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just me chapter 199 . 5/9
Where are you I just discovered this story and spent the last two weeks reading every chapter every chance I could get. I hope everything is well and you will be back soon. I love this story. Please update soon.
Aqua-Girl555 chapter 199 . 4/30
After re-reading this for the millionth time I noticed and realized that both Misfire and Perceptor knew things, but ended up not being able to tell the others in their groups for one reason or another and became annoyed when their respective groups asked why they did not reveal their information sooner. If I didn't know any better I would almost think you are going to pair them up... Are you?
lunarcrystal chapter 199 . 4/16
Love this Story. Still trying to figure out what the heck the mark on bee's seats are from the earlier chapters. Hope you update soon.
DyeDyeCoco510 chapter 199 . 4/7
Please, Please, Plleeeaaaassssseeee! Update. I absolutely love this story. I've read it 5 times.
0aka chapter 199 . 3/25
Love this
Plz update soon
SoulMore chapter 199 . 3/24
Guest chapter 199 . 2/5

Oh good. They figured out 'Hide and Will are missing. Important, that.
Will /totally/ has been showing pregnancy-symptoms.
(which is only possible because it's the Sparks growing, not the bodies, thus one of the few 'mpreg' stories that don't irritate or squick me.)
(Most Transformer stuff doesn't count. They're giant alien robots. They don't actually have 'genders' or a binary biology system like we do.)

I wonder if Sam can try the same loose-attempt with Frenzy and a car or something to get Megatron out? Full-grown adult as he still is, they may need something bigger...
Guest chapter 194 . 2/5
I agree with Megatron! *headdesks* *grumbles*stupid stupid stupid slagging idiots who don't know shit about what their talking about...
Guest chapter 177 . 2/5
I love the baby-Twins. XD
Guest chapter 104 . 2/5
Misfire is currently the Perceptor of the 'Cons.

Poor boys, no one ever listens to them. *headpats*
Guest chapter 97 . 2/5
/Those last few lines!/
random bug chapter 199 . 2/2
love it just finale cought all the way up took 3 days to read great story and i feel so bad for starscream no wonder he is insane but if you see ?skyfire? i think that the right one. what would happen just pass out reboot or something or primus intorvention. anyway love it thought the russin is a little annoying to read seeing as i cant read it so i have no idea what they are saying you should just use R's around the sentes that are in russin that way the reader know waht they are saying or put what was saif in the author's notes.
Ashbob.Tightpants chapter 57 . 1/10
I must say, that lemon was actually extremely tastefully done. I've read other Transformers fanfics that have had lemons (cause I'm a dirty perv lolz) but those one had actual intercourse and it just never really clicked with me because it doesn't seem anatomically possible for what is essentially a giant robot to do the things that were described. This lemon doesn't even feel like a lemon. It feels like two people (mechs lolz) who are in love are joining their souls (sparks) together to achieve optimal togetherness and awareness of each other. Very well done, if I could give you a standing ovation that you could enjoy in real life, I totally would. _
Sailor Pandabear chapter 199 . 12/15/2014
TimeLadySpitfire chapter 199 . 12/13/2014
Continue please! Its awesome!
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