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flamejemzgoddess chapter 45 . 3/23/2017
Please continue...pretty please. :-)
cartoon moomba chapter 44 . 2/22/2017
I just finished reading this again as I had mentioned previously and man, oh man, I am so excited for what is to come. This is my absolute favourite story published here in this fandom. Your world building of sorceresses, of the kids' pasts and connections - I absolutely love it. You've managed to make this such a great combo of humour and darkness; I can be laughing one moment and completely enamoured the next. Your story makes me want to get up and finish writing my own FF8 fanfic that I never finished and always wanted to.

Thank you sincerely for writing this! I look forward to the end.
cartoon moomba chapter 45 . 2/16/2017
It has been so long since I last reviewed this or even read a FF8 fanfic, but every so often I go back to your story in particular when I feel nostalgic. Thank you for writing it! Time for me to head back to chapter 1 again and re-read and once more enjoy this.
ajohnson1782 chapter 1 . 1/30/2017
Please update soon
Tesake chapter 4 . 12/2/2016
There’s no time? For what? I don't understand T-T Suppssed Selphie know she's going to die if Adel dies! The why the rush, Selph?

Irvine! T-T

Quistis! T-T

Ah… XD Sure... Rinoa dead Adel doesn't drink her blood xD

Oh no... No no... I don't want Seifer thinks so of Selphie T-T I know that Seifer'll know the whole truth soon (and us too... I don't know who Selphie's life belongs to...) But... T-T

And finally, Irvine's order of ammunition and potions Laguna wasn't fulfilled him xDDD He became crazy and fled from there. "Sort out as you can in the other dimension" the president would say xD


Oh! The village again! The mysterious village abandoned... With much hair xD

[He was hoping the sorceress would live somewhere far... grander.] Don't speak so fast... You'll see that Castle and her thousands of monsters and piano and... blah, you'll see it xD

[The lying girl. He sighed.] Not that! T-T I promise you that it's not like this, Seify!

[Not that he ever told her, but she was the first thing in his mind simply because it was impossible to get rid of her.] Nyyyya! HHahahahaha
Who would tell you, Seifer. Selphie happened to be a pain in the butt for you, to be the first thing in your mind! I love! XD
Although the last... Impossible to get rid of her... I don't know if in a good way or in a bad way... I hope very good!

Hyne, Just thinking about her the time to flee from a Malboro being so small... My little girl...T-T
I already said you that I sensed what had happened to Selphie, and why her fear of the Malboros... But reading this is... is... ugh...

The description of her small dead body made my hair stand on end

I has also thought that Seifer or Quistis had revived Selphie, but... Being child, what did they have of value to give to Bahamut? I don't know what to think xD Also, there remains the detail of Ifrit: Selphie's sorceress is a sorceress with a more cruel power.

I also wonder why they are in the village. What does Little Selphie do in the village, if when Edmund and Stephan picked her up from Deling City they took her straight to the orphanage, didn't it?

And why there is a Malboro in Centra when Seifer says there's not it there... And this time it's not a hallucination of the little girl.

And I wonder that if Seifer is seeing this as a dream of Elleone. Or if in that dimension he can see that moment.
And... If it's Elleone's dream, if Seifer is Seifer himself or someone else...

Ummmmmm…. Jo, ceres! It doesn't matter how long the chapter is! I'll always want more! Haahahaha

Thank you very much for the chapter! It has been incredible!
The fight against Adel is hallucinanting! The first time I read i I coudln't stop to read it.

As always, you get me excited with each chapter! There is less for the end but many things to clarify! Not just all thing about Seifer and Selphie... Squall and Quistis, Irvine and his family in Dollet with Solagne, Zell and Regina! The mystery of why Regina reminds to the King Dollet... Aaaains! All thing! xD

See you in the next chapter! Thank you again and thank you for dedicating me the chapter! This I was very excited! Nya!

A big kiss and greeting! :D
Tesake chapter 45 . 12/2/2016
NEW CHAPTER! WOOHOO! I missed a chapter so much!
I hope you don't be scared by the seven pages of review that I have written... I hope this doesn't occupy many reviews O-O


["Who's jealous?"] Who else is? xD The poor man will say that why the "fiancé" of his lover, is with another girl who is not her... xDDD

[creepy girl] Oh my god… Fujin should kick to Nida his ass xD That nickname is more beatiful and romantic.
Wait... What are those two doing together? So in the end, Fujin is interested in Irvine and not in Zell as I thought. I had doubts between the two boys, and I thought she like more Zell than Irvine... Ummm...

