Reviews for Backward With Purpose Part I: Always and Always
SurreptitiousSoulstamp chapter 23 . 10/18
"'NO!' Harry shouted, mostly because he felt like he had to say something."

crazzyredhead chapter 38 . 10/14
Wow I was surprised I was think you didn’t kill Percy no way but then with his dad and brothers I started to cry thinking omg you did now in shock with draco
crazzyredhead chapter 6 . 10/12
I like that Ron is one who went back over hermione
yochan123 chapter 2 . 10/9
The stupidass prophecy and stupid Snape. God I want these ppl killed

They should have just removed and accio’d quirrel’s turban honestly
Seba Riddle chapter 35 . 9/30
Fantastic so far. I haven't been able to get away from the story for 2 days.
thereaderez12 chapter 48 . 9/22
This was such a great story! I just could not stop reading, it was so addictive.
Really liked the characters and the way it all changed.
Hippothestrowl chapter 5 . 9/15
Hard to believe how utterly incompetent and plain stupid both Dumbledore and Harry are in this chapter. They might as well have gone to a supermarket to buy a can of beans as casually as they tried to get the ring. No preparation. No backup plans. No testing. Just blunder in. What's the point of travelling back in time if you just do the same dumb things as before?

- Hip
jkr STAHP chapter 1 . 9/8
not sure if you still read these but i wanted to say HOLY HELL YOU PREDICTED CURSED CHILD. literally albus potter time travel. AND YOU DID IT WAY BETTER LMAOOOOOO
bookivore chapter 17 . 9/7
I'm a bit confused why they're looking for a Death Eater and not going through the list of people in the Order, because, the third person at the Unbreakable Vow was almost certainly in the Order. Could be a DE too, but had to be someone they trusted.
bookivore chapter 6 . 9/7
Looked through the comments, at least one other thought that obfuscamancy (sp) already existed in canon, no matter how good Snape is at Occlumency what he is doing isn't putting up a wall or making his head empty, he must be showing Voldemort innocent memories or he would be instantly detected. If that is just advanced Occlumency or something with a different name, that is the question.
J flood chapter 48 . 8/29
your discord invite is expired
GINNY POTTER chapter 44 . 8/26
Bumlewis chapter 1 . 8/23
This is my absolute favorite fanfic of all time! I have lost count of how many times I have reread this story! It has gotten me through some very messed up phases in my life and I’m so happy you finished the last installment and even more happy to call you a friend! You are amazing and so is this story!
pbutterfly chapter 55 . 8/21
Excellente story
zannat2maths chapter 55 . 8/10
Yes SNIVELLUS, I'm sure you would.
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