Reviews for Three Minutes Too Fast
Tesake chapter 7 . 10/15
Too many words, OMG! Write here then xD Sorry
And sorry for the part in Spanish... xD I traduced now:

EH? Rai and Fuu were also at the orphanage?! Then they are Esthar? And Adel expreiments with them? WHAAAT?! And Ellone? ... What hell, Adel... What are you doing with so many children...
Miradelia.. Oh? Seifer now know from where Quistis... And Squall still think that the baby is Seifer

That's because Edea don't know that Selphie is Deling' daughter... Brothers hid her... porq Hermanos se lo ocultaron...

Ah... Bianca... xD Brothers were intelligent, because if they had spoken in front of the TV, Bianca now know everything xDD

You have them in your head, Seifer. Ask them, honey xD

If Selphie wasn't revived by Adel, then who do it? And... why... why Ifrit said that the power of her soceress was someone else evil? What the hell... Who else?!
Wait... Sophia?... Her mother? Is the only one I can think of... she is the only one that we know nothing, because if I think in all of the characters... There isn't more sorceress...

Ah, damn, ceres... You are very bad! xD You rebelled me a ton of questions... but now you left me with the biggest WTF I never said before xD

I really wanted to know mooore!

God, that revelations chapter! I still hallucinating with many thing...

Deling... really?... Deling? Of all the characters I NEVER thought about him. What stupid I am, not to have thought a little when Bianca spoke of the heir. That is Solagne was wrong... OMG!

Jo, thanks for the chapter, ceres! Thaaank you! God, I can't wait to see what next!

Seifer will tell Selphie his dream? They will see that Sophia? Regina? Brothers say something? Whaaat?! xDDD

Wait... If Regina is the Dollet's sister... She can tell the truth to the world?

OMG, longer review... xD Sorry.

Saludos, ceres!
Tesake chapter 44 . 10/15
OMG! OMG! OOOOMGG! I knew it! I had a slight feeling that in mid-October you would publish new chapter! Wiii!

Welcome, Ceres! You rejoiced me a lot the day you published the chapter! I couldn't stop thinking about coming home and read it! Although I escaped to the bathroom of my job fro a while to read a little xD

A comment!

[I don't need a knight.] That's what you think you, Quistis. I'm sure you're going to need a lot...

["Up to you what you want to do, I already know what I'll do."] Nya! Clearly, Quistis. Do you ask? xDD Arrogant and romantic than can be Squall xD

[Nicely at first ] Really, Squall? I see you stabbing him with your gunblade and threatening. Although... Seifer want Squall bucking up, considering what he said it to him when they returned from space.

[Squall gave a slight smirk.] Hahahaha That bastard! xD He got Quistis realized herself xD Sorry, Quistis... Come on, you glad too that Squall'll be you knight.


[The girl studied the ruins. "It looks so familiar."] Come on, Selph. If I could guess who is in that building, so you can too!

[Just go up you son of an imbecile! Diablos shouted./"You son of an imbecile!" Selphie parroted./Seifer narrowed his eyes.] Hahahahahhaha! I love this!

[ "Why didn't you do that much earlier?"] Don't complain, Selphie. When you arrive at the Ocean Ruins no power any of Diablo... damn xD

Now that I think, Poor Seifer xD Son of Magic, son of a imbecile... He only receives insults by GF xD

Stephan?... Stephan y Edmund? The GF... Brothers? Ummm... What he is with Edea? You're telling me that Cid don't is the Edea's knight? Because I thought that...

I love when everything is solved with a "Rock paper scissors" hahahaha I do it with a partner-job to share tasks xDD Y with my brother when I was little, to see who was going yo buy bread xD
Only here Seifer was stunned and lost xD

Stairs... stairs... and stairs... ah... look... more stairs xDDDD That someone make a lift of up and down to that place! Selphie'll stay in the bones as she continues doing this exercise xD

The statue of Diablo en el edificio de Odín... Seifer's father... ummm

[The stairs are killing me.] And me too, and that ony I'm reading xD

Here is he! Hi, Odín! How are you? I present you son xD

He... He tore it... He break the cloak! O.O Odñin break the oly memory Seifer could have! ODIN!

[He was a great war strategist, but clueless at politics] And Deling backwards... That's why he was killed him? Because he would a problem for his government?

Ifrit hate Edea and Diablo too now... All GF hate her?

By the way, this time of chapter I love, that they say things of forgotten King I whistles. I want to know more, ceres :P

I wonder if Dollet had managed to City Centra.. it would be more powerful that Esthar? Uff...

[if he's still alive your own life would have been really different.] Mi first "WTF" of the many "WTF" I said next xDDD

Selphie wouldn't exist... My head kept plotting things all the time, and my jaw almost hit the floor xD

[You will never hate the one who made you a perfect host.] She never hate to Adel? NEVER? Why all GF have Edea and Selphie won't hate her killer? WT...Diablo really, you're a loudmouth xD Or you say it all or stay silent, please. Ifrit do something!

A part of a Chocobo, I want a Tomberi... But... he didn't try to kill me xD

King Tombery eh?.. I wonder if he has something with the King Dollet.