Hahahaha Nida and his intercom. Finally, he has left to pilot the Balamb Garden and enter to the ship in the form of cockroach without caring anymore. And it seem that he's quite comfortable xD


["I forgot about your voice,"] Hahaha! Strange thing would be that she remembered the voice and the charismatic conversations of Fujin.

["Someone needs to fix those."] Someone has to fix the whole house xD I don't know how Edea and Cid live there.

[Nobody is supposed to remember the King] It's supposed... But for some strange reason, Regina does remember Dollet. Something I didn't understand from the other chapter.

It's as easy as asking the GF that Selphie has in her head... But that would end the intrigue of the creation of GF soon xDDD It's not a question.

[Can you tell me about him? How did he look?] He's awesome, Edea. He still looks like a King on his horse. Imposing and indestructible, well, that we'll see later... You know... Gilgamesh won him.


[For once, the Brothers were quiet.] That's because Tomberi put them a interesting movie with his TV :D

Seify looks like a little boy who needs his teddy bear to sleep, but with his coack xDD Little poor. He had to break his heart just like when Squall saw the bust Card of Rinoa.

[Well, his life had always been weird.] Yes? Seifer is going to flip when he know that Selphie'll become a G.F, and when he know that Zell is his cousin, and when... xDD His life stopped being normal from the belly of Edea.

["Did you see any hint that I live here?"] Of course. The coffin of the King is the most comfortable in the world. And if she is cold at night, only she has to lower the curtains and cover herself with it xD

Tomb Raider? Seifer is Lara Croft O-O

OMG! Max is Regina's brother!... OMG Then he is King Dollet's brother!
OH MY GOD! Maximillian Rochester is uncle of Seifer and Zell!
OH MY GOODNESS! Rinoa will become the aunt of both!
Wait… How old is Rocky then? xD

Caucasian... I hadn't seen that word in a long time. I almost forgot about it xD
I love how everyone often about Nida's face but everyone uses him for their well being xD


The Garden'll be ruined, if Squall continues to kill T-Rex...

[boat that is going to be willing to take you to Centra] But what do you say, Quistis? If Squall goes to Centra instead of killing monstersm he'll kill your other lieutenant xDD

[while the other one is playing around] If Seifer was "playing"... I would be writing you a great NYA throughout the review.

Squall... Let to my Seify sleep with whoever he wants! xD That you've already slept with his "fiancé". Shhsh!

Applause for Quistis! Weeee!

[without leaving the commander alone in the Garden] Finally Squall is more romantic that he thinks xD


[The ruler had two children] Um? Two children? And Max?

[She was his shadow] She's the mother of Nida now... Just kidding xD

Ah, I undertand now. Max is the son of the family who took care of Regina, right? Or am I wrong? xD

Oh, Regina... You just wanted to saty with Ward . Who saved your life from prison... Who gave yo your son. Your brother sure understands it and doen't blame you T-T

I wonder if that "someday" would be to look for Ward... The poor man also had to suffer.

[Who's the cousin?] And here is time for a quiz of Irfrit and Diablo! First help! Your cousin has feathers! Who will be he?

[Once you get the horse, feel free to call me. I'm sure as hell willing to go at it."] Un, I don't understand. Seifer means that when Regina collects the missing piece of the puzzle she can call him to clarify everything?


[he turned his face slightly to stare at the wall] And to talk it? Squall has a college degree talking to walls already... xDDD
Well, the weird thing would be that Seifer was in the mood to even upset to . With everything happens to him... When he finds out everything at the end... uf...

Poor Zell. Fuu condemned him to a life of insomnia xD
I wonder what both brothers whispered.

[she couldn't think of anyone else who could accept the sorceress powers as easily as Rinoa] How wrong is Quistis...

Hahahahahaa Poor Quistis. They never listend her (for example with the Old Money, etc... xD), talk to the walls and besides they push her without caring her anything xD

[Well, there are worse ways to die] I think so... For example, a Malboro T-T

Yeah, Quistis has a new treasure, as Squall has it with her Card. I hope that Quistis isn't so ticklish with his Card and protect it as much as a certain person we know xD


[Zell piped from behind the soldier. Wedge screamed] I guess you wanted to write "Biggs" here xD
Who would have said that Wedge would become the Biggs's superior...

