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KBubs1 chapter 14 . 10/19
I would like to believe Barricade was happily asleep before being woken by the boom from the communicator he had left on to eavesdrop on Sam
KBubs1 chapter 1 . 10/18
This is really interesting! And a great insight on a Decepticon's view. I love the different point of view, showing Barricade as not just a badguy with no reasons for being a murderous 'want to kill everyone' villain, but as human (but not human...). It shows he has his own views, his own beliefs, he has his reasons for being bad, and reasons for stepping out of the war.

I'm rambling, what I'm trying to say is that I love how you've shed a different light on a villain and shown their point of view, shown how they too, in a way, are 'human'.
Guest chapter 200 . 9/18
Cyber-Kanochi chapter 200 . 9/14
Please continue soon
greencateyes15 chapter 200 . 8/9
Oh now I can't wait to see what happens. Love your story by the way.
Izzie1168 chapter 1 . 7/26
Does anyone know if this story been added somewhere else or has been adopted by someone else?!
WinterTigerEclipse chapter 198 . 4/4
Poor poor skywrap and all the bots and cons it's both ironic and funny if u think about it there worst fear has yet to be realized with the three pranksters sunstreaker sideswipe and skywarp sparklings being a trine would be even more funny if thundercracker was also with spark and am think will is somehow as well womders if it would be some type of hybrid of full robot or even look human with robot on inside are same and will slowly changing or gain some sort of supernatural abilities to shapeshift between human and robot form
WinterTigerEclipse chapter 176 . 4/4
Question when on arc why did it say 9 beings when there were if I remember right 8 humans does that mean reason will keep getting sick was do to the mpreg was for him
WinterTigerEclipse chapter 153 . 4/3
Did barricade just gave knight full access to the arc?
WinterTigerEclipse chapter 147 . 4/3
I will only say good luck where Todd goes they are every where
WinterTigerEclipse chapter 132 . 4/3
To think out side of the box knight not going to turn out to be some kind of pretender like that creature on second movie is he

And just realised something that mpreg warning wasn't meant for the bots was it am now thinking was meant for will and maybe sam later on caused would explain will sickness and how he can drink energon with no side effects and not taste like oil to him but that doesn't explain Sam tho but then again if I remembered right didn't will also touch the cube in first movie so maybe it was slowly changing them after they touch it or did the cube was slowly doing something to the humans the thousands of years it was on earth will explained the food source in the Arctic maybe it did something to a few special humans and skip generations but it could be me over thinking it
WinterTigerEclipse chapter 131 . 4/3
Am guessing this is where the switch took place makes me wonder who's the imposter real name is and have a question can the terraformers transform or when I read that the SUV moved it leg it was still in car form
WinterTigerEclipse chapter 97 . 4/2
Poor them the bots are as clueless as the cons expect the cons have it worst beiliving the rain would harm them
Izzie1168 chapter 200 . 4/1
Guest chapter 200 . 3/17
Holy ****. Has it really been this long (Feb 11, 2016 posted, today is Mar 17, 2019) since this 200th chapter was first posted? I remember reading this while it still had quite a few new chapters posting as I read and reread. Coming across this on a favorites list and seeing the dates... Wow. I love this story, and have thought about it often enough that I never noticed how long it's been!

I do not envy trying to create a flowchart/timeline/map/storyboard to track down exactly where the entire cast is at this point in the story. It's gotten a touch convoluted, hm? It's brilliant and epic and awesome, but probably a headache for the writer! I love it.

If progress ever happens to continue this, I for one will definitely be back to embrace it! I'll probably be back anyway just to reread it from the beginning if I ever have enough time to make a worthwhile dent. (I hate reading in tiny snippets spread out. I marathon-read and get cranky at interruptions. Something this long I know I can't marathon all in one day- maybe I can but I really shouldn't - but I still would want to have finished several chapters at once for each reading-break.)
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