[You will always be a kid to us no matter what] That is what a mother always tells their childrens xD No matter how old you now xD

Little Egg xDDD Love GF used as nickname for all creatures xD

[He was just in a wrong place at a wrong time.] Jo... Poor... But leaves me wondering why, how and who.

Hahahahaha Diablo was offended with statement of Ifrit xD Come on guys, if you get along well and can't support be separate xD I imagine these three (with Selphie GF) in the future together for there.

[you're just annoying enough that I always want to kill you] Hahahahahahah yes yes xD I want to kill Dio too when he passes speaking.

I don't believe, Seifer... Don't be silly! They were giving you a clue! That clueless is (facepalm) XD

Fow that you promise things then you can't tell more, Selphie? I wonder when will be that she can say everything to Seifer... Or when Seifer discover for himself... ains... I don't know!

The way to fight Odin... halving their victims in two parts... Isn't doubt that he is the father of Seifer. In case anyone still doesn't know it. Oh wait... Seifer don't know, really clueless xD

Hahahaha Seifer don't forgive in life what Selphie make with his cloak. Is clearly his cloak isn't worthy of him... You'll see it, Seify.

[Having a TV inside my head will keep the others quiet] I wonder if this will reveal something... Or just show recent TV channels? Like... Deling TV! Narana~

One hundred thirty six people! The Seify's daddy is incredible!

Shit... Why always they going reveal something of the past of GFs, are interrupted or something! Why Ifrit say that Dio knew the power and greed?

Hahahaha really, ceres xD I love the Dio and Ifrit's fights xD


Ehh! Nida dares to climb the "junk that looked like a cockroach" xD

I think Quistis don't put any complaint to anyone who wants to get out, after the Selphie's tanturm.

To Centra?- Irvine, Nida... As interrupt something between Seifer and Selphie, I break you head like Odin.

Ohhhh the mistery of who Fuu purses... Zell or Irvine?... I can't imagine it...

["Because you're as horny as them?] Looool! xDDD

Ceres... That word is "Lil'", I can't know that in that sentence says Irvine... and iancée? Isn't fiancé? But no sense here xD

[I'm a cute, adorable sweetheart cotton candy / You're a damn smelly poop] xDDDD Goood !

If these three knew that Squall already played Cards on the bed... With a woman... exactly Quistis... both naked...

OMG, Quistis, your ex-boyfriend called you stupid!

Irvine could overtake Squall, if he had grown and reaised with Solange.

[Thankful he's only popping in your head, not your pants] OMG... conversation of guys...Are so funny xDD

Oh... if I were Fuu I would have stayed quietly listening, laughing nonstop xD Although to know if Fuu was to see how she could be a girl's horny to Irvine? Since she was thoughtful staring at the ceiling and suddenly disappeared... Or is because Zell? Aiiins! I don't know!


Poor wall... It will be forgotten by the ocean xD Well, the ocean is big, you can talk more with it than with the walll xD

Well... Squall has been very cool after those words. He will follow to Quistis to where she wants to go and she wants to do... But if he had to kill her for she going crazy, he'll do it. And he'll be assassinated at himself later...


Other dream! And the King! *.*

Stephan? STEPHAN!? he just said BRO? Wait... are you telling me that... that... that the Brothers are uncles Seifer? WHAAAT? WTF?

[And for once it's actually legal] Lol!

I know now why Seifer don't speak like Dollet King xD Because he looks like his uncle xD

And now who is Regina?!

Regina is look familiar to Seifer? I can't think who she is..

Ooooh! That cute is Selphie! My imagination did a super nice baby! Aah! Sucking her thumb!

Prison?! PRISON?! Regina is Zell's mom? She is the woman of the cell?!

What the... What... the... Deling... DELING?! THE SELPHIE'S FATHER IS... DELING?! WTF! WHAT THE HOLY F***?! What the lkjsiowuerljaslkdrjlñsadjflas

Shit... And now who is Sophia? The Solange's sister?... xDDDD Was joking xD

Why they talk of the King as if he don't were Seifer at that time (so Dollet)? Like another King?

Who is the Regina's brother?... Edmund?... Cid?... But I thought that Stepahn being brother of Seifer, Edmund also would be... But that should be forgotter are Brothers, Dollet, Edea and Cid... What the... Lot of questions!

F***, I still hallucinating with the news of the father of Selphie...

AHHH! Now I understand it! I'm stupid... Now I understand why they speak of King like that! Seifer is Edmund now! xDDD I've noticed that because if the orphanage exists now and they start recruiting orphans, the King isn't longer alive... I'm really stupid xDDD I was super convinced that Seifer was Dollet and already my mind make "puff" and devised other things xD And not is Stephan be a giant compared with Dollet, is because Edmund is a dwarf xDDD Ay godneess, I thought that Edmund was protecting Edea or something like, because he don't stay in this moment.
And now I understand too because they talk of the army and I was wondering why if Dollet is King and a great stratagem of war... Ceres, hit me xD I'm very silly.

