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TheGuardian'sOfTheFishbowl chapter 6 . 8/16/2011 sorry your so exhausted, but dont give up on this story!

yor really good. good luck!

tig chapter 6 . 5/21/2011
Such a good story, I hope you finish it someday!
Bazil-kun chapter 6 . 12/4/2009
This story is awesome! I can't wait to read more!
Niwaki chapter 6 . 2/25/2009
it's interesting and i can't wait to see what the "promise" is about and how Axel died so please update soon
Electra Raven chapter 6 . 9/13/2008
great story!:) hope there's gonna be a happy ending though! oh and i live the akuroku kisses!x3 anyway update soon plz!
jiv3y chapter 6 . 8/10/2008
Oh, they make such a good pair.

Terrific last line. Can't wait until the next installment. :)
EverythingPerfect chapter 6 . 7/15/2008
I was clutching my pillow as I read this. Perfect. Thanks for updating another great chapter!
Kirah Ruth chapter 6 . 7/12/2008
Kirah & Ruth: *TACKLEGLOMP* .

Ruth: *Regains some composure* Seriously, this made our day. Week.

Kirah: I'd say month, but my month would be pretty hard to outdo at this point (though I have to say, fanfic!romance is far less confusing than real life romance.) But it came close.

Ruth: *Beams* Anyways. Protective!Axel, jealous!Axel, and spontaneous AkuRoku-ness WINS.

Kirah: Pointless observation: I'm /glad/ you didn't have one of them whining about what was going on between them. From experience and observation... guys in general rarely care about understanding exactly what kind of relationship they're in. It always kinda bugs me when I see someone write that. (A lot of things kinda bug me, though.)

Ruth: Anyways. Axel and Roxas on a motercycle makes me smile and deserves fanart. It might even get it, though I guarentee nothing because we're not going to be home for the next few weeks, and I'm not sure I could draw a motercycle in the first place.

Kirah: We could ask Brandi.

Ruth: NO, we could not. She'd probably do something like draw them naked anyways. Or give a whole new meaning to-

Kirah: Ok, ok, I get it. Stop. No Brandi drawing anything.

Ruth: Anyways. With luck we'll be back in time to review the next chapter, but if not... hey, there are worse things than coming back home to a new chapter of your favorite fanfic (or near-favorite, you know, it's all the same).

Kirah: Tata!
Ima Super Mute Ant chapter 6 . 7/10/2008
aw! that was so cute! _ I loved how you put Pete in there too, this is probably the first fic I have ever read that had a Pete.

Please please please update soon!
allyssumdays chapter 6 . 7/10/2008

I'm so glad to hear from you! I was thinking about this story the other day, I'm going back to read it over again in a moment.

Don't worry about the wait between this and the last chapter; it was well worth it! Love and encouragment!
Kyrene once Blood Roses chapter 6 . 7/10/2008
You can haz review now! Just found this, loves accident? I'm guessing. But whatever it is it's depressing. Love Roxas talking back even as he's getting beaten up though. That was awesome. So was Axel but Roxas made me that much happier in this chapter. Excited for more!
sarehptar chapter 6 . 7/9/2008
I don't know how you do it-past or present, angst or humor, or just pure love, your chapters always, /always/ get me. This one was just so... sweet. Erm, that's the word, but it really doesn't do it justice.

You know, honest to goodness, there is a part of my heart that can only be filled by unadulterated fluff. Consider me filled! :D

The first scene was so very believable for their characters. I could totally see Axel with a motorcycle, and that Roxas enjoyed riding it so much (can't hide that smile Roxas, nope) really made me bubbly for some reason. Of course, there was that first line of dialogue too. I don't know if you meant it this way (I highly suspect you did), but when I read "If I was dumb enough to let go," my thoughts instanteously went to Roxas trying to block out Axel's ghost. It's like... Roxas realizes that physically letting is dangerous, but doesn't see that letting go of Axel in /any/ way would be too painful. And then to follow that up with "I'd deserve to die." GAH. Why does that feel so ominous to me? I really, really hope you totally weren't thinking of these things when you wrote that line but I kinda bet you were. T.T

One thing that caught my head for a bet was the time frame of these two scenes. In the first scene, I wasn't sure if Axel and Roxas were officially together and just didn't want to share their relationship with the general public, or if they weren't together yet or not. But then I decided it totally didn't matter if they were together or not, because the story is the story, and taking it verbatim is more than enough for me!

A jealous Axel is always wonderful to see. I don't know why-normally I dislike it when characters get all aggressive out of jealousy, but with Axel (and especially with your Axel), there's just something so endearing about it. It might be because he's supposed to be so much older and wiser than Roxas, but he ends up being the one who loses his cool. It's just another sign of how much he really, really cares. *huge smile*

On another note-I effin' love Roxas's mom in this story. Thank you for bringing up again the fact that she is totally under Axel's spell of awesomeness, and would probably have offered to pay for the wedding. If, you know, Axel hadn't died. (And if gay marriage were legal, but pshh, that's not an important detail.)

