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issa chapter 200 . 9/19
I know you said your story isn't following exactly like the movies but you have to have Viviane and Hot Rod be just like Ironhide and Will. Those two were the cutest and I bet if he was already there their relationship would be totally married.
TrickLight2005 chapter 1 . 9/19
OMP! i love this story!Please update soon I can't wait to see how it goes and what happens!
Joy chapter 200 . 9/16
I cannot wait to the whole decepticon inner circle together, they sound like a bad ass group together. Blackout included
Black Fox34 chapter 200 . 8/22
I will be looking forward to reading more of Cover Me on AFF considering here it is...censored. I've always loved this story and can't wait to read more. Keep up the good work.
Guest chapter 200 . 8/18
You said it won't be a year. I am fragging going out of my processor waiting for the next chapter.
The Magnetic Witch chapter 200 . 8/12
"It won't be another year"
*Spongebob Narrator voice*: A year and a half later...
... xD oh well. I mean, this is one of those cases where you assume the author is dead, isn't it? At least what you've previously posted is amazingand well thought out for the most part, though I confess to have been looking forward to Starscream's reaction to Everything... :,)
Simply-courious chapter 200 . 8/6
After stumbling across this wonderfully massive fic a long while ago, I've had occasion to come back and reread both the entire story, and select favorite chapters.
Love the characterization of everyone - and don't really mind that it's a mixmash of Movies (First-movie, anyway), and Generation One/other series. Mainly cause the characters come from EVERY series (cartoons, comics, zines, film, what-have-you), and the behavioral patters are different among the individuals who share the same name.
Am wondering though, if this story is abandoned, or just on the backburner of life.
Because as cool as this entire thing is, it's a bit of a downer to come to the end, and realize that there are plot holes that need filling - mainly: what is Soundwave and crew (w/Megatron tagging along in Frenzy), going to do with the false Knight. Secondary: who all is coming along on the rescue-team? (cause, once everyone gets over the shock of Skywarp having a sparkling, they'll realize something dasterdly happened to the Autobot's third-combat strategist, and, walking tank or portable-canon notwithstanding, NO ONE wants Ironhide and Starscream in the same cage for any length of time.
Well, everyone except Burgan -Sector 13 has no care or concern about his "captured" aliens, and may not even realize they are on different factions and are just as likely to kill each other as attempt an escape.
(will be honest: a cast-of-characters the size you have is massively hard to handle. Is that one reason for a lack of current updates? Too many Bots and Cons wanting a spot in the sunlight and not enough on-screen scenes for anyone?)
SoulMusician chapter 200 . 7/19
love the story 3 3 3
Guest chapter 164 . 7/5
*falls over laughing*
"We don't want it" indeed... XD
Guest chapter 152 . 7/5
Guest chapter 150 . 7/5
Huzzah for Sunny in this one~! They may need a good few knock-down, drag-out screaming arguments to get all the important bits out in the air between them, but considering this one definitely needed to be entirely between only the two of them... With Sam overhearing it Sunny's immediate vengeance was /very/ appreciated.
Guest chapter 142 . 7/5
Surrounded by self-sacrificing morons...
Guest chapter 141 . 7/5
You know, for all that 'Bee was explaining and convincing himself of how he should have seen a Sam-Barricade Link coming...
He also convinced me pretty well that he /might/ already have a Link with Sam too.
'Bee finds a battered Barricade with an unconscious Sam at Base and gets Hysterical over Sam, Sector Seven traps and tortures Bumblebee and Sam gets half-Hysterical over his new friend and screaming about how they're hurting him... I have few doubts that Sam would be any less upset if 'Bee has been the one trapped under the avalanche, though I'd be curious how different Barricade's reactions would be with the flip. He'd probably be cursing 'Bee out loudly while scrambling to dig him out, for one. XD

The most drastic difference was how 'Bee and Sam had both squashed their budding feelings thinking nothing could come of it, so their "Link" is also buried, whereas Barricade is like a hurricane flipping all of everything on it's head and then some, slapping them in the face.

If they can manage to avoid screwing things up too badly... The potential is still there. *cackles* Angst incoming like whoa~!
Guest chapter 140 . 7/5
I really /really/ want to know about the mark burned into 'Bee's backseat you know. It's been /teasing/ me and Ravage definitely noticed it though I don't think he knew what it was either. I have a strong feeling I'm going to be using the explanation about it as further reason to smack some people.
Seriously, have they /never/ had instances of Triads instead of couples before? Ever?!
Possibly, though that's probably going to be one of those things they'll have to figure out the hard way as a direct result of Humans being involved- we're unpredictable and flexible like that (as a whole). XD
Guest chapter 104 . 7/4
Poor Misfire. I kind of want to give him a hug.
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