But wait a minute... Wait a other fu** minute... If I think in the Regina's brother... is Dollet! That means Seifer and Zell are... COUSINS?! AAAHHH! But that discoveries! And Sophia has been flirting with Dollet! With Seify daddy!

Then Seifer isn't tesembling his uncle talking xD Is he has lived with Stephan since his birth xD OMG, I feel stupid seriously! xD

Eh, yes! Why Regina reminding everyone? What?!

[Sophia's gone when the baby stopped being breastfed] And that why? Deling her out?... Or she left voluntarily?

[thirty years from now we meet her again] That is now... Go out Zell's mom! Come meet you child! ... Oh... wait... Don't tell me he look her in Balamb? O.O

[Forgot to lock my President in his room] Hahahahaha Well, Laguna is a "child"... He could pass unnotice xD

Yes, thank you, Edmund, for telling me NOW who are you... You should have told me from the beginning, miserable xD

Hey, If I thought that Seifer is Dollet... Seifer was thought he was in the King' body? He know that he isn't the same people? Although the King is the same height that Seifer, And Edmund not... But, hey, I don't know! xD

EH? Rai y Fuu tambine estuvieron en el orfanato?! entonces son de Esthar? y son experimentos de Adel!? WHAAAT?! Y elleone?... Q demonios, Adel... que has hecho con tantos niños...
Miradelia... Oh? Seifer aho
Minaly22 chapter 44 . 10/12
Welp, had to go back and read things through again after such a long time. Still, its great to see you again.
thientrang161 chapter 44 . 10/12
Howdy ceresy, welcome back! Not much to say with this chapter, still mostly just side quests.

Where's rinoa? It's suprising not seeing herself get attacheded to Squall. It's almost near the end of disc 3, time to wrap this silly thing up? Really, Squall's ego is a more competent love rival than her :))

What's with these typos 'iacée' 'oticing', your keyboard broke down or something?

And no 'nape' word appears this time :o I'm impressed :))
Selky chapter 43 . 9/17
time don't appear here. Great chapter as always. I hope the continuation.
kurotenshi-08 chapter 43 . 8/22
Incredible story I really can't wait to read more
Tesake chapter 43 . 6/16
[Quistis had to wrench the key out of Selphie's fingers ... The girl lunged, trying to grab the key back... "Catch!" she said.] Hahahaha Only you know how to make me laugh right in the beginning chapter xDD
[Quistis frowned. "Please tell me, nobody's leaving the keys in the car."] Selphie is very smart and good at this. She could to hot-wire the car... or not... unless... xDDD
I wonder if Ward knew the woman prision was pregnant. I guess he knows Zell is her son now, because he looks like her, buy he knows it? He know that Zell is his son too?
[said Raijin as he appeared towed between two soldiers.] That's pretty funny xD Considering that he is a little higher, even Seifer XDD I have imagined two little heads next to a huge man XD
Hahahahahaa I love the scene Ward's arm protector. Which it make me think he knows something... I don't know what, but he knows something xD and... Fujin also. Or at least she have to think much now...
By the way, I still think so because who Fujin acts so like. If for Zell o Irvine... You left me whit this doubt forever, ceres... I think so... xD
[Irvine grinned next to Selphie, happy to have claimed a seat before everyone.] Hahahahahha!
[he wailed as he clawed at Ward's arm. Ward didn't even blink.] That wild xD
["I thought… I thought… it's just a tram…"] Ay, my little girl... That pain has given me xD
Hahahaahaha Pooor, Raii! And funniest scenaa xD Between the Selphie's disappointment and the Rai' landing the car trunk... oh, godness..

