potter not Dumbledore) also Confunded him to believe? Because it only serves to put him in a bad light and start the seeds of distrust that will blossom in year 4.
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