For some reason, the last line of the first scene was really touching to me too. I can't explain why, but just the fact that they part with a big kiss and meet with a small one... it's so normal, but nothing something I would normally find in a story. The wording was just really... fresh? for a fanfic.

And the second scene was really well done too! Eww, Pete. I always thought he was so gross-in the cartoons and even more so in KH. Seeing him antagonizing Roxas was just... GRR! I wanted to kick him myself.

I'm so glad that Roxas stuck up for himself! That no-fear-even-in-the-face-of-obvious-deep-shit attitude is very, very much Roxas, and I'm so glad you preserved it. I'm sure you know how absolutely annoying it is when a normally tough character is suddenly turned into a crying, pathetic girly-boy just because he has been labelled by fangirls as the uke. *shakes head*

HA! I was soo cheering for Axel. You teach that jerk a lesson! Even though I'm really glad that Roxas stood up for himself, I'm also equally glad that Axel came and threw it down for him. (It's so Disney! If Disney did boy-love.) I was very, very pleased to see Pete reduced to blob on the floor. And the way Axel carried Roxas. So cute! *wiggles to hold in the squeeing*

But that last line... it's so sad! The sadness came out of nowhere like a vicious slap with that last line. Because we readers KNOW that Axel will soon(er rather than later) being among the non-living, that these precious moments for them will be gone, and that Roxas himself will shattered beyond repair... I always find it so terrible when the readers are aware of coming tragedies and the characters are blissfully unaware. It's sad! T.T

I really liked the length of this chapter, but I'm always going to enjoy reading more rather than less. I think you're very right, these two scenes couldn't comfortably split up. Thank you for leaving them together.

And for getting on that writing, despite me miserably distracting you! I'm reviewing so quickly this time too, aren't I? *proud of the both of us*

As usual, I can't wait for more-although I know the last three chapters are probably going to make me cry like a little girl.

Wonderful work (as always)!


chibi heishi chapter 6 . 7/9/2008
YAY, UPDATE! Um, sorry. Got a little over excited there. But that was cute - not the Roxas-beating part, but the Roxas-defending and Axel-calming parts.
EmotionalSpazz chapter 6 . 7/9/2008
Aww, Axel's such a lifesaver!

However, I think he may have made a mistake with threatening the kids. /
sarehptar chapter 5 . 7/7/2008
Mm. These short pieces always, ALWAYS make me feel so sad, but also so… pleased afterward. I always feel so terrible for Roxas—and for Axel—but at the same time, there’s something very beautiful about the brevity and the unabashed way these are written. It’s an odd contrast!

This one was just awful, in the BEST way possible. Axel is there but he’s not there and Roxas is there, but in his own way, unable to get away from his mourning (and the reason he is mourning), he’s not there either. Axel’s death isn’t just physical. In every line of this chapter, I felt it as something huge and emotional too, a wall that they can’t cross no matter how badly they want to, despite the fact that Axel can still touch and Roxas can still feel him. I’m beginning to believe that even if they were together physically, even if Axel continues to haunt him under the pretense of them being together forever, it will still be… pretend. Different. Like they can’t cross that distance no matter what happens… and that’s what I find so sad about this story. It’s that they both want the same thing and just can’t reach it. Like butterflies trapped in a glass jar, when the garden is only a few feet away.

Now, on to the specific things that I liked.

The line “I’m haunting you, Roxas. One way or another.” Gah. There are not words to describe how much I love this line. It’s so… perfect. It makes you wonder if Axel is really there, if the things that Roxas is reacting to, being haunted by, might not just be the memory of him, or if Axel truly did refuse to leave Roxas. And the way he says it almost has this unspoken “I WILL haunt you, one way or another.” As if Roxas couldn’t get rid of Axel if he tried. All the possible meanings of that sentence… ah, it made me shiver! Just perfect.

And then the idea that Roxas is Axel’s unfinished business… it’s wonderful and just fits this story so well. The way Roxas acts, the way he is even when denying Axel’s presence always made it seem like he can’t really function without Axel. That even if it’s killing him to be haunted by Axel, he wouldn’t be any better off alone with his memories. To me, Roxas seems shattered, and it’s so easy to see Axel trying to mend that—even when he is the cause of it. On the other side though, it’s equally obvious that Axel needs Roxas, and one could easily say that Axel couldn’t leave Roxas and therefore… didn’t.

For some reason, the line “don’t ever forget me” cut really deep too. Especially give their canon stories, there’s so much poignancy about forgetting. And really, all Axel (and Roxas) have left are the memories of their life together. If Roxas lost those, Axel really would be a ghost, completely non-consequential. That he would desperately wish for Roxas not to forget him… it’s fitting and sad and wonderful.

This was as beautiful and touching as ever, and the fact that Roxas seems to have reached a true breaking point… I don’t know if I want to know what happens next or create a nice little dream scenario by which they are remarkably reunited in wholeness to spend forever and ever together. In either case, I will most definitely read the next chapter and praise it highly too.

And maybe I’ll review in a timely manner for once! DX


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