Hahaahaha! Omg! Nobody believes in the possibilities of Zell xDD
["And it's better not be something about having a Card tournament among us where the betting medal is our rare Cards."] Seifer won't sacrifice the Selphie's Card.
[ "Seifer, Adel is your mother."] Even if it were true... This child is tactless jajajajajja
[How is that for proof?] The only one who can is Edea and she won't it because of Bahamuth... So until she tell to Selphie or Cid that they tell all... the Seifer's father continue into oblivion. Or... wait, Brothers can also, but who's going to believe a GF living within Seifer now...
[...Seifer trailed off. "Oh, no, wait a minute…"] What? What he discovered now...? It is empty because he is a GF now, but Seifer still don't know that... then?
[Even the city of Dollet had all of its history lost but the satellite.] To know the past of Seifer, that city is more important that Deling City... T.T ... Wait... wait a minute. "but the satellite?" A satellite could store information? ...Um? ...UM? xDD Shit,... I... I want everybody know about the Dollet's King! ... we'll see what happens.
[And you chose now to be extremely eloquent," Seifer barked.] I think that was right. The Squall's story is super credible, if I didn't know what Selphie dreamed xD
[... at least?" Edea said. "It's easy to prove...] Jajajaa I found a bug! Suddenly Edea appeared among the three guys xD Nah, just kidding. I guess it was a slip... it's normal! Many characters! xD
["You'll be in one soon," said Squall. ] Hahahaha lol... Ay Squall, you'll bite your tongue when you know that the baby isn't Seifer. And more when you know who is really...
[Can you release this? It's so tight I can't breathe] XDDD WTF!
[Ward was signalling something to the long haired man.] Ummm... I still don't know if Ward knows that he is his soon or if only knows he is the woman prision's son.
["Whatever. Is it true that Adel cloned herself?"] I tell you that Squall is tactless xDDD
["That depends what you think he asked," said Kiros, not missing a beat. "If you think he asked what you think he asked, then he asked what you think he asked."] Hahahahahha LOOOL! Love Kiros! Seriously!
[ "Yeah. Make it short and easy to understand."] You think?
Odine heeded Laguna... I'm understanding very good ajajajjajajja
[I don't dispose anything. I repurpose them] What? What he refers to?
["It's not a sorceress. Adel's plan failed when you locked her in the moon.] Whaaaat? then Quistis isn't a sorceress?... But... but Emil say... but... whaat?
[I can't wait to see you killing Future Bride's ancestor. Every GF will line up to see THAT.] Shit Dio... shiiiit! You and you big mouth! Who are the ancestors?! Who?! I thought once that Ultimecia could be the daughter of Seifer or Quistis... But... you shudder xD So... who are them?! And the GF know it! Damn... And Dio say THAT... in capital letters! ... What... but... I hate you, Dio.
[After the sealing, we lost contact with the staff inside the ship] What they'll have happened...
The big story of Laguna xDD this guy... Only he can govern a country without being aware of how he became president xD
[Odine tilted his head and studied Seifer.] Odine know something... And if not beginning to know something...
Seifer finished telling about the secret of Selphie. This is where Selphie should tell the whole world about the secret of Seifer, as said in the previous chapter Hahaha But... Is for a good cause, and only Quistis know it... Umm, damn, want to know that It will go into battle... but not at same time T.T
[Selphie's parents definitely were one of the revolutionists. ] Oh... I swear you I was thinking of millions of possibilities for parents to Selphie. Scientists , persons big charges, soldiers Esthar, even normal people... But I never thought of the revolutionists... Hahahaha thanks Seifer. It remains to be seen whether it is true. But... I still feel that there is something more than that... For some the Selphie's parents not yet been named.
[Selphie zoomed on Seifer. "What?"] Selphie had to be hallucinating here. Hahahaha
["Just… some time off for the last time."] The seconds pass then passing, the two of both eye to eye, I have imagined it as the saddest moment... I've done a little pot and all... It can't be the last time alone of them... noo... buu... I can't think how the story will continue...
[who looked like she was about to cry] I'm like so xD I'm identify with Quistis here.

["All of us are," said Irvine. "You don't hear me complaining."] Poor... It is true that never ignore him xD Find a girl for you, Irvine...
["That's the spirit!" Laguna said] Jajajaja but Rinoa hesitated saying that "...Yes", Laguna xDD That clueless is he...
Oh oh... What was that? Squall y Quistis... what?...
["Two days off!" said Irvine] Loool xDD

Nyaa... The time is approaching... But I have to go commenting part by part or not me xD
In this fragment of chapter I was all time "nya, nya...nyaa". I had to restrain myself, because the first time I read the chapter was 2 in the morning, with my phone under the covers xD Going to wake everyone xD
["I don't like them," said Selphie.] I still think when Selphie was child, something happened with Malboros...
Quistis had everything to lose... but, sorry Quisty, I'm glad to be so xD Because what spending lather... nyaaaa...
[ I wonder why Laguna insisted on going to the Garden] That also asked me myself... Why the Garden and not to explore the Esthar City?
Just think Selphie and Seifer were two "small" cactus... I get shiver even me xD
[Seifer looked around to find a girl dragging herself behind her own backpack.] Jajajajaja That lamentable image
[Seifer rushed toward Selphie. He lunged and rolled with her] This is my first "nya" xDDD
[I refuse, said Diablo.] Hahahaha Here Diablo thought he would go to the head of Seifer? That's funny. I imagined crossing his arms and anchored in the Selphie's brain while he said: "a perfect GF must always be with the perfect host"
[I once battled them in human form] Them?...
[The warmth of his lips pressing onto her shocked lips was unexpected] From here I couldn't stop saying nya nya nya xD
[-His kisses were so gentle Selphie barely felt it.
-"Here?" Seifer kissed it again.
-This area is numb.
-and gave two feint lighthearted kisses on both eyelids] Nya nya nyaaa y moooore nyaaa... That was quite a moment!
[And then he plucked her needles again.] And here buried my head in the pillow and choked laugh xD That couple! God! I can't wait to see the next two days before... Oh, shit... I get sad again to thinking that Selphie live or not and I don't know T.T

["I don't understand you," said Squall. / "Take a number,"] Hahahahahha!
[You just gave both an open invitation to cheat on you] I don't know what Squall complains for the deceit when he has a "moment" with Quistis, even knowing she was with Seifer... supposed xD
Lol... Here is the wall again
Oh oh... And now that mark in the Quistis's chest? If Squall has it too, they are both bond?... What happens? And why gray? And why Selphie and Seifer green?
...Whaat! ?

