Reviews for The I I, I I Harry Potter DoOver
BelleHart chapter 5 . 6/5
Great story just like all your others. Wish you would find your muse again... Thanks for all the hard work and for sharing your imagination with us. Shannon
Guest chapter 5 . 5/3
it's too bad this was never finished. I'd love to see you come back to it.
Currahee506 chapter 5 . 3/28
Please update
raven spotter chapter 4 . 3/24
Please start writing this story again, it holds such promise.

Fick Chick chapter 5 . 3/11
This is a good fic so far.
Calmzone1 chapter 5 . 2/20
good transitional chapter. I am really enjoying the story so far. I would like to point out that you go on about Harry cooking their breakfast about 3 times in 3 different paragraphs, almost like you were determining which is the better way to write it, but leaving all the versions in. (it might have been last chapter, but I am pretty sure it was at the beginning of this one... I clicked Next too fast) :)

I really hope you get the opportunity to finish this one.
LtsHrIt4ThBoyz chapter 5 . 12/3/2015
I'd dearly LOVE to see this continued!
Thank you for a wonderful read (so far)!
Stardancer0829 chapter 5 . 11/2/2015
Hope you continue this story sometime. Very interesting.
desireejones99 chapter 5 . 8/19/2015
Noooooooo, need more of DoOver, please update soon. A very excellent AU
desireejones99 chapter 1 . 8/18/2015
Ahyes use Snapes attitudes for Dumbles they are very nearly interchangeable. Good to see a stronger Minnie.
AngelFirePhoenix chapter 5 . 8/18/2015
Great story! Do you have plans to continue it?
Would love to take a shot at continuing it if you have no plans to do so. I notice you have not posted in a couple of years, so hope you are ok.

Stormbow chapter 5 . 7/29/2015
I'm having another one of those "I can't believe I haven't read this story before" moments. This is excellent stuff! A great beginning to a unique take on the whole HP Time Travel "do-over" trope.

I know that it's been a few years, but if you decided to start this one up again I know it would be well received.
wolf-master321 chapter 5 . 7/3/2015
I look for I look forward to reading your other stories but please do not let this one go abandoned it is very unique outlook on a time story I've not seen another like it I look for to future chapters
PaC chapter 5 . 6/18/2015
Part VI of 6
/ "note to self, his younger self", perhaps only a short verbal letter via the fae he saves, to his younger self, or even if he can, to the day, he can recall some day he spent near the same spot, along the lake, by the forbidden forest or something or other...
That limits HOW far back, he can't send a "note" to his cupboard days, if the fae "hangs out" time zipping geographically around Hogwarts forbidden forest.
So Harry gets a LIMITED foreknowledge, not a HUGE roadmap of the future, of many years happenings.
A much simpler fic, without Harry really knowing enough to bother with "disrupting the timeline" and losing his "edge" of knowing the more distant future, IF he didn't make too many changes, too soon...a common time travel trope.

Knowing less months or YEARS of future events, then allows a less pre-loaded, all knowing future's past rewriting sort of story.