[And I don't have anyone] How sad, Rinoa. Well, you have a Rochester. He's a good match. Get him! Bring a bottle of Honeybee Dupont and give it to him!

["The bond changes things."] Well yes. Seifer first wanted to kill Selphie and now... and now... NYA!


Raijin and his questions... The poor man has a lot of question and no one answers it xD

This is the bad thing to read first your chapter and then read it again to write the review xD I already know the end xD Buy well... I wonder what function will give the Phoenix Pinion later... Or if they'll used it.

Sniff… Can there be more tender man? I want a Seifer for Christmas!

[I think you know I really like you] Nyyyyaaaa! (Tesa dancing in the middle of the shop) There's only the last step! The: I love you!
Hahahahahahaha OMG, these scenes kill me with emotion xD

LoL! Creature-Hunter no… But Lover-GF… maybe it works xD

[being embraced by the chaotic, yet spartan feeling of his mind.] As long as Seifer recognizes Selphie as GF and transferes her to his mind. Because we all know that Seifer doesn't want GFs

With Pandemona is like going to theme park, only you don't know if you come alive or dead of it xD


Well... When Emil died, I thought Rocky was going to be in this scene, but I see that Wedge got ahead of him. I wonder what happen to Max.

What I say... I know I said long ago that I thought that Ultimecia was the daughter of Seifer or Quistis, but... I wonder if you'll make the theory that Ultimecia is Rinoa mad for losing her Knight and she forgot the aspect of him, for the effect of the GFs... But then, who is her Knight? Rochester? Ummm... With you, ceres, I can't think of the end now, I'll have to wait it xD

Hahahaha! Figure Irvine hitting with a empty bottle is too comical!

The question isn't that, Zell. The question is why Rinoa can't defend herself! That kidnap her always is the least!

Irvine is very demanding... It reminds me of a certain GF... Right, Diablo?

Let me disagree on that, Seifer. Since, unfortunately for Quistis, or so she thinks it, she don't hate Squall. She may hate that he is such an idiot, but not the other thing of him xD
Oh... Something tells me that Seifer is saying this to make fun of both...
Yes... definitely, Seifer was mocking of them xD

["Why? What is it about her?"] Umm…


Actually I think Adel is more scarier than Ultimecia O-O


Cousin fights... Always having fun xD Those two will cry when they know their blood relationship.

[A really smart cadet decided to practice her interior decorating skill] Lol… Rather, Fujin wanted to remove the dust in her house and she was too excited. She left her house so clean that she couldn't see the ground...

Easy, Zell. If you don't have tunnel to go out... Selphie'll make another hole in the wall. With what thing, you say? With someone's head if she need it xD


[All of you are gonna survive this.] The "I'll not out alive" was flying in the aire...

It has always bee strange that Adel could cross the barrier of his capsule, but she would never escape before that scene...

[that thing with Rinoa still on her? Or in her? Or... her?] Hahahahahaha ATo know what…

Hahaahahhaa Fujin... I want you to come to my bithday party, but you don't summon Pandemona when the cake arrives...

How much does Adel weigh? That neither Pandemona can with her xD

[before punching her head, knocking the cadet out] I wonder if Zell beat Fujin in revenge for summoned Pandemona... Ummm... Nah xDD

Irviiine! T-T

Quistis, when Squall knows he can communicate with you through the mind, you'll not be able to tell him to speak to the wall xD

[For the sake of the team, it was preferable for Fujin to stay down.] Poor girl... That's why Fujin now shouts and speak with a single word. She feels discriminated against and separated from others xD

I hope Rinoa doesn't remember this moment. Because if so, she'll hate her friends.

Applause for Zell, who was able to knock Adel to the ground. Something a GF couldn't do it. xD

Well, I understand that Seifer said that they killed Rinoa instead of Adel. Aside from the fact that he still thought that Selphie would die if Adel died, it was easier to give Rinoa a Phoenix down, which would revive her, would not her?
Or else, why would Seifer say they killed Rinoa?

[Your worthless woman was the one killing my tasty meal] Does Adel know about Seifer and Selphie? Or is it because sorceresses intuit that too?
If so, then she's making fun of Seifer... She know Selphie isn't her perfect host... What a smarter sorceress!