What will happen in the next chapter?... I'll scream more Nyans? xDD I wonder how it'll go when they see a Odín... Aiiins, I want know it!
They will go to Edea's house?... Squall and Quistis someday be reconciled?...
Selphie find her ChocoBag?... The photo with her mother will still inside?...Hey! And if Elleone see the picture of Mia Tilmitt, she could lead to Selphie to mind her mother?... Yes... I do illusions... xDDD

Finally! I feel the delay, Ceres. Thanks for the chapter!
Greeting! :P
cartoon moomba chapter 43 . 5/21
I am so glad to see this still going! It's always such a joy to read :) I love how you manage to write a good combination of humour with more serious plot moments.
thientrang161 chapter 43 . 5/21
Wow, we only need two months for new chap, well done ceresy. Hmmm, where should i start?

1st, you seem to fancy the world 'nape', it appears in every chapter, do you have a nape fetish :))

2. Hmmm, so Seifer might be the one who can somehow remove Sephie curse, being an Adel clone himself

3. What is that thing above Quistis heart and its meaning?

4. The fight with Adel may change now that there's no one to kidnap Rinoa?

5. Selfie moment is cute and weird all right, what a pair of masochist... :))

Ugh, odine and his horrible accent combine with his love to hear himself talks .'
Tesake chapter 42 . 3/25
AHHH! Crespallas! I miss you! I already crawled along the walls thinking about how would be the continuation Jajajaja I had exhausted to my friend, whining all time for a new chapter Hahahaha
Almost I also sent you a PM too, but I thought you were busy with your job and all this,,, and I wouldn't bother. Welcome back!

From the beginning, the title to promise much, much much...
Jajajaja I love that the two lieutenants discuss among themselves and Quistis pass them completely xD
Hahahahahaha! OMG! Quistis, you ratted on yourself
["What the hell did happen?"] Ay Seifer, if you knew it...
Well, well. So Seifer didn't return the Card to Rinoa. And apparently he has something in mind. Why do I get the impression that Squall wasn't going to like? xD

Jajajaja that Squall with his ear joined to the door. Only lack he look through the peephole xDD
Ahaa! So Selphie rental Card to Squall? So he had the Irvine's Card. My intelligent girl, taking money from wherever xD
["I don't need money anymore."] That double meaning... Selphie may die (if you're really bad, ceres xD) so... for what monet?
They seem militarys. "Soldier! What is your mission!" "Kill the enemy!" Jajaja And Squall continues with the gift of disappearing while nobody notices xD

That's my Selphie xD Fixing things so easily. And poor Irvine... It's clear that the machines would never be his girlfriend Hahahaha Seifer may scoff him if I saw it xD
Jajajajaa TV! To be "crab" channel, everyone sing akk together xD Omg, the CG background, soo funny.
Ohhh?! A soon?! An heir? OMG! Who is him?! We know him? Is a character of game? Is new?... I know the parents of all but Quistis and Selphie, then he can't be the others... And these two girls are Esthar... Is Nida? xDDDD I don't know to think...
...uh?...what? xDD Omg! The pink tulle woman knows what happens in front of the screens...
Umm brunette man and blue eyes? Ummm... Who will be...
["Put that damn thing out of my face," he snarled. "This shit again. I told you already—"] Speak like Seifer xD It will be the official language of Dollet? Although the King didn't speak so...
Man! Solange! Long time since we read anything about her!
So... There is or no an heir of Deling? Now I am more confused that I'm normally
[ "… Even before?"] Ummm... before... Maybe before becoming President... He already has child? Or in the process? And so nobody knows anything?... That is, he would almost age of our protagonists? Or Solange is right and it's just a trick of Deling? Ains, ceres... you're evil xD Always I have more questions each new chapter xD

[but he'll regret every single moment of his sin. And then he'll break away before it's too late.] What Quistis means here?
I wonder what will happen when Squall learns that everything is a lie.
[Squall's mouth opened even wider, eyes rounded in disbelief, his hand stretched for the Card.] Hahahahahahahahaha! Jaaajajajjajaa I knew that he wouldn't like what Seifer planned xDDD
[Squall howled with anguish.] Omg... If I saw this in a movie, I wouldn't know what they're talking the others. I'd be on the floor crying with laughter by Squall...
Well... they had to resort to a... drastic manner... but they got that Rinoa will go with them jajajaja
[We will if we want something secret got shouted out in the televised event."] Who is better for that than Zell? He is a specialist Hahaha
Ummm... "That's it"... although it seem nothing, for me that phrase means much xD