I just got ONE last gag idea. For a schizophrenic second personality Harry. How about this idea: He rapidly "practices" and reviews his "other memories" to incorporate knowledge into his soon to be 13 year old version of his mind and memories. Perhaps a "feeling", the second set of memories might "fade" like dreams often do, even if that is usually minutes to seconds later, upon waking from a dreamstate, while for this fic we are HOURS and HOURS later so far. BUT, like movies with time travel, with the gag of the time traveler taking a photo of persons in the future, traveling to the past, and having people "fading out" from a picture brought into the past, because the timeline altering is keeping them from being born, or killing them off before they were photographed in the future. Well, as Harry diverges from the "other" future's past timeline of events, that "other" personality might begin to "fade" or even the memories as well, lost if Harry doesn't get those memories "copied" over into his young self's set of memories and personality.
If you invented a method for "copying" over the "other memories" and knowledge into young Harry's normal mind. As your harmony continues, he could decide not to "copy over", memories of his marriage to GinGin or his children. And if THAT future becomes less and less likely, the memories will fade into non-being, lol, evanesco, if you will, or an altered timeline obliviation from existing. Unlike a full time travel, there is NO time travel loop problem or paradox created. The future's past fades, because as Harry lives day by day, that future becomes more and more replaced/prevented/whatever, and so the "memory of it" fades, ceases to exist. Your Harry then is de-schizophrenicized, the "other personality" fading out if existence. Therefore, a rapid memory "copying" of useful shit, like KNOWLEDGE, INTENSE self study, spell practice, studying alongside a super intensive "review" of that dream download of memory knowledge[a rapid time of "speed learning"], to get it "copied" before it all fades. If Hermione received a memory dump dream, the two could "study hard and fast" together.
Extensive NOTES, even pensieve memories, might be made, to preserve what will, overtime, be lost from that second set of fading memories. IF there is some reason for going to the trouble.
BTW, in my fics, I DO NOT use canon pensieve crap. A SPELL allows a "memory segment copy" of a time segment of a persons' existing memory to be made. Even if one barely recalls something, the spell will find the memory and a memory segment copy able to be made, using the spell to go forward and/or backward from some point one can recall well enough, to find even a very fuzzy barely recalled, memory. The memory segment copy is created in a manner that would be as if everyone magical had an eidetic memory, FOR creating a memory segment copy, for viewing in a pensieve. The "perfect" eidetic memory is THERE, even for those with poor recall, with magic, you can locate if recall enough to find a memory, and make a memory segment copy, put it in a pensieve, and an accurate memory copy is displayed, detailed and more exact than most would ever recall, just "thinking" about the memory, reviewing it in their mind. I have LOTS of other tweaks and invention for pensieves and memory, but ONE main basic, is UNLIKE canon, there is no holographic wandering around, taking in shit the person the memory was taken from, NEVER SAW or experienced with any of their senses. Visual, audio, or other senses for "full immersion mode", are, in my fics, LIMITED to the POV of the person providing the memory segment copy. It's "virtual reality" as promised decades ago, another "just around the corner technologies" lol, but only from the POV of the person who the memory segment copy is created, from that person's memories.
Anyway, the point is, all this would be as IF Harry [and Hermione if she gets a dream memory dump], would be "emotionally" detached so to speak. In their heads, or written notes, or pensieve, would in many ways be a sort of WATCHING A MOVIE of a LIFE you don't really FEEL emotionally attached, not having truly "lived it". This detachment effect, would distance for example, Harry mourning the children he won't have, with Ginny. In short, he would "see" a possible future, or a soon to be "lost or replaced future", the almost 13 year old Harry, won't be "missing" so much what his current mind and body "did not live through and experience".

Yeah, ridiculously long "review", but I'm basically thinking with my fingers on the keyboard, and sharing my pondering, just in case my thoughts might be of any help with this fic, if it gets re-booted.
Probably won't be writing much Potter fanfics anymore, but I'm saving my thoughts here, in this review, in my Potter fanfic ideas folder.
I never contrasted the plot gags, like this, the future knowledge "memory dump" gag, versus, the standard time travel of mind/memory/soul-crap, overwriting the younger self, replacing mind and personality, basically "body snatchering" and "killing" off the younger self in a way, the future self taking over the younger self's body, the younger "mind/memory/soul" being obliterated, or replaced, or in a few fics "merged", but that gag is usually to merge two magical cores, for powering up Harry into a magical super Harry, giving him a OLD powerful adult core, merging with his younger self's core, or having two "magical cores" as a boost from the time traveling.
PaC chapter 5 . 6/18/2015
Part V of 6
But if this story is going to continue, perhaps altering the timeline creating a few "BUMPS" in the road of any fully easy, instant, "victory" over the "bad guys". Then I think some of my suggestions might help. Instead of a separate, adult personality, having just a set of compartmentalized memories, sans an personality, IMO, would be a good path. Or a LIMITED "bleed through" of a more adult perspective [POV] on "things", but the soon to be 13 year old Harry personality intact and dominate.
Unlike those time travel fics, adult minds and FULL personalities, overwriting the persona, of who used to exist, living in teen or pre-teen bodies, taken over and overwritten, by the time traveler. Instead, you can KEEP a young teen Harry, with ACCESS to knowledge, spells, roadmap of a future's past minus how he now begins to affect the timeline, by using that roadmap to take another "road" in "this life".
Unless you have a lot planned, to use in the story, for the 37 year old personality, WHY bother having it at all?
I'd had thoughts, about if Harry would "mourn" the "loss" of his unborn kids, if "voting" to take up with Hermione in this life, instead of with GinGin as he did in the dream memory dump version of his life. A/N in the previous chapter, remark of a schizophrenic two memory set two personalities, Harry, helping with such "problems".
Well, I obviously have "voted" to dump most or all of the "second personality", unlike Jbern's "Lies I've...", IMO, having the memories, especially if you make it like a rapid dreaming of the future's past, can be MEMORIES without an entire second personality coming with them. Like Harry watched a movie of his future's past, and he RECALLS it if you keep that gag, not outlined in the notebook, but as seems now implied, HIGHLY DETAILED, complete or near complete, as if he lived it.
Like watching a doppleganger/clone of yourself, PORTRAY you in a movie of your future, the viewer[Harry], would be detached, emotionally detached, from the Harry he "sees" in "the movie" of his future's past.

