Reviews for Summer: No Holiday
redtiger45 chapter 29 . 9/29
I absolutely love this story and I hope that you continue it in the future! Your writing is so well done!
Dogs324 chapter 29 . 8/20
I know it has been years, but I do hope you return to finish this story someday! I'll be waiting. I love fics that explore the dynamics between Harry and Snape; its so chaotic and complex. Ok, I may also be addicted to the angst. I've been reading HP fanfiction for 15 years and keep coming back to it! This story is on my alert list, so I will keep my fingers crossed that I will get a notification in the near future. I hope you are doing well!
Grindelwald49 chapter 2 . 8/7
Good start but I would like to point out that snape’s father is a muggle and his mother was a witch so if snape was to own a manor I would imagine it being prince manor rather than snape manor
klr16333 chapter 29 . 7/26
I am still here and still reading. I love this.
michalmil chapter 1 . 7/21
Nice story, one of my favorite in all fanfiction. Will you continue it?
Addison7413 chapter 29 . 6/4
Wow. I love this story. So much. Your story enraptured me from start to finish. I can’t describe how much I long for this story to continue. I notice its been awhile since you updated but if you ever read this, please know that this is absolutely ah-mazing! Please continue!
Riley chapter 29 . 6/4
This is such a great story. I mean the characters of Snape and Harry and just everyone's r so greatly portrayed. I have read the entire story u have written and it was amazing, the suspense and everything. Pls continue writing and update. I know u haven't updated in years but pls I am still reading. I would greatly appreciate if u continue this completely. I would be happy to review and everything . Just continue updating pls.
halbarath chapter 29 . 3/16
Hi there !

I am not sure you are going to read this actually because it seems it's been years since you've updated.
And yet, I find it sad that you abandoned such a nice story.
Honestly, it is very in character - their reactions, their emotions, their bouts of anger, sadness or joy - they could have been taken out of canon. It was really, really well done.
You write well, both descriptions and dialogues. The ambiance you created is stifling, as confining as the space they live in both the houses as their own minds. Severus, Harry, Sirius - all three are lost in their own trauma and it feels cathartic somehow to witness Harry and Severus comfort and mend each other. I'm a bit sad for Sirius though.
It might seem a bit fast, I admit but your story encompasses it well and drives the change through the chapters smoothly. A small point if I may - you used the word mentor at the beginning of your story. It would have had much more impact if you had used it from the time that Harry begins to look towards Severus when they both begin to gain some measure of respect for each other. A mentor is someone you look up to and try to get their approval. Sevrus isn't that at the begining. Not in the slightest. He is a trainer, a coach, a teacher, a jailer, an tormentor even. A despised authoritative figure. And it seems strange to read "mentor" because we understand that you are talking, you writer to us readers. And not your characters thoughts. But, it is after all, just a very little pebble on a beautiful sandy beach.
I know that real life happens. I know that with the publishing of canon books, it is sometimes difficult to find the stamina and will to finish a story who has strayed so much from the original. And yet, yours deserves an ending. I've been on for a loooong time now. I've read dozens, hundreds of stories. Yours is a gem, lost in the middle of all the others. I regret I never stumbled upon yours when you were still writing it.
I regret I'll never get to read the end of yours. I would have liked to see where your mind would have taken us along with your characters. I had hoped to see Snape Maor cleaned. A few house elves borrowed from hogawarts could have done it with the headmaster's permission. Strange how he would let them both in a filthy, grimy, dusty Manor without any thought to sanitary conditions. Anyway, that's a very trivial point.
Maybe one day, you'll want to pick it up so just in case, I'll follow it because I'd really hate to miss an update !
I hope you fare well.
Guest chapter 29 . 2/15
It’s like there are millions of reasons for Harry and Snape to be apart. There are people, circumstances, responsibilities and roles that they have to , they long to be near each other—to experience love that both of them were unfamiliar with.
The love of a family—a father and a son.
PinkMusicalCherry chapter 12 . 2/10
always so mad that they EXPECT Harry to be the only saviour here. And Dumbledore's cruelty, without telling Harry specifically why he avoids him which would have been okay with an explanation
PinkMusicalCherry chapter 10 . 2/9
Hahaha, love how this chapter comes just after that review I left LOL! still it was more gradual than most stories
PinkMusicalCherry chapter 9 . 2/9
THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST SNAPE CHARACTERISATIONS EVER! You've captured the bitterness and antagonism and actually kept him interesting, unlike so many other week lacklustre Snape stories. I'm only on chalet 9, but I've been binge reading straight. LOVE IT SO MUCH. Regarding Sirius... I always hated how the movies made it seem as though Sirius saw Harry only as James; in the books he wasn't like that.
flowerpower44 chapter 1 . 11/7/2019
Please, please come back to this and complete this amazing piece of writing. Your character portrayals of Harry, Severus, Albus and Sirius were so realistic. Severus and Albus were written perfectly with Albus being the powerful wizard, yet making very human mistakes with regard to Harry. The change in attitude towards Harry by Severus and Harry's towards Severus was skilfully done. Harry needs him! Poor Sirius hasn't matured past his Hogwarts days, probably due to those evil dementors. However, he is not a useful asset to Harry in his fight against Voldemort. Since discovering fanfiction a year ago, I have not read a story that has had such a powerful and emotional impact on me. I can't bring myself to read this through a second time as I know I will be just as upset to find it is incomplete as I did the first time I read it.
Sparkiebunny chapter 29 . 10/24/2019
PLEASE UPDATE. This fic is one of the best of its kind.
Awfully Wee Billy Bigchin chapter 29 . 9/8/2019
I'm really enjoying this. Looking forward to updates when you have time. :)
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