There’s no time? For what? I don't understand T-T Suppssed Selphie know she's going
thientrang161 chapter 45 . 11/24/2016
Welcome back ceres XD I had thought to inquire you in the summer but i was afraid your heart might no longer in this.
Thanks whatever that the fake fiance drama is finally over. The joke has dragged on too long, Squall was so painfully oblivious XD

Can we thow phoenix down on those two? Even though her victim role is not required anymore, rinoa charater is quite decent as a comic relief.

So... Quistis got new limit break? Advanced Angel wings? Diablo wings? Destiny wings? Whatever wings?

I wish you all the best, it would be nice if youanage to finish this :)
shuyuejia130414 chapter 15 . 7/20/2016
this story favour Seifer so much and you put this as Squall x Quistis and i was fooled by it, please dun put such tag if you didnt meant it, i dislike Seifer but i love Squall and Quistis but this story just pissed the hell out of me,
EarthHeartIdiot chapter 4 . 6/28/2016
Interesting, I wasn't exactly sure how i'd like it, and in fact i wasnt until i read this chapter, now i see that it has great potential.
Selky chapter 44 . 5/5/2016
I need a new chapter please update!
Queen Vegetarian chapter 44 . 4/14/2016
Tesake chapter 7 . 10/15/2015
Too many words, OMG! Write here then xD Sorry
And sorry for the part in Spanish... xD I traduced now:

EH? Rai and Fuu were also at the orphanage?! Then they are Esthar? And Adel expreiments with them? WHAAAT?! And Ellone? ... What hell, Adel... What are you doing with so many children...
Miradelia.. Oh? Seifer now know from where Quistis... And Squall still think that the baby is Seifer

That's because Edea don't know that Selphie is Deling' daughter... Brothers hid her... porq Hermanos se lo ocultaron...

Ah... Bianca... xD Brothers were intelligent, because if they had spoken in front of the TV, Bianca now know everything xDD

You have them in your head, Seifer. Ask them, honey xD

If Selphie wasn't revived by Adel, then who do it? And... why... why Ifrit said that the power of her soceress was someone else evil? What the hell... Who else?!
Wait... Sophia?... Her mother? Is the only one I can think of... she is the only one that we know nothing, because if I think in all of the characters... There isn't more sorceress...

Ah, damn, ceres... You are very bad! xD You rebelled me a ton of questions... but now you left me with the biggest WTF I never said before xD

I really wanted to know mooore!

God, that revelations chapter! I still hallucinating with many thing...

Deling... really?... Deling? Of all the characters I NEVER thought about him. What stupid I am, not to have thought a little when Bianca spoke of the heir. That is Solagne was wrong... OMG!

Jo, thanks for the chapter, ceres! Thaaank you! God, I can't wait to see what next!

Seifer will tell Selphie his dream? They will see that Sophia? Regina? Brothers say something? Whaaat?! xDDD

Wait... If Regina is the Dollet's sister... She can tell the truth to the world?

OMG, longer review... xD Sorry.

Saludos, ceres!
Tesake chapter 44 . 10/15/2015
OMG! OMG! OOOOMGG! I knew it! I had a slight feeling that in mid-October you would publish new chapter! Wiii!

Welcome, Ceres! You rejoiced me a lot the day you published the chapter! I couldn't stop thinking about coming home and read it! Although I escaped to the bathroom of my job fro a while to read a little xD

A comment!

[I don't need a knight.] That's what you think you, Quistis. I'm sure you're going to need a lot...

["Up to you what you want to do, I already know what I'll do."] Nya! Clearly, Quistis. Do you ask? xDD Arrogant and romantic than can be Squall xD

[Nicely at first ] Really, Squall? I see you stabbing him with your gunblade and threatening. Although... Seifer want Squall bucking up, considering what he said it to him when they returned from space.

[Squall gave a slight smirk.] Hahahaha That bastard! xD He got Quistis realized herself xD Sorry, Quistis... Come on, you glad too that Squall'll be you knight.


[The girl studied the ruins. "It looks so familiar."] Come on, Selph. If I could guess who is in that building, so you can too!

[Just go up you son of an imbecile! Diablos shouted./"You son of an imbecile!" Selphie parroted./Seifer narrowed his eyes.] Hahahahahhaha! I love this!

[ "Why didn't you do that much earlier?"] Don't complain, Selphie. When you arrive at the Ocean Ruins no power any of Diablo... damn xD

Now that I think, Poor Seifer xD Son of Magic, son of a imbecile... He only receives insults by GF xD

Stephan?... Stephan y Edmund? The GF... Brothers? Ummm... What he is with Edea? You're telling me that Cid don't is the Edea's knight? Because I thought that...