Uh... If Selphie has to tell everything she knows and has quiet...
Well, at least Seifer knows is his father... Now is wether discover who is his mother and who is his father truly... and... all... xDDD
[Seifer Reached at Selphie's closed eyelids, and With His fingers on Both lids, pushed the eyelids open] Hahahaha Only Seifer knows manage Selphie
Oh... she told him... Oh my mother... How will the reaction of Seifer... wait, I continue to read xD
Ahaa! For a moment I thought he wouldn't believe her and go to the orphanate completely. But... he back! And now he imagined other thing xD
["Well, you see, being dragged kinda hurts, and" / "The Dark Magic!" Seifer shouted.] And only Selphie knows how to make him lose patience xD See... The perfect couple
I also have been thinking because she revived to Selphie. If she got Quistis... then for what needed to Selphie? And even more, she had to sacrifice something... and what is? It's very strange... That'll think, ceres...
Oh, Selphie shut what happens after her dead... A secret it's okey, right? xD She wouldn't tell two... Although... Seifer had gone mad if he finds out...
[Rolling on the floor cackling madly.] XD I've imagined perfectly
["How did you figure out how many perfect hosts were in the past?"] Easy. Ask her for other secret more and you undertand many things xDD Like us, the readers xD
["As if I ever have it in the first place, dealing with you."] NYAAAAA! WHY DON'T TOLD HER!? That phrase! I kill him with kisses xDD And by silly Hum... Those things are said face to face... But there is another phrase that is impossible to beat around the fic for my opinion. "just for once, just for her, today he would say nothing" Nyaaa!
[I was someone important centuries ago] Uhhh... What was Diablos in the past?... The GFs have loooong story. I still say we should know it, ceres xDDD I'm a pain, I'm know
Oh... Ifrit...
[And that… answered her questions.] And so much... It mean is forever, yes

[The man who committed the crime had died in my hand, yet I don't feel like it's been avenged.] I think the vengeance never satisfy... You'll never get back what you lose to revenge. And Edea not satisfied because Dollet has never returned to her.
[For some reason, she just couldn't.] Um... Is because Ifrit told her exactly what she did in the past. By reviving and sacrifice thing...? Or because...
[Edea gasped and pressed the hand over her heart to stop the beginning of a heart attack.] Hahahahahahaha xDDDD Seifer should be a ninja... He appears out of nowhere and Squall suddenly disappears... They willn't be cousins? Nah xD
[Even in death, he was still interested in humans] Ummmmm... Makes me think this... But don't know if came to a conclusion.
Ah... I was right XD Phoenix is the village elder and now I see that he is Edea's father..
[who his mother was than what was between his legs] Lol! xDDDD Although there GF female xDDD Shiva... Sirena... Selphie... In the future...
["More than one host if Selphie was hers. How is that possible?"] I don't know think that Adel wanted more for her... or actually Selphie not belong to Adel... But then who?...
[I'll do it even if I'll atone for it for the rest of my life] OMG... Another incredible phrase T-T But sad at the same time.

I don't know think the end of Selphie... Don't know what you will plan... You make me scream with excitement our cry with my heart... I'm sure you'll keep me waiting until the battle, ceres xD
Now I've thought of a question... If Bahamut is the oldest GF... Who donated his sorceress something valuable to get?

Oh my mother xD I wrote too much! But already I missed it xD Thanks for back, Ceres! I hope everything goes well, if you're busy I guess that's good... or not? :D :P
A huge greeting!
I'm going to see Spain... TV! teeeveeee! Hahaahahaha I hope no one talk me as I watch it :
thientrang161 chapter 42 . 3/21
Ooops, late review, sorry. Why is work so stressful T.T I prefer killing monsters for a living and rescusing a cute distressed damsel on the way.

This filler chapter is... Er, I feel like it is not up on par with the previous chapters. Some foreshadowings there but not many thing happen. I will still follow you till the end of time though :

Time to say hello to Adel, I so hope Selphie will trade place with Rinoa, this time for a change. Wait, why is she still this cheerful? Character developement when?

Adieu! _
cartoon moomba chapter 42 . 3/20
Reading this story always reminds me how much I love and miss the world of FF8 and writing for it. I am very happy to see an update. :)
Tesake chapter 41 . 12/14/2014
Hellow, Ceres! 'm sorry for the delay! These epochs are a lot of work T-T. But I'm ready to write a review :P

Me too, I still have many doubts about what happened to Selphie in the village... Ummm... so many things to discover...

[Selphie scowled. "I did see a Malboro. You don't trust me." / "I do." To a point. "]
I'm think not xD Until we don't find out...

[Selphie opened her mouth as if to reply. She then frowned and looked up, thinking about it.
] Why? She already know it... Well, Seifer isn't the King, but is prince... well... not named... welll... XD Pah!

["As Kiros, once." ] And baby before that Kiros xDDD I wonder if he find out his origin in this chapter.

I love the villages like Winhill... I suppose not to live, is too quiet and secluded. But of holiday would be great. When I go on vacation I go to those sites. Nothing city. I loove! xDD If actually had Chocobos there like here... Tch xD

OMG! xDDDD! Seifer wanted to sleep with Selphie? Reaaally? Fujin, you don't like me in this chapter xDD Whyy?! Why noot!?

I was thinking that Squall would choose the Quistis's Card, so he covered the cards... But then I read the rules... Tch xD Although I don't think he's use it in this battle if she doesn't ask as Kadowaki.

["You might be a sorceress."] He hasn't been clear? XD... Although well, he still thinks the Adel's baby is Seifer, he don't?

Book?! Squall had "The Legen of Son of Magic" after all? Really? I thought Raijin had it! Or I advance? xD

Others may not, but Squall... even you have left Nida xD He was the boyfriend of Quistis in the past... I better shut up, I don't? I see to Squall pointing with his gunblade.

