Reviews for Big Damn Rescue
RionaEire chapter 15 . 3/9/2008
Despite my mixed feelings of alternating enjoyment and skepticism for book 2, I had to read the third installment. I'm SO glad I did.

This story was simply fabulous. It was so well written, your descriptions were well executed and vivid, really putting myself in the tense situations that the charactors faced. I liked how each mention, from the martial arts at the beginning to Bristles the hedgehog, figured into the climax somehow though it seemed unassuming at first appearance. I really enjoyed how you imagine Shepherd's past to be, very possible and really well set up. I also appreciate how you made him strong and a man of exquisite faith, trusting God for his strength and receiving it indeed.

You did well on the tense parts: I was in agony with Wash as he had to decide what to do, what Zoe would want him to do about herself and the baby. I cried when they finally confronted each other and grieved together and when the candles were lit on the table for those who had been lost, observed by those who had been found and brought back together. I laughed too at Wash's jokes and that silly hedgehog. The only thing that was slightly suspect was the many Elles running around, who somehow all agreed to work together. Kind of silly but I was willing to go with because it worked and actually reminded me of something that is happening in my current pretend. Incidentally, the security guard in said pretend calls my touched charactor "little one" and so it was coincidental how you have Mal calling River the same thing. :)

You have earned my devoted readership with your clever creativity, your hard work and the fact that you have the charactors the way I like them. As long as River stays touched in the wits I'll be here reading your work. A brilliant end to your trilogy and a good story in its own right.
YellowTang chapter 15 . 3/1/2008
Just finished this one...nice conclusion to the trilogy! I loved the continuation from the previous story, and I think you nailed all the characters perfectly. My only request would be more Mal/Inara at the end (just cause I'm a M/I shipper at heart). Maybe a follow-up? :-)
Hola-Meg-a-Cola chapter 15 . 2/29/2008
I've read all three stories within this little series, and I'd like to congratulate you on a job well done. The story was consistent and interesting, and everyone was well in-character (something I consider a "must" when reading fan fiction.) I hope to see more of your stories.

Yours truly,

TheSwedishMystery chapter 15 . 2/29/2008
Even though I might have been a bit silent at the Fireflyfans-website and not reviewed your stories as much as I should have(pure laziness on my part) I feel I must post here and tell you that this story is one of my alltime favorite Firefly fanfics - good characterization, really cool bad guys and an interesting plot.

Good to see you on this site as well :)