Reviews for Halo: Finishing the Fight
trninjakiller chapter 1 . 5/21
Why the hell isn't this in the crossover section.
AdmiralNithin chapter 3 . 4/13
What. The. Fak. Is. This.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/12
First chapter.
The Cheif's character wasn't screwed on the very first line he said, so point there!
Love that Miranda is alive, she was always my favorite and it killed me when we weren't able to save her on the 3rd.
But I have absolutely no clue what series this is. I might have missed something, which is likely, but it is leaving me a bit lost. I mean it has dwarves in it, DWARVES!, so I absolutely must know this series!
Sovietshadow chapter 42 . 3/23
Thank you for this. My horde (there really isn't any other word for it) of books and fanfiction stories to read keeps growing smaller and smaller, and it always makes me happy when one of my favorite authors adds to the pile :)
If you would like me to return the favor, just pop on by at Sovietshadow.
Random Reviewer chapter 42 . 3/19
Is there a reason that you've been dragging out the posting of this story here on FF when it's been finished for years over on SB?
Abyss Prime chapter 42 . 3/5
Love it! I hope that everything turns out okay.
rbudzyn9999 chapter 42 . 3/2
Fantastic story. I'm surprised that you got this chapter up so quickly.
Karmic Acumen chapter 42 . 3/1
Ha! Helm is Tyrael on steroids! Awesome.

I really hope you won't kill him off. Partly because Ao decreed against gods killing other gods - Lolth is the likeliest to not give a damn there - and partly because contriving for him to die so that John can ascend to take his place would be, while poignant, just a tad bit too, well, contrived.

So please, don't kill Helm off. It would put me off this awesome story due to sheer angstage.
Black' Victor Cachat chapter 42 . 3/1
Pace of the story seems okay to me.
I personally would not have been standing behind that door given what was being fired at it by the enraged Hunter to bring it down.
Nice irony for the Sangheli's fight against another holy sanctuary, with a defiant ending to the battle. Plus the battle of the gods is going up a notch now!
Methinks the chief torturer is reconsidering his career path about now...
Killerflood chapter 42 . 3/1
I'm glad to see that you're slowly but surely getting it transferred.
trninjakiller chapter 2 . 2/20
Just to let you know unsc vessels don't need fuel. As long as they have water that is all the fuel they need. They convert it to hydrogen which they then use in fusion.
M-Angel 05 chapter 41 . 2/13
As always a wonderful chapter that kept me on the edge of my seat. Loved it!
*bows to the master*
Sovietshadow chapter 41 . 2/2
So far so good red! Keep 'em coming!
Zues Killer Productions chapter 35 . 1/30
*climbs out of manhole*

Well, this'll be one hell of a fight. No pun intended.
Zues Killer Productions chapter 14 . 1/29
The flood: *indechipherable insults*
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