Reviews for Dischord and Confusion
LolliliciousLolly chapter 1 . 2/29/2008
"MORE PEPPER!" screams Andy.

And hehehe, you had Adam as the Cheshire cat, right? I'm not sure about Paul...*frowns* but I haven't watched Alice in forever, so yeah.

["No can do Susie-Q"] - Ooh, I like that line... hehehe. And I love how "Suzie-Q" was a nickname us fanfictioners thought up for her completely on her own. I can't even remember the first person who adopted that...possibly the General? But yeah. It's just kind of stuck now, hasn't it? *pleased*

[He didn’t move and continued sitting on the tabletop, grinning wider than ever.] - I can just imagine Adam all cat-like, 95 percent face, lol.

Wow...I actually...that was strange, but I liked it. It started off frivilous, but turned quite psychological. So, it WAS Suze in the end, right? It was a revelation, and not an evil ghostie possessing her? Golly, I hope not...

Anyway, great entry! And I like how it wasn't COMPLETELY adhering to AiW.

- Lolls.