[Real life Knight always, and I say this lightly, always die. ] No! Seifer'll not allow that Selphie die... right?... Right, ceres? Hi?... Tell me something! xDD

[Something tickled in the back of her mind. ] WHAT THING?
[just like there's no more sorceresses around] And Edea? And Adel?

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Interesting history of sorceress! And what we missing to know... They're talking about the village of the previous chapter, right? And well, if a Shumi wrote it they could go to village to answer questions... not? Umm...

[then someone from the Garden would kill Quistis once they think she's a sorceress. And they'd kill Seifer] And I would kill them 7.7

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[is the Card very important to you?] Neither you imagined, Quistis.

Quistis is definitely admirable. All she has done at an early age ... I don't understand how they wasn't given more prominence her in the game. In the game not named all this she does, but she already was a instructor so young, that says a lot...

['bring a blanket, Leonhart, it's cold and lonely up there' / All hail King Squall! ] Lol xD Clear desperation is noted her for being free at last xD

How boring to be King of the CC, really?... I mean... that's it, you get to the highest point but no longer do anything more until another brave "Leonhart" challenge you... A little sad...

[Was it ... Rinoa's Card?] That jealousy, Quis ... xD

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[So he's… in love with… ya know / He's not in love with me! ] LOOOOL! xDDDD Better stop eating xDDD

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[she screamed when, with one snap of his arm, Seifer threw her on the bed] OMG! What are you going to make her, Seifer!?

[She wasn't that stupid to want to sleep in Irvine's room, with or without Zell in it. ] Loool! Until Selphie know the danger if she is in the same room with Irvine xD Although Irvine should know that if he touch her, his neck disappears when Seifer discover it xD

[she just couldn't sleep] And who could? My heart out of my chest if that happened to me xD

I have a question with this scene. I don't know what to think. If the power of telepathy hardso much that even they can talk among themselves, or Seifer just feel some pain...This romantic pain that just occurs to me now xD

What? What happened to Squall and Quistis?! They were kissing and are now plating cards? Ceres! xDD

Oins oins...Nude both! I already answered me to the above

[ telling her that he didn't peek at her Cards at all. ] I believe it. Someone who likes so much the Cards and didn't seem fair that King got cards only with asking it, I think it really he hasn't looked the Quistis's Cards... I mean... He is righteous playing. I seen him cheating...

[He had hummed and shot a look towards his Closed Cards] Squall has an ace up his sleeve

What? I don't think Squall is so stupid... He's up to something with this game... I'm doing the play on paper to see what he can does xDD But I haven't clear xD Can't do anything!

[and placed a Buel under Elnoyle.] WTF!?

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["Hmph. That little bitch."] Hahahaha! This is the uncle of Solagne, right? Then he is the brother of the old man in Dollet and great uncle of Irvine. Irvine is the one has more family on this story xD

Shit... that intrigues. Why Selphie sees things that nobody else sees? Although Seifer becomes crazy when she sees something xD Changing topics xD

What the fuck? What was that liight! What did you see, Selphie?!

xD Only Squall has the gift of scaring people and unfazed.

[he would've thought Squall was… Happy.] Normal. After to have a screw with the person that you love... who doesn't? After of months of abstinence... uh... xD

["Rin? Around Garden. I don't know. Why?"] OMG! O.O They lost her! She has escaped!

["I got an egg!"] Hahahhahaha lol! Expected he had two... ehem... I'll shut up xD
Irvine seems a new mother here xD He amazed with his first baby

[Selphie looked up to the same sky. "Is it going to answer?"] Hahahahahhaha not only she would see ghosts, but also speaking heavens xD

[seemingly regretting something.] For example, by how she fared chip? xD

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If you don't see before... Merry Christmas! And a happy new year! :P
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Heh, I could already predict the outcome when Quistis came into Squall's room midnight then said she would happily give the King title to him, having no intention of challenging him again. Really, Quisty has sealed her own fate, Squall - Quis: 2-1

The tabled has turned from "will Squall win the title from Quis" to "will Quis finally be able to lose to Squall". I now believe Squall should be named the most dangerous, the most frustrating but devoting Trepie in the world!

Selphie almost got kidnapped by aliens :v although, I'd be more worried for Seifer if they were in the sims universe ;) Is it only my biased if I feel this couple haven't got much drama in their relationship unlike Quall?

Also, Rinoa, where's Rinoa and what the heck is she doing at the moment? Going limit-break with Angel wings at the Training ground because of Squall's rejection? Next chapter?

The humour in this chapter didn't feel smoothly done like previous ones. Errr... don't use "lionheart" on me for this.

Till next time, ceresy!
Tesake chapter 40 . 10/26/2014
Take days thinking on not getting a response of my review...And now I see because it. Wasn't sent . . A friend also told me that she had spent it with other fic. Well, to see if I remember what I wrote. I'll be reading it again for the fifth time xD (Great!)

