Reviews for Cover Me
Guest chapter 200 . 3/12
I looked this fic up again on a whim, and imagine my surprise! This is one of the fics that got me into my first fandom, and lead to me entering all the fandoms I'm in currently. You could say this was my gateway fic back in 2009... Anyway, I can say that this fic has literally changed my life, got me into the fandom spirit, and for that, thank you so much! Seriously, I love rereading this fic. I love how the real Knight has shown up!
Amber chapter 200 . 3/10
OMP I love this story I couldn't even stop reading to review this story I was so focused I just had to keep reading.
1Timberwolf chapter 200 . 3/5
Wow! This was so worth the wait. Soooo, if this guy in the cell is Knight . . then who's the guy with the Autobots? And if he's with Thirteen he might be setting the Autobots and others for a good trap. Can't wait for more.
fan girl 666 chapter 200 . 2/29
awesome chapter I like that Knight has returned
CoraGhost chapter 200 . 2/24
OMG! I thought that this fic was LOOONNGGG forgotten... I'm glad I was wrong. You've no idea how I was when I finished chapter 199 and there wasn't another chapter. O.O
Seriously: pleaaaseeee continue this amazing story! T.T
TheDarkSpark666 chapter 200 . 2/23
I expected that twist with Knight; and good job on it, most people fail with plot twists. Anyway, How come no one has thought about how Sam will have a far shorter lifespan than Barricade? That will be a strange conversation, if it ever happens.
Guest chapter 200 . 2/21
"Go back and figure out where everyone else is at the moment" Yes, that alone will probably take a while. Godspeed. XD *hugs author* Yay, you're back!
Guest chapter 199 . 2/21
*furious giggles* Ya more babies-interactions!

*cheers* They finally realized Ironhide and Will are gone! Whew, I was worried. SkyWarp was an excellent reason to be distracted, though. Babies! XD
Dark Topaz chapter 200 . 2/15
I had just started reading this only for you to update soon after can't wait for more
0aka chapter 200 . 2/14
thx for the update
Sailor Pandabear chapter 200 . 2/13
R chapter 200 . 2/12
I am so happy you updated. I thought this was going to be another great story that would never reach its conclusion. I really hope the next chapter comes out sooner than this one did.
Cycloneozgirl chapter 200 . 2/12
You have no idea of how much I've been waiting for an update for this! Please can we have another one soon?
Nova Alexandria chapter 200 . 2/12
Woooooot Update! So happy. And now we meet the real Knight. Small chapter, but better than nothing. So pleased to see you didn't abandon this.
Allround yaoi fangirl chapter 200 . 2/12
YYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY! Your back. I'm so happy. Happy New Year. I can't wait for the next chapter.
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