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SithKnight-Galen chapter 9 . 5/9/2008
Good work...the more I read, the more scared and intrigued I am at the same time. It's like watching a train wreck about to happen. You know something bad is about to take place, but you just gape at it (or better yet, hit record on your cellphone) instead of warning the victims. I almost get the same feeling with the great re-visionistic plans of one Gendo Ikari. And hearing the assessment of Asuka, while accurate, is also frightening.
Eliar chapter 9 . 5/8/2008
a very interesting read so far. I must agree with the rest tho NGE without any of the Children especially Shinji Instant fail so I hope you will not kick him out of the story. Other than that I really hope to see more of Gendo's missadventures and how he is going to deal with things
Otaku D-Man chapter 9 . 5/7/2008

As you have stated yourself, many of the "2nd Chance" style stories suffer from a singular flaw.

The character who has the opportunity to relive the story is incapable of knowing everything that occured to those around them that essentially created their problematic "future-to-be"

Honestly, I was not surprised to see Shinji abandon Tokyo-3. He had nothing in the way of an emotional or psychological anchor to convince him to stay. In fact, everything was supporting his belief of constant betrayal and neglect.

Gendou decieved him with a fake smile and hollow words of encouragement while the two people (Misato and Rei) he spent most his time with (at home and at NERV)indicated they would continue to support the Commander irrespective of Shinji's feelings. In fact, I feel it was a blunder on Misato's part (but a superb contrivence on yours) to highlight Gendou's injured hands as this only reinforced Shinji's perception that he was nothing more than a convenient tool in the eyes of his father.

As a suggestion, the most effective counter-point to Shinji's departure is to have him ultimately seek to undermine his Father's empire. Both SEELE and the Japanese Defense Force are suitable candidates to assist in this endeavour. (Especially if you intend on introducing Mana)

Regardless, the plot and character development are enjoyable and I eagerly await to witness how the story will unfold.
Lavanya Six chapter 9 . 5/7/2008
cevgar, re: your comments on Hikari - you're right on it not having enough build-up. I've added a scene I originally cut (for pacing reasons, since this chapter was already so damn long) about her so that the rooftop scene doesn't come quite so out of nowhere. The new scene is sandwiched between Rei's confession to the Commander and the follow-up scene where Gendo and Fuyutsuki talk about Rei.

I'm rather tickled that everyone is so sure I'm going to get rid of Shinji (or am I?). That means you all don't think anyone is safe (which is good for drama in a story). Since the next chapter won't be until the end of the month (I have final exams soon) I will say that Shinji figures heavily into the "Jet Alone" chapter. In fact, he and his father are going to have a _long_ overdue conversation.

After Chapter 9, the following three chapters will be about new perspectives, a ménage à trois, and apples - respectively.
cevgar chapter 9 . 5/7/2008
I'm sorry, I think I lost you at Misato's "Asuka's a nice girl" line. Reminds me far too much of Kasumi's ill fated description of Akane. Sweet girl, my left foot. Then again, it is fanfiction. Maybe your Asuka isn't a petty and hateful witch.

Thanks for the heads up about the Asuka centric section thats coming up. It gives me time to get used to the idea. The fic has proven to be too good to abandon entirely, so I imagine I will merely avoid this fic until the Asuka section is over, then force my way though it in a quick burst of speed reading and hope to bypass the gag reflex it will trigger. I gave up on Asuka as a character back in 2003 and have not found a reason to regret it.

I do wonder why all three Horaki's were at the train station. Seemed odd, considering that the older and younger girls only met Shinji once, and he never got terribly close to the middle girl either, despite all her efforts to the contrary. Perhaps they just have a better grasp of manners than I do.

Continuing on with Hikari though, I'm surprised how attached to Shinji she seems to have become. Getting teary eyed simply because he doesn't acknowledge their friendship? Sure, it was hurtful, but he wasn't acknowledging much of anything at the moment. Moreso, I can't really say he ever really struck me as being the sort of friend you go out of your way to hold on to. From what we've seen, Shinji has made no effort whatsoever on Hikari's part. Not even to show that he appreciates her going out of her way for him. I'm at a loss for why she still tries. It would be more believable if we got to see Shinji seeking out Hikari like she does him, or if we saw Hikari putting equal effort into her other friendships. The whole thing just strikes me as very unbalanced.