Ah, To begin the title I don't understand xD pebble is a rock, isn't it? But "pebbling" I don't know it O.O

it must be fate partner because they annoy to Squall enter in his room without permission, and they interrupt to Quistis in her quiet time. But why is always Selphie? xD

Man! Selphie will pay without asking anyone for money jajajajja

Quistis, you're pretty good looking for excuses for Seifer don't leave with Selph, But no working it xD And just as well, (for that happens next xD)

Here everyone wnats to vacation and Quistis not allow but Selphie Tilmitt everyone surrenders to her XD

"Squall returned the stare with heated eyes." For what you ask it, Quis? Jajajaja

Ains, if Squall realized the opportunity he had in space and Seifer actuallu was helping him... they would be made to friends... Wel... xD Nah...

"Zell: They made me look like a twelve year old!
Seifer: And how is that any differ-" I love this moments xDD

I already know the Seifer's facet of put nickname to everything that moves but why Bonzo and Bamba? What hell? Where he get that? And worse, as Irvine says, is that Zell knew he was Bamba xD And because Fuu hasn't a nickname?

Umm, Irvine is a lover boy. He was already flirting with the Zell's girl... But well, I see him more with Fuu, who even got jealous or it's imaginations mine? The fate love of this boy is in your hands, ceres Jjajajaj

What Mininog would say to Zell... That has me intrigued, And by the way, how Rai knows the name of the Library.. Even in the game we don't know it! Rai, saaay it!

I wonder why Rinoa would lend Sirena to Selphie and if she is for her forever

Ains, I'm sorry, but I never, then or now, I will like Rinoa. I already know that Squall has a especial character, but she should realize that he doesn't want anything with her xD

There's the wall again xD Everytime I remember the chapter where Quistis was telling his words, I can't stop laughing

Good thing that you skipped the search for the monkey and the whole game of stone xD That it would take an entire chapter without mentioning anything more xD

"You got a ghost girlfriend too?" xD Irvine has girlfriend all types

"like the Egg hunting the cadets did every Cockatrice Day" What? There is a special day where the cadets break eggs?

Hey, ceres, the Card of Irvine didn't Selphie? Or I forgot who she gaves it does chapters back, as I had forgotten the name of Sacred and Minotaur? xD

Of course he would win to Kadowaki, now remains to be seen if he will win to Quistis or you going to change the story xD

"Of course I do. Why on Gaia would I take it everywhere if I don't? I was not going to tell you I have it because I want it for myself." NYAAA! NYAAAA! Culminating Point! If Seifer reaches to give her a kiss, I had fallen my panties xDD (sorry jajajaja)

"Maps? Sacred, what are maps?" What?

Rai y Fuu are seekers of magic, they do the hard work xD Man, it save you to write the time of the most hateful game, fill your pockets with magic and leveling up .

If you finish the 120 chapters (huh...) of this fic, you should write the history od the GF. This intrigue kill mee! The GF have too much hidden history.

Ains, Zell flattering to all his GF, is normal for this boy is too crazy xD OMG, the mess that Gf done on his head that even he don't remember who he was...

"That was two GFs. He yanked." In fact they are one, but they give the same headache that both simultaneously. At least babysitters are back with the 'baby'

"They ate a lot of my memories, even some of my knowledge" Zell becomes narrowly silly Hahahhaa

For a moment, when Squall closed his eyes and he felt to Quistis I thought he was dreaming, but it was not. That's what I had imagined him with the pillow loving.

That village really exist? Now when I publish this review, I'll turn on my console and l'lI search it xD That'll have to see with my own eyes.

"Unlike the strong magic that caused his sickness in the area where they picked up Snow the Impaler" What? What sickness?

A Malboro that only Selphie looks and the GFs saying she is right... What the hell? What happened there?!

Why there are tons of Edea's hair at home? xD

Not long since we read nothing of Dollet and Edea *.* And because there are five houses? Of those who were the others?

"But you can only have me once" What?
"For I am the returner of Life," Whaat?
"I am yours, Son of Magic." WHAAAT?!

Edea to come back to life? What? So she is another future GF? When she died? Whoever revived? Why?

By the way, this "She traded all of this, all of the gold that she had, all of her colleagues… for me. To have my dad.", then Edea copied the footsteps of her mother? She negotiated with Bahamut to Dollet back to life and then to make the world forget about them.

When the metal traingle could be seen from her village, is when I think more Odin is Dollet in GF.

Well, as I said before, everyone enters in the Squall's room, Now this is great, Quistis burst in without permission. A great scene you did write for the final's chapter. The desire is breathed in the air! xD And I imagine Squall too sexy hitting the sheets xD

"I can't believe you wear leather even to sleep." This man is all leather xD

Well, It's time for the battle between the couple and you leaves us with the intrigue of who won. Squall as in the game, or Quistis as King of Card? xD

Well, if you do 120 chapters I assure you be there to read xD And if I have to negotiate with Bahamut to keep me alive until this is over... I will do. I can't leave out my favorite fic

I think haven't written anything else in the review that was never sent. So I think have written more that before ...xD

Thanks for the chapter, ceres! Sorry for I didn't realized before the fault. But better late than never :P

See you in the next one! Greetings! Bye!
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