I love when everything is solved with a "Rock paper scissors" hahahaha I do it with a partner-job to share tasks xDD Y with my brother when I was little, to see who was going yo buy bread xD
Only here Seifer was stunned and lost xD

Stairs... stairs... and stairs... ah... look... more stairs xDDDD That someone make a lift of up and down to that place! Selphie'll stay in the bones as she continues doing this exercise xD

The statue of Diablo en el edificio de Odín... Seifer's father... ummm

[The stairs are killing me.] And me too, and that ony I'm reading xD

Here is he! Hi, Odín! How are you? I present you son xD

He... He tore it... He break the cloak! O.O Odñin break the oly memory Seifer could have! ODIN!

[He was a great war strategist, but clueless at politics] And Deling backwards... That's why he was killed him? Because he would a problem for his government?

Ifrit hate Edea and Diablo too now... All GF hate her?

By the way, this time of chapter I love, that they say things of forgotten King I whistles. I want to know more, ceres :P

I wonder if Dollet had managed to City Centra.. it would be more powerful that Esthar? Uff...

[if he's still alive your own life would have been really different.] Mi first "WTF" of the many "WTF" I said next xDDD

Selphie wouldn't exist... My head kept plotting things all the time, and my jaw almost hit the floor xD

[You will never hate the one who made you a perfect host.] She never hate to Adel? NEVER? Why all GF have Edea and Selphie won't hate her killer? WT...Diablo really, you're a loudmouth xD Or you say it all or stay silent, please. Ifrit do something!

A part of a Chocobo, I want a Tomberi... But... he didn't try to kill me xD

King Tombery eh?.. I wonder if he has something with the King Dollet.

[You will always be a kid to us no matter what] That is what a mother always tells their childrens xD No matter how old you now xD

Little Egg xDDD Love GF used as nickname for all creatures xD

[He was just in a wrong place at a wrong time.] Jo... Poor... But leaves me wondering why, how and who.

Hahahahaha Diablo was offended with statement of Ifrit xD Come on guys, if you get along well and can't support be separate xD I imagine these three (with Selphie GF) in the future together for there.

[you're just annoying enough that I always want to kill you] Hahahahahahah yes yes xD I want to kill Dio too when he passes speaking.

I don't believe, Seifer... Don't be silly! They were giving you a clue! That clueless is (facepalm) XD

Fow that you promise things then you can't tell more, Selphie? I wonder when will be that she can say everything to Seifer... Or when Seifer discover for himself... ains... I don't know!

The way to fight Odin... halving their victims in two parts... Isn't doubt that he is the father of Seifer. In case anyone still doesn't know it. Oh wait... Seifer don't know, really clueless xD

Hahahaha Seifer don't forgive in life what Selphie make with his cloak. Is clearly his cloak isn't worthy of him... You'll see it, Seify.

[Having a TV inside my head will keep the others quiet] I wonder if this will reveal something... Or just show recent TV channels? Like... Deling TV! Narana~

One hundred thirty six people! The Seify's daddy is incredible!

Shit... Why always they going reveal something of the past of GFs, are interrupted or something! Why Ifrit say that Dio knew the power and greed?

Hahahaha really, ceres xD I love the Dio and Ifrit's fights xD


Ehh! Nida dares to climb the "junk that looked like a cockroach" xD

I think Quistis don't put any complaint to anyone who wants to get out, after the Selphie's tanturm.

To Centra?- Irvine, Nida... As interrupt something between Seifer and Selphie, I break you head like Odin.

Ohhhh the mistery of who Fuu purses... Zell or Irvine?... I can't imagine it...

["Because you're as horny as them?] Looool! xDDD

Ceres... That word is "Lil'", I can't know that in that sentence says Irvine... and iancée? Isn't fiancé? But no sense here xD

[I'm a cute, adorable sweetheart cotton candy / You're a damn smelly poop] xDDDD Goood !

If these three knew that Squall already played Cards on the bed... With a woman... exactly Quistis... both naked...

OMG, Quistis, your ex-boyfriend called you stupid!

Irvine could overtake Squall, if he had grown and reaised with Solange.