IMO, dumping that concept, of a "ride along" adult personality coming with the memory dump, dumps baggage, like the creepiness factor of Harry, even if that second ADULT personality is kept separate, just existing, still has the effect of a 37 year old doting on a 13 year old Hermione. Shit like that is expunged, by NOT having the second, 37 year old personality included with the memory dump.
It makes for a less super-Harry, or at least a "Stallone Rocky in training period", as any super Harry is not instantly created. Accessing the second set of memories, he can INTEGRATE things, like spell knowledge and WITH PRACTICE, rapidly advance his spell knowledge as well as cast with a sort of "muscle memory" instead of for a while, requiring a LOT of THINKING and concentrating, to visualize spell knowledge within that second set of memories.

I keep telling myself I'm burned out on fanfiction, reading or writing it.
But hell, I'm even tempted by doing a take with the gag, of MEMORIES and knowledge without it being easy access, instant access, requiring a LONG training and integration period, though it obviously is a hell of a lot faster than learning shit via the usual method.
I suppose, such as in Jbern's "Lies...", the schizophrenic idea here, could add "drama", but in Jbern's "Lies...", it was silly drama IMO, and created more flaws and distraction than adding much of anything to the fic.
Is there any true need or use of the ADULT personality and schizophrenic Harry, for THIS STORY?

I'd suggest, at most, a watered down "echo" of the "adult personality" might "come with" a future's past memory dump download. So the young version might be influenced, have a more adult perspective and affected personality, but not have an entire adult personality, or even a large influence. IMO, this is a great wedge to leverage a different than cliche standard, time travel-esque Potter fanfic. It solves so many problems of OVERWRITING the entire young character, by the older to MUCH OLDER, time travel version of the character. The memory dump, is similar to "watching a movie of your life" you haven't lived, and won't be living. Also, IMO, it gives a nice "detachment" from the emotions, such as mentioned in the A/N, which I wondered about, Harry "missing" family that won't be family. Hell, even in a time travel Harry with a bitch GinGin, even with kids fathered by other wizards from an adulterous GinGin, the story often would have Harry still regretting and in sorrow about the children he loved who will NOT be born, even those an adulterous GinGin "made" with other wizards. IMO, my suggestion of zero to minor "personality" coming along with the memory dump, prevents such problems, of Harry regretting and dwelling on kids that won't be born. Of course he's going to alter things enough, it's not like the exact same sperm and ova would necessarily meet, that even if he took up with GinGin in the current timeline and story, a different set of kids could just as well be born, in this version of his life. So even taking up with GinGin would not recreate all the kids of his future's past.
Something there, for the Harry to think on, and maybe console himself a bit with.

The idea of getting a future's past set of memories, or just some precognitive vision/dream, IMO, is a great way to do a time travel, sans actual time travel, sans so much baggage and faults with doing the cliche "body snatcher method" for most time travel fics, with the common OVERWRITING body snatching older self, in some ways, seeming to "kill/replace" the younger self, taking over the body and mind. I've either NOT come across memory dump time travel fics, or it's odd, that THIS sort of take on a "time travel" is not more popular.
Plus, fanfics could de-super Harry some, by NOT having decades of a memory included, such as this fic does. For example, third or forth year Harry, might get a "dream" of the next year or two. I actually for a year or two, had such an idea, perhaps a "rescue" of some fae fairy creature, perhaps a drunk one, trapped by some carnivorous magical plant or magical blob of sticky magical amber almost fully entombing it, rescued by Harry. And it being a Luna-esque odd magical creature, who can or constantly travels backward and forward through time. As a life debt or thankyou, sort of thing, the fae might suggest to a sad sack Harry, to send a /
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