Reviews for Dancing with Scissors
Koneko chapter 16 . 4/22
I figured it was an assault of some sort. I think Kagome is OK as she is. She could use some financial stability instead of relying on friends all the time. I think Sesshou is fine as he is as well. He already knows that his social life is lacking, so I don't get the point forcing this big emotional change.

The story is original, but the romance is turning out to be the typical, flighty free-spirited girl melts a heart of stone. Kagome's presumptions about everybody aside from herself are a bit much, especially when she doesn't like when Sango psychoanalyzes her.
Koneko chapter 14 . 4/21
Those columns are long as hell.
Koneko chapter 12 . 4/21
I really liked this chapter. Drawing out the similarities between Inu-Kag and Sess-Kikyou. Their conversation at the end was totally realistic. The bubbly person using too many damn words to explain themselves, while the withdrawn person observing and providing tools to keep the other talking. This setup reminded me of my friends.
Koneko chapter 10 . 4/21
So basically Kagome is going to be his Inuyasha, or his manic pixie dream girl. Makes sense why you've written her to act exactly like his canon character.
Koneko chapter 8 . 4/21
Hm. I wouldn't be surprised if she was sexually assaulted six years ago. That would explain why Sango is so worried about her toy situation.
Koneko chapter 6 . 4/21
Ok. So she knows they have someone screwing up her chances at securing a home, they're snooping around for dirt AND they have the most vicious laywer. You would think that she would at least try to be on her best behavior when speaking to them, since, ya know, they could be recording conversations.

Even though Daddy Taisho is an asshole, I understand Rose. Kagome isn't likable or dependable at all. She's some 'free spirited,' under-achieving whining baby that doesn't know how to articulate her thoughts without cursing.

I try not to be so tough on OOCs because typically, the author is channeling themselves or someone they know personally, but this Kagome is possibly the worst I've seen her written. She sounds and behaves like Inuyasha. Ugh.

Anyway, the story really is great so far, but Kagome isn't likable.
Guest chapter 5 . 4/21
Kagome's really verbose, isn't she.
Guest chapter 3 . 4/21
So far, the real-ness of this story is what makes it interesting. Kagome seems terribly OOC, as if she's someone else with Kagome's name attached. And the potty mouth is more than just that. She seems immature as hell. Who decides to place plastic and silicone with a dead body with the intent to cremate?

Sesshoumaru's reaction to her first impression was accurate. Hell, is even give daddy Taisho a break for being so judgmental. How embarrassing for her.
violets sparkle chapter 37 . 4/7
I just discovered this story and I must admit I love it... I am usually a kag/inu fan but I really like kagome with sess in this story. And I usually hate inu/kik fictions but you made it work for. Great writing look forward to more stories from you.
GiaStar chapter 37 . 3/22
I love this story. Thank you for sharing. Is there a list of musical refances some were?
Guest chapter 13 . 3/13
This chapter made me tear up about hearing about their family. So sad.

That's saying something from me. You are an amazing writer. Can't wait to finish it.
mco520 chapter 37 . 2/26
I love it! perfect perfect perfect! would stand alone without knowing anything of Inuyasha. awesome job
Guest chapter 1 . 2/18
AizFutura chapter 37 . 2/12
I love your Sesshoumaru. He was very different in your story, not the arrogant ice prick many other authors always portrayed him as. He was sweet, helpful and matured. Never imagined him as someone who liked to read sex advice column as his favorite reading. And he was so considerate and so patient in pursuing Kagome because Sesshy i knew was always like, "i want her, and i want her now!" Even though i think he was OOC, but i liked it that way.
cjflutterbye chapter 37 . 2/4
I think I come back and read this story about once a year or so.
I enjoy it very much.
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