Reviews for Backward With Purpose Part I: Always and Always
Thestral394 chapter 31 . 10/28
I'm loving the story so far it really is great and as much as I wish you went through with the whole giving umbitch a love potion and send her to old moldy to be killed by him having wet herself and killed by luna was still satisfying so thanks for the great story and a good laugh I think the love potion is the best way of killing her I've ever come across so thanks for that lovly image
PotterFanatic17 chapter 55 . 10/26
That was honestly better than anything I thought it would be. The friendships and relationships in this have been incredible. It has been such an amazing and well told story! Sorry for the review overload, but I just wanted to give encouragement and let you know how great this has been.
PotterFanatic17 chapter 51 . 10/26
I think, no I KNOW I like your reason for Albus’ middle name a lot more than JK’s. I’m honestly crying. This was beautiful.
PotterFanatic17 chapter 47 . 10/26
He got a sweater! And that was absolutely the best proposal ever. I am beaming. I’m so happy!
PotterFanatic17 chapter 46 . 10/25
What a great chapter. I really like the fact that it did end up being his mother’s love that saved him. I like the ploy of having him think it’s the Hallows. Well done!
PotterFanatic17 chapter 44 . 10/25
This was such an amazing scene. You truly captured the feeling of love that Harry feels for everyone.
PotterFanatic17 chapter 41 . 10/24
This was so sad. So beautiful, so brave, but heartbreakingly so. It takes an amazing author to make you feel such a connection to the characters, and you are definitely that!
PotterFanatic17 chapter 39 . 10/24
This chapter is not a piece of crap! I think it is a very good chapter that shows the healing Ginny and Ron still need to do. I also enjoy the fact that Harry put his arm around Hermione while the Weasleys were hugging. It makes sense to me that these two would still choose each other to be family. Don’t put yourself down! You are a fantastic writer.
PotterFanatic17 chapter 38 . 10/24
That was intense. I’m glad Neville got some retribution, but I honestly thought Percy had died, completely forgetting what Voldemort had ordered Snape. You are amazing at writing!
PotterFanatic17 chapter 34 . 10/23
Luna is so great. Her almost oblivious nature as to why she would need to remember Merlin has me rolling with laughter. She is so well written and I can tell you have put so much thought into this. Can’t wait to see who Merlin is!
PotterFanatic17 chapter 31 . 10/23
Another amazing chapter. I enjoy the switch with Percy being actively for Harry. I am so nervous for the end of Year 5!
PotterFanatic17 chapter 30 . 10/23
This was such a touching chapter. I loved seeing Molly’s perspective, but I have actual tears because of this chapter. I am so hurt for all of them. It was incredibly well done. Harry’s hope and then absolute hurt and how it manifested were so well written.
PotterFanatic17 chapter 29 . 10/23
I’m screaming! I’m so happy that the Weasleys are here. Also, I would again like to point out that I love how you put such serious moments next to humorous ones. It is a really great balance that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat.
PotterFanatic17 chapter 27 . 10/23
There were so many touching moments in the earlier part of the chapter. I hate to see Harry’s growing resentment, but I realize he has basically lost his own family with the Weasleys not trusting him. I loved Moody’s part at the end it was a great comedic relief. I enjoy the balance you give us of sorrow and humor, it is so expertly done.
PotterFanatic17 chapter 25 . 10/23
The warning had me laughing. Avast ye. But what a great scene! It’s been awhile and this needed its M rating! Great chapter!
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