You actually sent Shinji back on the train. I don't think I've EVER seen that one before. At least, not by himself. I'm having difficulty figuring out how he'll be drawn back in time for Jet Alone. Hm... maybe he doesn't. Misato being more cautious this time around might not try to pull the plug herself. Ritsuko would hardly have let the thing blow up in the city, but still, if Jet Alone blows... now THAT could have interesting repercussions.

Mana would have been a difficult character to work with anyways. She's like the government e-harmony girl. Introduce her too early and there is no contest, Shinji becomes putty in her hands and that means she needs to die. Pointless. Bring her in later, and you have an actual contest. The girl/girls you have been though a war with, or your perfect girlfriend who you've just met. On Mana's side she has to recognize her position too. If her mission succeeds, she will probably die. If it fails, she might live to be put in prison. Then again, if she really does like Shinji, then there is another layer to it. While she still has a chance with Shinji when she shows up, if she waits till her life is no longer in danger, she won't be able to win. Poor girl. I also never really figured out how Mana and Asuka interacted. Figured they would have been at each others throats, but from what I can tell, they got along alright. Troublesome.
Tribun chapter 9 . 5/7/2008
Don't tell me that Shinji will now vanish from your story. Hell, he's the main protagonist of NGE. Making him leave will turn quite a lot of people away and disturb the balance.

Sorry to say this, but I think this is a BAD idea.
Pusakuronu chapter 9 . 5/7/2008
So far, this is an excellent story, easily one of the best NGE fanfics I have ever seen. The idea behind it is highly original, and I'm looking forward to seeing where you are going with it.

I also agree that skipping over the angel battles is a great idea when there is no large divergence with the original series.
twodogs chapter 9 . 5/6/2008
I'm enjoying your fic, please keep the updates coming! ;)

btw, is that it for Shinji or will he back at some point?
LonewolfBloodstorm chapter 9 . 5/6/2008
does that mean shinji isent comming back? im not sure how to feel about that relly, he is a main stay in the story
mangafreak7793 chapter 9 . 5/6/2008
Wow, great story but I'm wondering is Shinji going to end up with Mana or Rei
NefCanuck chapter 9 . 5/6/2008
Interesting turn if I understand that this next chapter will mark the end of Shinji's involvement in this fic. Making Gendo the only "straw that stirs the drink" is a risky move but I'm interested to see it play out.

Well done
Aaron Nowack chapter 8 . 5/6/2008
Nicely done take on a very intriguing premise. I enjoyed reading it, and I look forward to seeing the rest. Keep up the good work!
SithKnight-Galen chapter 8 . 5/2/2008
Nice, very nice work so far. I am enjoying the over-convulutedly complicated, yet still funnily diabolical Gendo that you are presenting here. This man is actually cool, yet darker and scarier than he was in the first go-eound, and alot more unpredictable than before to boot.

So what exactly is his relationship with Rei now? Does he look at her somewhat as a daughter, or as his wife re-born? And is he trying to push for Rei and Shinji to get together, or is he trying to push the sibling card without actually giving the two kids any of the deck to play with?

In regards to Asuka, is he trying to actually eliminate her insome way to avert his son the apin of dealing with the redhead, as it seems that even his dreams show him that Asuka and Shinji do seem to get together, even if Shinji is nuts and breaks her neck. So I take it that Asuka is going to be living with Katsuragi as well, or will she actually be staying with Kagi this go round?

It is interesting to see Shinji developing in this as well. I know that he is still the scarred, scared and withdrawn kid as before, but is Gendo (take 2) actually forcing the kid to actually grow something akin to a spine in order to deal with his father and this whole super-twisty situation?
Tart chapter 8 . 5/1/2008
This story is superb, and you are a wonderful writer.

If had been writing longer and more often you would have a large fanbase as one of the more talented writers on

Keep it up and the reviews will come around.

I eagerly await the next chapter.
NefCanuck chapter 8 . 4/24/2008
Oh man, I *knew* Gendo couldn't keep shoveling without Shinji calling it what it was (Bovine Emissions)

Now, how does Gendo fix *this*? He even admits he doesn't have the tools he had the last time, what does he turn to now? You've certainly got me curious to find out ;)
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