[Thankful he's only popping in your head, not your pants] OMG... conversation of guys...Are so funny xDD

Oh... if I were Fuu I would have stayed quietly listening, laughing nonstop xD Although to know if Fuu was to see how she could be a girl's horny to Irvine? Since she was thoughtful staring at the ceiling and suddenly disappeared... Or is because Zell? Aiiins! I don't know!


Poor wall... It will be forgotten by the ocean xD Well, the ocean is big, you can talk more with it than with the walll xD

Well... Squall has been very cool after those words. He will follow to Quistis to where she wants to go and she wants to do... But if he had to kill her for she going crazy, he'll do it. And he'll be assassinated at himself later...


Other dream! And the King! *.*

Stephan? STEPHAN!? he just said BRO? Wait... are you telling me that... that... that the Brothers are uncles Seifer? WHAAAT? WTF?

[And for once it's actually legal] Lol!

I know now why Seifer don't speak like Dollet King xD Because he looks like his uncle xD

And now who is Regina?!

Regina is look familiar to Seifer? I can't think who she is..

Ooooh! That cute is Selphie! My imagination did a super nice baby! Aah! Sucking her thumb!

Prison?! PRISON?! Regina is Zell's mom? She is the woman of the cell?!

What the... What... the... Deling... DELING?! THE SELPHIE'S FATHER IS... DELING?! WTF! WHAT THE HOLY F***?! What the lkjsiowuerljaslkdrjlñsadjflas

Shit... And now who is Sophia? The Solange's sister?... xDDDD Was joking xD

Why they talk of the King as if he don't were Seifer at that time (so Dollet)? Like another King?

Who is the Regina's brother?... Edmund?... Cid?... But I thought that Stepahn being brother of Seifer, Edmund also would be... But that should be forgotter are Brothers, Dollet, Edea and Cid... What the... Lot of questions!

F***, I still hallucinating with the news of the father of Selphie...

AHHH! Now I understand it! I'm stupid... Now I understand why they speak of King like that! Seifer is Edmund now! xDDD I've noticed that because if the orphanage exists now and they start recruiting orphans, the King isn't longer alive... I'm really stupid xDDD I was super convinced that Seifer was Dollet and already my mind make "puff" and devised other things xD And not is Stephan be a giant compared with Dollet, is because Edmund is a dwarf xDDD Ay godneess, I thought that Edmund was protecting Edea or something like, because he don't stay in this moment.
And now I understand too because they talk of the army and I was wondering why if Dollet is King and a great stratagem of war... Ceres, hit me xD I'm very silly.

But wait a minute... Wait a other fu** minute... If I think in the Regina's brother... is Dollet! That means Seifer and Zell are... COUSINS?! AAAHHH! But that discoveries! And Sophia has been flirting with Dollet! With Seify daddy!

Then Seifer isn't tesembling his uncle talking xD Is he has lived with Stephan since his birth xD OMG, I feel stupid seriously! xD

Eh, yes! Why Regina reminding everyone? What?!

[Sophia's gone when the baby stopped being breastfed] And that why? Deling her out?... Or she left voluntarily?

[thirty years from now we meet her again] That is now... Go out Zell's mom! Come meet you child! ... Oh... wait... Don't tell me he look her in Balamb? O.O

[Forgot to lock my President in his room] Hahahahaha Well, Laguna is a "child"... He could pass unnotice xD

Yes, thank you, Edmund, for telling me NOW who are you... You should have told me from the beginning, miserable xD

Hey, If I thought that Seifer is Dollet... Seifer was thought he was in the King' body? He know that he isn't the same people? Although the King is the same height that Seifer, And Edmund not... But, hey, I don't know! xD

EH? Rai y Fuu tambine estuvieron en el orfanato?! entonces son de Esthar? y son experimentos de Adel!? WHAAAT?! Y elleone?... Q demonios, Adel... que has hecho con tantos niños...
Miradelia... Oh? Seifer aho
Minaly22 chapter 44 . 10/12/2015
Welp, had to go back and read things through again after such a long time. Still, its great to see you again.
thientrang161 chapter 44 . 10/12/2015
Howdy ceresy, welcome back! Not much to say with this chapter, still mostly just side quests.

Where's rinoa? It's suprising not seeing herself get attacheded to Squall. It's almost near the end of disc 3, time to wrap this silly thing up? Really, Squall's ego is a more competent love rival than her :))

What's with these typos 'iacée' 'oticing', your keyboard broke down or something?

And no 'nape' word appears this time :o I'm impressed :))
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